I may be hard up - but I'm no traitor!
  -- Dusty (before shoving a table toward Tomax and Xamot while inside a bar)
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"Yeah, Lifeline - it's called a gun."
- Low-Light (after Lifeline asks if he has ever considered another way to settle disputes)

While the Dreadnoks walk through the corridors of the Terror Drome, they brag to one another about the destruction of the G.I.Joe Tomahawk, however, as they run into the Joes who survived the crash, the Dreadnoks are quickly knocked out. Lifeline asks Low-Light if he has ever considered another way to settling disputes. After knocking Torch to the ground, Low-Light raises his weapon and tells his teammate, “Yeah, Lifeline - it's called a gun.” The Joes find the communications room in the base, however, the area is heavily guarded by Crimson Guards.

After Serpentor shouts that he must rule, Sgt. Slaughter attacks Serpentor, but the Cobra Emperor catches the Joe and tosses him against the wall. Serpentor asks if this is his best enemy and Tomax, Xamot, Dr. Mindbender, Scrap Iron and Destro raise their hands and come to attention as they salute Serpentor.

Donning suitable clothes and shown his air chariot, Serpentor listens to Cobra Commander explain that Serpentor will be a figurehead while Cobra Commander makes all of the decisions. But Serpentor knocks Cobra Commander against a wall and yells that he is the emperor and there is no room for negotiation. Tomax and Xamot carry Cobra Commander away and tell him that should be quiet before Serpentor really gets angry.

Slaughter is again placed in chains and awakens as Serpentor tells the Cobras that he has been creatied with all that he needs to know and the essence is that he commands and they obey him. “Baloney!” shouts Slaughter. Infuriated by the insults, Serpentor reminds Slaughter that his first act as a sentient being was to knock the Joe unconscious. “Beginner’s luck,” Slaughter growls. Serpentor is enraged and backhands Slaughter, who again taunts Serpentor.

Serpentor pulls out a gun and destroys Slaughter’s bonds and the two struggle. Sgt. Slaughter kicks the Cobra Emperor against a wall as Destro notes that Serpentor’s genetic matrix is missing Sun Tzu’s patience.

Dr. Mindbender orders the others to destroy the Joe, but Serpentor climbs back to his feet, commands the others that only he will kill Slaughter and then picks up Destro and Dr. Mindbender and tosses them away. They land at the feet of Cobra Commander, who tells the two that if Serpentor is a wimp, they might as well find out now. Cobra Commander then cheers Slaughter to kick Serpentor’s fangs in. Serpentor knocks the Joe to the foot of a staircase and the Joe suggests they continue the fight outside.

As Serpentor chases Slaughter on his Air Chariot, Dr. Mindbender tells the others to follow and happily adds they are about to witness a great fight.

Zarana and Zandar walk with Zartan and complain that life on Cobra Island is becoming dull, but Sgt. Slaughter barrels through them with Serpentor on his tail. As Zartan and his siblings climb up from the ground, they are again knocked down by Destro, Dr. Mindbender and several Crimson Gurads who are eager to see the fight. Cobra Commander then strolls through humming a simple song.

A Tele-Viper looks at his console and wonders why an enemy presence is detected in the control room when no one is around. He then sees someone moving a console and asks where he is going. ”Right down your throat, maggot! YO JOE!” yells Beach Head. The console splits apart and Leatherneck, Low-Light and Wet-Suit attack Cobra from three different directions while the others enter the room with guns blazing.

A wall in the control room is destroyed and Sgt. Slaughter and Serpentor enter the room in order to continue their fight. As the Joes root for Sgt. Slaughter and the Tele-Vipers, Crimson Guards and other Cobra agents cheer on Serpentor, Cobra’s new emperor tells Slaughter, “I am worshipped for the monarch I am!” But Slaughter tosses Serpentor across the room and shouts, “Big fat deal!”

While the two opponents trade punches, Scrap Iron wanders off after wondering about Cobra Commander and find him attaching a head to a BAT. After he is told that the robots will destroy Serpentor and Sgt. Slaughter, Scrap Iron pulls out a gun to stop the plan, but Cobra Commander pulls out a bag of money, hands it to Scarp Iron and asks him if he has anything to say. Scrap Iron then orders the BATs to hunt down Serpentor and Slaughter.

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