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An Index to the First 100 Issues of Comics Interview
(a list originally compiled by David Anthony Kraft)

KEY: Name (status), issue no., length in pages, key subjects discussed in the interview

Pander, Arnold (Artist), #51, 9 pp., Grendel, Max Headroom, Comico
Pander, Jacob (Artist), #51, 9 pp., Grendel, Max Headroom, Comico
Parker, Rick (Marvel Letterer), #33, 9 pp., Marvel comics, New York art scene
Parker, Rick (Artist) #133, 8 pp., Beavis & Butthead
Parizanski, Jason, (Fandom) #104, 9 pp., Comics Fandom
Party of Titans (Feature), #44, 2 pp., Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Jerry Siegel meet
Pasko, Marty (Writer), #34, 11 pp.r, Swamp Thing, Superman, E-Man, Star Trek
Patterson, Bruce D. (Artist), #28, 7 pp., Green Lantern, Camelot 3000, Spider-Man
Payer, Tom (Artist), #56, 10 pp., Captain 'Cuse, Sideshow, comic strips
Pecht, Geraldine (Art Director), #51, 9 pp., Comico, Ginger Fox, Grandel
Pelc, Gene (Agent), #3, 2 pp., Marvel representative for the Orient, Japan
Peppers, Willie (Artist), #55, 9 pp., Southern Knights, Dragon, Magna-Man, Cadets
Perez, George (Artist), #6, 7 pp., Unpublished JLA/Avengers, Titans, Fantastic Four
Perez, George (Top Marvel/DC Artist), #50, 110 pp., Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman
Perez, George (Artist), #94, 11 pp., Infinity Gauntlet, Wonder Woman, War of the Gods
Perez, George (Artist) #104, 15 pp., War of the Gods, Wonder Woman
Perles, Jerry (Counselor), #43, 9 pp., Marvel publisher Martin Goodman, early years
Petrucha, Stefan (Writer) #142, 10 pp., Duckman
Petrucha, Stephan (Writer) #147, 9 pp., X-Files
Pfarrer, Chuck (Screenwriter) #106, 7 pp., Screenwriting, The Thing
Picardo, Robert (Actor) #141, 12 pp., Star Trek
Pietrzykowski, John (Writer) #106, 12 pp., Dark Nebula (Australian)
Pinaha, Bob (Letterer), #9, 2 pp., A Distant Soil, Black Diamond
Pini, Richard (Writer/Publisher), #15, 8 pp., A Distant Soil, Elfquest
Pini, Wendy (Writer/Artist), #73, 17 pp., TV's Beauty and the Beast, Elfquest, etc.
Pini, Wendy and Richard (Writers/Artist) Part 1, #5, 8 pp., Early Elfquest
Pini, Wendy and Richard (Writers/Artist) Part 2, #6, 8 pp., Early Elfquest
Pini, Wendy and Richard (Writers/Artist), #60, 18 pp., Elfquest: Siege at Blue Mountain
Pini, Wendy and Richard (Writers/Artist), #87, 20 pp., Elfquest: Broken Wheal, Xanth
Ploog, Mike (Artist) #148, 15 pp., Ghost Riders, Kull, Planet of the Apes, Frankenstien
Plunkelf, Bandy (Artist), #17, 5 pp., Marvel Fanfare, Defenders, Cohen
Portacio, Whilce (Artist), #98, 16 pp., X-Factor, X-Men, Punisher, Alien Legion, etc.
Potts, Carl (Artist/Editor), #63, 7 pp., The Punisher
Power 100 (Feature), #100, pp., Ranking the 100 most powerful people in comics
Power, Paul (Movie Artist), #33, 14 pp., storyboards for Steven Spielberg, lots more
Power, Paul (Storyboard Artist) #132, 24 pp., Superman: Lois & Clark
 Prentice, John (Artist) Part 1, #85, 16 pp., Rip Kirby
Prentice, John (Artist) Part 2, #86, 9 pp., Rip Kirby
Propst, Mark (Artist), #35, 11 pp., Southern Knights, X-Thieves
Prowse, Dave, (Actor) #138, 24 pp., Star Wars Darth Vader
Purcell, Gordon (Artist) #126, 7 pp., Star Trek Comic Book Art Portfolio

