He must be a collector. They're desperate men.
  -- an archaeological dig leader (to a foreman curious about their attacker's identity)
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"Funny how you never know who your friends are, isn’t it?"
- Cobra Commander (to Serpentor after helping him escape from G.I.Joe)

Inside the Washington Monument, Cobra Commander tells Serpentor that conquering the US is impossible; he has tried and failed. But a Tele-Viper enters a room and Serpentor states that the President has agreed to meet him. The President walks up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and, at the command of Serpentor, kneels before him, but Serpentor asks about the Joes’ representative.

“G.I.Joe?” asks the President, opening a briefcase. “Why - RIGHT HERE!” Hawk yells as he rips off his mask and fires a gun at Serpentor. Flint, Lady Jaye, Sci Fi, Duke and Low-Light, who were all dressed as members of Congress, shed their disguises as well and join Hawk in the fight.

As Serpentor orders reinforcements to be brought in from the airfield, Dr. Mindbender orders the BATs to attack the Joes, however, Beach Head grabs a bazooka and fires one shot that goes through the chests of all the BATs, which fall down in pieces. Dr. Mindbender retreats and meets Cobra Commander while under fire from the Joes. Cobra Commander convinces him that Cobra needs every able hand they can so De. Mindbender shoots the chains between Cobra Commander’s handcuffs and they escape.

Flying with several other Tomahawks that are transporting Joe equipment, Lift-Ticket radios Slipstream to help him swat some Night Ravens and Firebats. Sgt. Slaughter fires a shot that causes several Vipers to fall into pool, then unhooks his Triple-T Tank and drives into battle against the Dreadnoks with Cross Country and his HAVOC.

As Thrasher drives away while under fire, the other Dreadnoks chase after him and call out for his help. Zartan and his siblings then abandon the fight and retreat as well.

Slipstream watches the Night Ravens fly away due to the lack of fuel and then leads the other Conquest X-30 pilots while attacking Cobra Morays in the Potomac river, which Serpentor planned to use as an escape route.

While the rest of the Morays are destroyed by a squad of Devilfish, who are lead by Shipwreck, Serpentor leads his army to the Jefferson Memorial. With Cobra’s forces retreating, Dr. Mindbender explains that Serpentor must be evacuated. Pounding his chest, Serpentor tells Mindbender, “Only temporarily, do you hear?”

The Joes pursue the Cobra elite to the last fully fueled Night Raven, but the Joes are blocked by a wall fire created by a flamethrower. Serpentor asks the brave Viper who saved his life to be brought forward - and Cobra Commander steps out of an alley while shouting, “Funny how you never know who your friends are, isn’t it?”

Serpentor orders the others to get aboard the Night Raven and picks up Cobra Commander, who begs to be saved. Although Serpentor tells him that he will not take him back to the Terror Drome, Cobra Commander explains that Serpentor needs him. After all, what will happen if the loyal Vipers find out that Serpentor is not perfect, Cobra Commander points out. And he then adds that Serpentor needs him as a scapegoat. “For once, you are right,” Serpentor says. The two Cobras climb aboard and escape as the Joes capture the remaining Vipers.

On top of a building, General Hawk, Flint, Duke and Beach Head survey the city and Hawk comments that the town still looks pretty good to him, but notes that Serpentor has an army that will follow him to the Gates of Oblivion.

As Sgt. Slaughter plants a US flag on top of a building, he salutes the flag and states, “The price of liberty is always eternal vigilance.” The other Joes salute the flag and shout simultaneously, "YO JOE!"

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