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  -- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)
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"Some gratitude. I liberate his country and he steals my girl."
- Dusty (to Footloose after watching Jabal offer Dr. Winters a tour of his palace)

Inside a temple and tied to a stone pillar, Footloose is introduced to the robed man, who wields a sword and calls himself Jabal, a descendant of the Prophets of Old. Jabal waves his sword and tells Footloose, a Cobra agent in Jabal’s eyes, that he will now die. But Jabal sees the G.I.Joe logo on Footloose’s sleeve and immediately cuts the ropes. He apologizes and tells the two that his hunger for revenge has made him slightly fanatical. Jabal tells Footloose that he wears the markings of the chariot which fell from the sky. Confused by Jabal’s description, Jabal shows Footloose the chariot: the Mauler dumped by the Joes during the thunderstorm. As Jabal tells Footloose that for too long the people in his land have been victimized by Cobra, Footloose pats the Mauler and tells Jabal that the tank will prevent Cobra from “violating his space.”

After Footloose tells the others that he has just contacted the other Joes with the radio in the Mauler and that his teammates are on their way, two Cobra Trubble Bubbles fly over the land and spot Jabal, Footloose and Dr. Winters in the ruins of a temple and attack. Jabal leaps onto a stone and slices the engine of one of the Cobra Flight Pod, which crashes into wall. Meanwhile, Footloose and Dr. Winters hop into the Mauler and destroy the remaining two Flight Pods with one shot. Dr. Winters tells Footloose that they don’t make a bad team and then tells Jabal that he was fantastic. Jabal remains humble and a slightly jealous Footloose tells them that they need to move out of the temple.

While riding in the Mauler, Footloose hears Dusty on the radio of a Stinger that has run out of gas and tells Dusty that he will pick him up since he is only a hop, skip and jump. However, Dusty and Footloose’s conversation is picked up by Major Bludd and Destro, who orders Major Bludd to prepare the plasma tank for battle. While riding a camel across the desert, Dr. Winter’s glasses slip off and her hair falls down and Jabal tells “his desert flower” Dr. Winters that they are not far. But Dr. Winters disbelieves any of Jabal’s comments and tells him, “You’ve got to be kidding.” Jabal turns to her and replies, “Not at all. You are very, very beautiful.” Dr. Winters sighs, smiles and tells Jabal to call her ‘Nancy.’

Cobra appears before the Mauler and Dusty fires three of his missiles to destroy all of the Stingers on both sides of Destro’s plasma tank. But the last missile from Dusty is destroyed by a shot from Destro’s cannon, and then Destro disintegrates Dusty’s Stinger. Shoving a clip into his gun, Dusty decides that he is tired of running and begins to fire at Destro, who closes the hatch and yells at his troops to march forward. The Mauler arrives and despite Dr. Winters warnings Footloose charges into battle and strikes the plasma cannon, but the cannon is not damaged. Destro rotates the cannon and hits the Mauler, which slides across the sand and slams into a dune.

While Footloose mumbles that the whole experience was a bummer of a moment, Jabal Kareem rides one a camel toward the shooting Cobras with a sword in hand and yells his own name, and the Cobras retreat. “Stand and fight, slithering cowards.”

Dusty and Dr. Winters watch as the Mauler barely escapes Destro’s next shot and Dr. Winters tells Footloose via Dusty’s radio that he can stop Destro’s tank by hitting the unarmored back of the tank. Although Footloose is unsure how he will shoot Destro, Dusty tells Footloose to keep his eyes open. Dusty removes his helmet and jams it into the wheels of the tank, causing the tank to circle and drive into a sandy hill. Footloose drives behind Destro and Nancy yells on the radio for Footloose to fire. He begs the damaged tank to shoot and slams his fist into the firing controls.

The Mauler nails Destro’s plasma tank and the weapon flips over several times, lands upside down and Destro crawls out. Climbing onto a rope ladder attached to a Cobra Rattler, Destro tells the fools that they will regret their victory. But Footloose, Dusty and Dr. Winters, who are hugging one another in celebration, are unimpressed by Destro’s threats.

A Dragonfly, APC, Vamp Mark II and an AWE Striker, race to help Dusty and Footloose, Flint radios from the VAMP to find out if Wild Bill sees the missing Joes while piloting the Dragonfly. At first, Wild Bill doesn’t see anything, however, he changes his response and tells Flint that he is not going to believe what he sees. As the Mauler leads several Cobra agents across the desert, Flint asks, “What on Earth? - Is this a rescue mission or a parade?”

Fireworks bloom and boom over the city and as Footloose and Dusty stand and wait to be pinned with a metal in front of a large crowd, Nancy winks at them. Dusty tells his friend, “I think Nancy likes me.”

“And I think you are still deeply deluded,” Footloose replies. “She winked at me.” Flint tells both of the Joes to calm down since the king is about to give them a medal for liberating his country from Cobra, and he adds that he still doesn’t know how the two did the job. A man announces that King Jabal is now present and the two Joes are surprised to see that the man they fought beside is the country’s king. Jabal places a medal on each of the Joes’ shirts and then turns and offers a surprised Nancy a tour of his palace.

“Some gratitude. I liberate his country and he steals my girl,” gripes Dusty.
“Hey, man,” Footloose says. “She’s not your chick. I saw her first.”
“You did not.”
“I did too.”
And as the two Joes argue, the crowds continue to dance and celebrate their freedom as fireworks burst in the air.

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