Quiz, The 100 (Feature), #100, 5 pp., 100 questions about comics of all kinds

Ramoa, Rodney (Movie Artist), #92, 7 pp., The Toxic Avenger
Randall, Ron (Writer/Artist), #67, 6 pp., Trekker, Swamp Thing, Dragonlance
Rasquain, Dominique (French Retailer), #73, 19 pp., Lucky Luke, Asterix, Batman
Rausch, Barb (Artist) Part 1, #45, 8 pp., Katy Keane, Vicki Valentine, Neil the Horse
Rausch, Barb (Artist) Part 2, #46, 8 pp., Katy Keene, Vicki Valentine, Neil the Horse
Reece, Warren (Comics Fan) Part 1, #8, 6 pp., Early Marvel Comics, Captain America
Reece, Warren (Comics Fan) Part 2, #9, 4 pp., Marvel, Sub-Mariner, Howard the Duck
Reed, Rod (Golden Age Writer/Editor), #18, 7 pp., Original Captain Marvel, Batman, Whiz
Reed, Todd (Shadow Sculptor), #41, 5 pp., 3-D perspective comic collages
Reis, Todd (Comics Art Collector), #78, 21 pp., Rare/unpublished Batman comics art
Richardson, Mike (Publisher. Dark Horse Comics), #61,15 pp., Concrete, Predator
Ringgenberg, Steve (Writer), #42, 14 pp., Nightveil, The Emissary
Robinson, Jerry (Artist), #31, 4 pp., Bob Kane's assistant on original Batman
Robinson, Jerry (Artist) Part 1, #56, 12 pp., Early Batman, creation of Joker and Robin
Robinson, Jerry (Artist) Part 2, #57, 10 pp., Tales of Golden Age comics creators
Robinson, Jerry (Artist) Part 3, #58, 14 pp., Syndicated comic strips, past and present
Roddenberry, Majel Barrett (Actress) #110, 6 pp., Star Trek
Roddenberry, Majel Barrett (Actress), #126, 6 pp., Star Trek Movies
Rogers, Mister (TV Star), #12, 3 pp., Hulk, TV Censorship
Romita,, John Jr. (Marvel Artist), #11, 9 pp., Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men
Romita, John Sr. (Artist), #89, 10 pp., Early days of Marvel, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, etc.
Rosa, Don (Writer/Artist), #13, 11 pp., Pertwillaby Papers, Captain Kentucky
Rose, Hank (Producer of DC/Marvel comics-related products), #48, 7 pp.
Resen, Joe (Marvel Letterer), #7, 2 pp., From the Golden Age to the Marvel Age
Ross, Alex (Artist) #143, 24 pp., Marvels
Ross, Dave (Artist) Part 1, #39, 7 pp., Alpha Flight, Blue Beetle
Ross, Dave (Artist), Part 2, #40, 7 pp., Alpha Flight, Marvel Comics
Roussos, George (Artist), #2, 7 pp., Original Batman, early Marvel/DC, Captain America
Rovin, Jeff (Writer/Editor) #131, 14 pp., 1970’s comics scene, encyclopedia of comics
Rovin, Jeff, Part 2, (Writer/Editor) #132, 10 pp., 1970’s comics scene, encyclopedia/comics
Roy, Adrienne (DC Colorist), #9, 4 pp., Teen Titans, Batman
Royer, Mike, Part 1, (Artist) #121, 9 p., Disney, on Jack Kirby
Royer, Mike, Part 2, (Artist) #122, 11 pp., Disney, on Kirby
Rozakis, Bob (Writer/Production Manager. DC) Part 1, #45, 11 pp., Superman, Centurians
Rozakis, Bob (Writer/Production Manager: DC) Part 2, #46, Superman, Amazing Man
Rubinstein, Joe (Marvel/DC Artist) Part 1, #36, 11 pp., Spider-Man, Superman
Rubinstein, Joe (Marvel/DC Artist) Part 2, #37, 9 pp., X-Men, Spider-Man, etc.
Rude, Steve (Artist), #78, 34 pp., Batman, Nexus, Space Ghost, Superman, etc.
Rude, Steve (Artist) #121, 5 pp., Kirby Tribute/on Jack Kirby
Russell, P. Craig (Artist), #3, 7 pp., Killraven, Elric, War of the Worlds
Rutt, Pamela (Publicity Director. Marvel), #55, 6 pp., Superman, X-Men, Groo, Muppets

