Remember: a cobra is a snake and 'snake' is 'sneak' spelled sideways.
  -- Flint (radioing Duke while escorting the laser cannon to Joe headquarters)
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"Wanna bet? Boys..."
- Patrick O'Hara (his response after Storm Shadow demands that he and his sons surrender to Cobra)

As Tripwire and Gung Ho work at slicing the crystals with a laser and placing the chunks in padded boxes and on blanket, Duke informs Dusty that he will have his crystal for testing soon then radios Lady Jaye to signal the Joes on leave to return to base.

As Cobra Commander learns that Quick Kick's real name is MacArthur S. Ito, Quick Kick helps his parents by moving some boxes in their grocery store, which is located in the Watts area of Los Angeles. Ms. Jackson, a regular customer at the Ito's store, runs into Quick Kick, calls him Mac while pinching his cheek and remembering out loud when Quick Kick was just a scrawny kid. Quick Kick sets down the boxes, accepts a drink from his father, who he refers to as “Pop,” and tells his father that he will join him for the game. However, Quick Kick's beeper beeps and he kisses his mother and explains that he has to leave, and he adds that it is probably his agent calling him with an offer to perform some stuntwork. As his mom tells him to be careful, Quick Kick leaves the store while four men in trenchcoats enter the store and Tomax and Xamot order their Crimson Guards to subdue the Quick Kick's father and mother, Mi Hei.

Shanna O'Hara (AKA Scarlett) enters the O'Hara Martial Arts dojo in Atlanta, Georgia and spars with her three brothers and father while they are wearing masks, which were worn in an attempt to disguise their identities so she wouldn't know who was attacking and not provide a hint as to the attacker's fighting style. After a brief round of sparring, her beeper goes off and she grabs her bag and leaves. Her family waves good-bye and wishes for her to return quickly. Suddenly, the four O'Haras are surrounded by Crimson Guards and Storm Shadow orders them to surrender. With a "no retreat, no surrender" attitude, the O'Haras successfully beat back the Cobra agents, but Patrick gives in only after he sees that all of his sons have been defeated by Storm Shadow.

At the home of Thunder's parents, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky, Matthew Harris Breckinridge plays drums while his father works on an engine with the radio turned up and his sister, Chrissie, is sunbathing while reading "Teens" magazine and listening to a walkman. Thunder's mother, Flo, asks Chrissie to get her brother and father, however, the radio is so loud that the sound blocks her mom's request. "This family," Thunder's mom sighs wearily. Then, two Crimson Guards cover the mouths of the two females and carry them into the house while Thunder sees his beeper blinking and takes off, promising to explain to his father why he needs to leave. Thunder's dad walks into the house, fights off two Crimson Guards and is knocked out by sleeping gas.

As Shipwreck walks toward a house with his fishing pole, his nephew, Jesse, walks sullenly out of the house. Shiprwreck's aunt walks out of her and her husband's home and explains that she thought Jesse was old enough to know that he was adopted. Hector X. Delgado, also known as Shipwreck promises to talk to Jesse. On a small pier near San Diego, California, Shipwreck tells Jesse a secret - Shipwreck was adopted as well. Shipwreck adds that they are lucky to have folks who love them as much as their parents would and maybe even more. But just as Jesse is beginning to shake his doldrums, Shipwreck's beeper beeps and the Joe rushes off explaining that he has to leave. Jesse promises to take care of Shipwreck's fishing gear and Shipwreck thanks him as he runs away. The line on Jesse's fishing pole begins to tug and as he yells to his uncle that he has a bite, a Crimson Guard pulls Jesse off the pier and then speeds away on a boat with another Cobra agent.

Spirit's cousin, Vena, runs to Spirit and she explains that she can't believe that Uncle Charlie (Charlie Iron-Knife - AKA Spirit) was able to attend her ceremony to womanhood in Taos, New Mexico with his Grandfather. Spirit compliments her beauty and just as the ceremony is about to begin, the beeper on Spirit's belt chips, and his grandfather is not pleased that he would dishonor his cousin by leaving, but Spirit's cousin tells Spirit to go with her blessing and Spirit tells her that already she is a woman. After he leaves, Crimson Guards on Cobra Ferrets race across the land, scatter the attendees with laser blasts and kidnap Vena as well as Spirit's grandfather.

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