Yes. Odd, isn't it, how time flies?
  -- Cobra Commander (replying to Ripcord's questions about Mutt's promised time to escape)
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"Where Serpentor leads, Cobra follows!"
- Cobra troops (at a rally before the invasion of Washington D.C.)

Serpentor knocks Slaughter down and picks up a pipe from the ground, but before he can strike Slaughter, Wet-Suit and Leatherneck shove Serpentor, who smashes his face into a monitor and stands dazed.

With guns in hand, the Tele-Vipers march torward the three Joes, but the BATs smash through a wall in the control room and attack everyone in sight. Beach Head orders the Joes to shoot the guidance systems, which are located in the chest area of the BATs, and the Joes retreat through one of the holes in the wall.

At Joe headquarters, Hawk explains that Cobra will have an unbeatable army if they are able to create a Cobra clone with the strategic genius of the other military leaders. Flint points out that Hawk is only talking about a computer simulation and asks about the probability of Cobra accomplishing such a feat.

“One hundred percent!” shouts Sgt. Slaughter as he enters the room with the other Joes. After the Joes welcome Slaughter and the others back home, he explains that all of the DNA was destroyed, but a new Cobra Emporer was created. Beach Head adds that Serpentor is smart, strong and savvy, uglier than sin and meaner than a junkyard dog. Mutt and Junkyard both begin to growl and Beach Head quickly apologizes to them.

Cobra agents raise their fists in the air and shout simultaneously, “Where Serpentor leads, Cobra follows!” Serpentor rallies his troops by stating that G.I.Joe’s existence sickens him and then asks them why Cobra has been unable to defeat them. Tomax and Xamot hold Cobra Commander and explain that Cobra Commander’s poor leadership was Cobra's weakness.

Serpentor then orders all of Cobra’s forces to invade Washington D.C. for the immediate subjugation of the Joes. Firebats, HISS tanks, Night Ravens, Rattlers and Stuns stream out of the Terror Drome and Serpentor explains to Cobra Commander, who is chained and between the Crimsom Guard Commanders, “I command, they obey. The perfect fighting combination.”

Cobra Commander shakes the twins off of him and informs the insufferable egomaniac, Serpentor, that he knows nothing of Cobra’s strengths, weaknesses or strategies, but Serpentor knocks Cobra Commander to the ground and warns him to never hiss at him again. Serpentor rants that he has been created with all that he needs to know, that he is omnipotent and omniscient. The twins look at one another worriedly and politely beg that Serpentor reconsider, but he does not and tosses Tomax and Xamot to the side.

General Hawk tells Duke, Sgt. Slaughter, Beach Head and Flint that Cobra has been too quiet for too long and suggests the Joes make a preemptive strike, but their alarms and monitors are activated, and they watch with horror as Cobra invades Washington D.C.

Strato-Vipers and Vipers parachute to the ground, place a bomb on the Capital Building and then invade the structure. Scrap Iron blasts into the White House with a Stun and learns that the President and the Vice-President are not in town.

While fighting under a swarm of Trubble Bubbles and beside the Baroness, Destro orders a squad of Night Ravens to use their gas bombs so that Cobra can capture the Pentagon intact.

As gas fills the rooms, the employees leave the Pentagon while Scrap Iron reports the bad news about the President to Destro and the Baroness.

While fires flickering around him, Serpentor sits on a throne that rests in the lap of the marble statue at the Lincoln Memorial and tells his troops and the viewers watching his broadcast that Washington is now under his control. After members of Congress are brought to him, Serpentor orders them to surrender G.I.Joe or he will burn the United States to the ground. And at gun point, the Congressmen surrender. Serpentor shouts to his men that the thousand year rule of Cobra has begun and every Cobra agent either applauds or raises a fist in the air while shouting Serpentor’s name.

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