Saba, Arn (Canadian Writer/Artist) Part 1, #19, 9 pp., Neil the Horse, cartoons
Saba, Arn (Canadian Writer/Artist) Part 2, #20, 7 pp., Neil the Horse, Walt Disney
Saenz, Mike (Artist), #21, 14 pp., Shatter, Computer artwork, methods
Saffel, Steve (Promotion Manager. Marvel), #55, 6 pp., Superman, X-Men, Groo, Muppets
Sakai, Stan (Writer/Artist), #44, 12 pp., Creator of Usagi Yojimbo
Sale, Tim (Artist), #99, 12 pp., Challengers of the Unknown, Grendel, Thieves' World
Salicrup, Jim (Editor-in-Chief) #115, 8 pp., Dracula, Topps Trading Cards & Comics
Salmons, Tony (Artist) #121, 7 pp., Kirby Tribute/on Jack Kirby
Sanford, Douglas, #16, 6 pp., Sales, pornography in comics
Schanes, Steve (Publisher: Pacific Comics) Part 1, #54, 7 pp., Why Pacific failed
Schanes, Steve (Publisher: Blackthorne) Part 2, #55, 8 pp., California Raisins, Tarzan
Scheele, Mitch (Writer/Artist) #149, 10 pp., Surf Sumo
Schelly, Bill (Fandom) #146, 9 pp., Golden Age of Comic Fandom
Schreck, Bob (Art Director: Comico), #51, 16 pp., Gumby, Max Headroom, Grendel, etc.
Schubert, Willie (Letterer), #52, 4 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub, American Flagg, Badger
Schulz, Charles (Writer/Artist), #47, 14 pp., Peanuts, Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Schutz, Diana (Editor. Comico), #51, 16 pp., Gumby, Max Headroom, Grendel, etc.
Schwartz, Alvin (Writer) #124, 19 pp., Batman, Golden & Silver Age Comics
Schwartz, Julius (DC Editor), #88, 15 pp., The Flash, Silver Age superheroes
Scorpio-Rhys, Rhyan (Publisher) #134, 34pp. creator-owned/independent comics
Scroggy, David (Editor: Pacific Comics), #11, 13 pp., Vanity, The Rocketeer, more
Selig, Ken (Editor: Harvey Comics), #44, 17 pp., Casper, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff
Semeiks, Val (Artist) #101, 8 pp., Lobo, The Demon
Serra, Fulvia (Italian Publisher), #88, 9 pp., Corto Maltese, Linus, Italian comics
Shackleton, Anthea (Manager. Dargaud), #69, 11 pp., Asterix, Blueberry, French comics
Sharon, Bob (Marvel Colorist), #6, 3 pp., Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Spider-Man
Sheppard, Jim (Writer/Editor) #146, 20 pp., The Phantom
Shooter, Jim (Writer/Editor: Marvel), #14, 11 pp., Secret Wars, Avengers, DC, Legion of Superheroes
Sibra, Steve (Retailer), #74, 6 pp., Effect of Batman fad on comics
Sienkiewicz, Bill (Artist), #34, 10 pp., Elektra, Moon Knight, New Mutants
Sienkiewicz, Bill (Artist), #53, 2 pp., Real War Stories, war
Silvestri, Marc (Marvel Artist), #76, 20 pp., X-Men, Conan, Spider-Man
Silvestri, Marc (Artist), #90, 21 pp., Comics: For Love or Money (Open Forum)
Simmons, Gene (of KISS) (Rock Star), #2, 6 pp., KISS comics, Marvel
Simmons, Gene (of KISS) (Writer/Singer/Actor), #81, 21 pp., Early comics fandom, TV's Jon Sable, KISS
Simonson, Louise (Writer), #12, 9 pp., Power Pack, The Starriors, Conan
Simonson, Walt (Artist), #9, 14 pp., Alien, Star Wars, X-Men, Manhunter, Thor
Simonson, Walt and Louise (Writer & Artist), #39, 12 pp., X-Factor, Power Pack
Simonson, Walt (Artist) #111, 28 pp., Robocop/Terminator
Singer, David (Publisher: Deluxe), #20, 8 pp., T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Legion of Superheroes, Futurians
Singer, Mellissa Ann (Editor/Publisher), #7, 8 pp., D'Arc Tangent
Sim, Dave (Writer/Artist) #107, 32 pp., Cerebus the Aardvark
Slifer, Roger (DC Writer), #1, 10 pp., The Omega Men
Slifer, Roger (DC Editor), #8, 5 pp., Superman/Batman, World's Finest Comics #300
Slott, Dan (Writer) #122, 6 pp., Ren & Stimpy
Smith, Bruce (Director/Animator) #112, 6 pp., Bebe’s Kids
Smith, Jeff (Writer/Artist) #133, 6 pp., Bone
Smith, Stephen Scott Beau (Comics Fan) #23, 9 pp.
Smith, Tod (Artist), #7, 7 pp., Omega Men, Masters of the Universe, Power Lords
Smolderen, Thierry (Belgian Writer), #75, 24 pp., Tintin, Herge, European comics
Spiegelman, Art (Writer/Artist) #108, 9 pp., Maus
Spiegle, Dan (Artist) #150, 15 pp., Hopalong Cassidy, Green Arrow, Indiana Jones
Sprang, Dick (Golden Age Artist), #70, 10 pp., Early Batman, Golden Age comics
Stafford, Greg (Gaming), #57, 6 pp., Call of C'thulhu, Runequest, Elfquest, Pendragon
Stanley, Linda (Printing Sales), #59, 8 pp., Robotech, Grendel, Ginger Fox
Starlin, Jim (Writer/Artist), #4, 13 pp., Warlock, Dreadstar, Captain Marvel, Kung Fu
Starlin, Jim (Writer/Artist), #90, 21 pp., Comics: For Love or Money (Open Forum)
Steinberg, Flo (Editor), #17, 12 pp, Early days at Marvel Comics, Lee & Kirby, etc.
Stelfreeze, Brian (Artist) #114, 24 pp., Batman: The Shadow of the Bat
Stelfreeze, Brian (Artist) #148, 28 pp., Japanese Comics, Manga/Anime
Stern, Roger (Writer) #120, 12pp., Superman
Stevens, Dave (Writer/Artist), #97, 28 pp., Rocketeer movie & comic, Good Girl Art
Stone, Chic (Artist) #121, 8 pp., Golden Age Comics, Classic Marvel, on Jack Kirby
Story, Karl (Artist), #87, 7 pp., Aliens vs. Predator, Cycops, X-Thieves
Stout, William (Movie Artist) Part 1, #74, 23 pp., Little Annie Fanny, Conan, Tarzan
Stout, William (Movie Artist) Part 2, #75, 18 pp., Conan; Return of the Living Dead, Godzilla
Stout, William (Movie Artist) Part 3, #76, Masters of the Universe
Stout, William (Artist) #121, 6 pp., Kirby Tribute/on Jack Kirby
Stradlay, Randy (Editor: Dark Horse Comics), #61, 15 pp., Concrete, Godzilla, Aliens, etc.
Stradlay, Randy (Editor/Writer: Dark Horse), #87, 5 pp., Aliens, Predator, Terminator
Strick, Wesley (Screenwriter) #111, 10 pp., Batman Returns Movie
Strnad, Jan (Writer), #30, 7 pp., Dalgoda, Flesh & Bones, Mutant World
Stroman, Larry (Artist) #105, 9 pp., X-Men: X-Factor
Sutton, Tom (Artist), #80, 26 pp., Squalor, Man-Thing, Ham Radio, Grimjack
Suydam, Arthur (Artist), #18, 7 pp., Cholly & Flytrap, Epic, Echoes of Futurepast
Schwartz, Alvin (Writer) #124, 19 pp., Batman, Golden & Silver Age Comics
Swayze, Marc (Writer/Artist/Musician) #122, 12 pp., Captain Marvel, Golden Age Comics

