Come on! Move your feet - not your mouth!
  -- Beach Head (to the other Joes while invading a fort)
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"Don’t call me ‘man,’ man."
- Dr. Winters (to Footloose after he saves her life)

The three walk into the night but Dr. Winters steps on a mine and activates the Death Zone, a defensive perimeter around the Cobra base. While Footloose sits on the ground and meditates for a moment, Cobra forces rush toward the Joes. Footloose then realizes that “everything is everything,” stands up and sets a rock on the land mine as Dr. Winters slides her foot off, and she tells Footloose, “Don’t call me ‘man,’ man.”

They head into the mine field single-file and Footloose shoots at the ground to blow away the mines. However, laser guns rise out of the sand. Dusty yells for everyone to duck and turns back to destroy the three guns with three shots.

As one Stinger runs over a mine and blows up, the surviving driver radios the others to stay back since the Death Zone has been activated. However, Destro orders the Cobra agents to pursue and will not turn off the defenses since the chances of the Joes escaping would increase. Destro radios the Rattlers flying above him that unless the “traitorous dogs” drive out into the desert, they are ordered to fire at the Cobra agents. At the last second, the Cobras drive out and nearly every one of the Stingers and Ferrets are destroyed.

Dusty tells the others that he feels sorry for the Cobras, but Footloose tells his teammate, “No way. They’re just living out their karma.” One of the surviving Stinger drivers reports to Destro that they have lost the Joes. While Destro growls that the Joes and Dr. Winters must not leave the desert alive, Cobra's targets slowly march across the dusty plains in the middle of a windstorm. Dr. Winters laments that the Joes are probably sorry that they ever set their eyes on her, however, as the wind pushes her into Dusty's arms, he laughs and tells her, "Well, not all that sorry."

After Wild Bill lands, Flint hops out of an AWE Striker and asks what happened to Footloose and Dusty, and Cover Girl reports that they are in the desert. Telling Dusty and Footloose that she is becoming tired, Dusty places a hand on Dr. Winters’ shoulder and offers to carry her. But she grabs his hand, tosses him to the ground and tells him, “Cool it, buster.” Footloose tells everyone to keep it mellow since they are hundred miles from anywhere, however, three Rattlers appear and attack. They dive for cover and behind a steep hill, Footloose and Dusty shoot down a Rattler. As the remaining two turn around, a sandstorm appears and  Dusty tells Footloose to continue his march while he will try to distract the Rattlers. The two men shake and Dusty uses his last clip of ammo to shoot down the planes.

More Cobra Stingers appear on the horizon and close in on Dusty, but the storm’s fury increases and swallows Dusty’s appearance. Pulling his goggles over his eyes, Dusty happily notes that the storm feels good and that it reminds him of home. Dusty pulls out a Cobra agent from one of the vehicles while he is talking to Destro, hops into the driver’s seat and tells Destro that the driver has been given a two hour furlough.

Footloose and Dr. Winters are worn down by the sandstorm and fall to the ground. Dusty contacts Footloose, who tells Dusty that they really need his help. Dusty locates them on the Stinger’s signal tracking system, but the Stinger’s monitor shorts out and all Dusty can do is pound the machine and call it “Cobra junk.” Dusty radios his friend that he will find him and that there is nothing to be afraid of, however, Footloose sees a tall robed figure with a sword and watches the man slice Footloose’s radio in half.

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