Cobra Commander has a mind?
  -- Roadblock (insulting Cobra Commander, who explained that he had devised a cruel method of execution for the Joes)
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"Yo, Duke!"
- Scarlett (aboard the ATV)

While visiting his father and mother in Boston, Massachusetts, Gabriel A. Kelly visits his father's fire station and is introduced to several of his father's co-workers, however, the alarm sounds and the firemen climb aboard the firetruck and speed down the streets to the latest inferno in the city. With his reserve status activated, Barbecue enters the burning building with his father only to watch debris collapse onto his father while inside. One of the firemen pulls Barbecue out of the building and explains that the firemen entering the building will rescue his father, but then Barbecue's beeper rings and he pulls it out of a pocket, pushes the blinking light in and tucks it back into a pocket while yelling, "No! Not now!"

As Barbecue's father is placed in a van with two Crimson Guards, a man with the word "chief" written on his helmet explains to Barbecue that his father is fine and is being transported to a hospital for a routine examination. Barbecue shakes the chief’s hand and takes off after one of his father's co-workers promises to explain everything about why Barbecue had to leave. Meanwhile, the fire chief runs down an alley, climbs into a truck, and rips off his mask. The Baroness, who is wearing the fire chief's hat tells the driver to drive, and the truck, with a Cobra license plate number of 888, speeds away.

Alpine, Tripwire and Gung Ho continue to slice the crystals and wait for the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to arrive so that the crystals can be carried away and Duke radios Dusty and Footloose to see how their experiment is progressing. Footloose places a crystal block on a mechanism with a hammer cocked over the crystal, runs to a AWE Striker with the engine already running and quickly drives away before the hammer strikes the crystal after ten seconds. The hammer slams down and the crystal completely destroys itself in a loud and powerful explosion.

The Baroness orders Dr. Marx to begin the brainwashing process, however, the Cobra scientist is not sure if the process will work since the only test subjects were weak-willed Cobra soldiers. The Baroness orders Thunder's sister, Chrissie to be the first to be subjugated and as Chrissie is strapped in the chair, Patrick O'Hara asks if brainwashing kids is the best Cobra can do. The Baroness spins around, points at Scarlett's father and tells him that he is next. A buzzing energy passes around Chrissie's head and when her eyes become blank and red-rimmed, the Baroness asks who she serves. And Thunder's sister replies that she serves Cobra.

As Scarlett and the other recalled Joes load the crystals onto the ATV, Dr. Marx finds it extremely difficult to place Spirit's grandfather under Cobra's control, so he places two augmentors, which are small discs, on the American Indian's temples and his will is soon under the control of Cobra.

Duke drives the ATV down the rocky hillside and Scarlett leads Barbecue, Shipwreck, Thunder and Quick Kick in Silver Mirage Motorcycles. Spying a blind curve on the road Scarlett and the others decide to ride ahead and see if Cobra has selected the area for an ambush. Seeing thirteen people in silver suits with a red Cobra emblem, she radios Duke that there are only 13 agents. But Shipwreck climbs off his bike and shouts "no" several times in disbelief as soon as he sees Jesse. Suddenly, the other Joes on the bike see their family members and Scarlett is so stunned that she can't explain to Duke what has happened as he drives up in the ATV with Lady Jaye.

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