Takei, George (Actor) #126, 5 pp., Star Trek Movies
Talbot, Lyle (Actor) #125, 8 pp., Batman/Superman
Taylor, Kevin, (Artist/Writer) #123, 9 pp., Model By Day
Tellerday, Paul (Art Director: Pacific/Blackhorne), #47, 12 pp., Captain Victory, more
Teitelbaum, Mike (Writer/Editor. Gold Key Comics), #1, 6 pp., Tweety & Sylvester, etc.
Templeton, Ty (Artist), #66, 6 pp., Justice League International
Terrier, Bruno (French Retailer), #73, 19 pp., X-Men, Watchmen, Batman, French comics
Theakston, Greg (Artist), #20, 8 pp., Frazetta, Jack Kirby's Super Powers
Thingvall, Joel (Fan/Collector), #75, 13 pp., Joy of comics, Marvel Bullpen
Thomas, Ed (Comics Fan), #6, 2 pp., Curt Swan, Legion of Superheroes
Thomas, Roy (Writer) Part 1, #66, 23 pp., Early Days at Marvel & DC, Stan Lee, more
Thomas, Roy (Writer) Part 2, #67, 18 pp., Conan, Kull, Red Sonja at Marvel Comics
Thomas, Roy (Writer) Part 3, #68, 22 pp., Young Ali-Stars, Infinity Squad, DC years
Thompson, Don & Maggie (Editors), #19, 9 pp., Comics Buyer's Guide, early fandom
Thompson, Klm (Editor: Fantagraphics), #14, 16 pp., Amazing Heroes, Comics Journal
Thompson, Steven (Fandom) #105, 13pp., Comics Interview 100 Quiz contest
Thorsland, Dan, (Editor) #130, 19 pp., Star Wars
Todd, Kathe “Mom” (Publisher) #150, 19 pp Rip-Off  Press, Adult and X-Rated Comics
Tollin, Anthony (Colorist), #10, 4 pp., The Shadow, Green Lantern, Justice League of America, Legion of Superheroes
Truman, Timothy (Artist), #15, 7 pp., Grimjack, Starslayer, more
Turner, Ron (Publisher: Last Gasp), #43, 11 pp., Underground comics, censorship

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