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An Index to the First 100 Issues of Comics Interview
(a list originally compiled by David Anthony Kraft)

KEY: Name (status), issue no., length in pages, key subjects discussed in the interview

Kalish, Carol (Sales Director Marvel Comics), #18, 12 pp., Behind the scenes, etc.
Kane, Bob (Golden Age Artist), #31, 11 pp., Co-creator of Batman talks about his creation
Kane, Bob (Artist), #70, 12 pp., Batman comics, TV show and movie
Katz, Gloria (Movie Producer), #38, 5 pp., Howard the Duck, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Kawajiri, Yoshiaki (Creator) # 148, 1 pp., Demon City Shinjuku, Cyber City
Kazaleh, Mike (Artist) #131, 7 pp., Ren & Stimpy, Mighty Mouse
Keith, Sam (Artist), #84, 26 pp., Aliens, Wolverine, Mage
Keith, Sam (Artist) #117, 7 pp., Batman Vs Lobo
Kennedy, Cam (Artist) #138, 19 pp., Star Wars, Judge Dredd
Kerac, Bane (Artist) #124, 5 pp., Catclaw, Eastern Bloc Comics
Kidder, Margot (Actress) #123, 12 pp., Superman
King, Jon (Software Engineer), #21, 5 pp., Computer program: "The Comic ArtCreator"
Kirby, Jack (Artist), #41, 14 pp., The Greatest American Comic-Book Artist Speaks
Kirby, Jack (Artist), #90, 21 pp., Comics: For Love or Money (Open Forum)
Kirby, Jack (Artist) #121, 14 pp., Classic Marvel/History
Kirby, Jack Tribute  (Portfolio) #121, 5 pp., Artists original artwork as a tribute to Jack Kirby
Kirby, Jack (Artist) #132, 2 pp., directory of Kirby artwork in Comics Interview
KISS (Gene Simmons) (Rock Star), #2, 6 pp., KISS Comics and Marvel
KISS (Gene Simmons) (Writer/Singer/Actor), #81, 21 pp., early comics fanzines, TV's Jon Sable, Delta Tenn
Klein, Todd (Artist/Letterer), #3, 3 pp., Green Lantern, Heavy Metal
Koenig, Walter (Writer/Actor) #110, 8 pp., Star Trek
Koike, Kazuo (Writer), #52, 6 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub/Kozure Okami, Japanese comics
Kioke, Kazuo (Writer) #148, 6 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub/Kozure Okami
Kojima, Goeskl (Artist), #52, 6 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub/Kozure Okami, Japanese comics
Kojima, Goseki (Artist) #148, 6 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub/Kozure Okami
Kostar, June (Comics Fan), #4, 2 pp.
Kotzky, Alex (Writer/Artist), #100, 16 pp., Golden Age of Comics, Apt. 3-G, newspaper strips
Kraft, David Anthony (Writer), #8, 5 pp., Superman/Batman, plotting World's Finest #300
Krenkel, Roy G. (Artist), #4, 9 pp., Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, etc.
Kricfalusi, John (Writer/Producer) #131, 18 pp., Ren & Stimpy, George Liquor,
Kubert, Joe (DC Artist), #9, 13 pp., DC Comics' Tarzan, Hawkman, Sgt. Rock, Tor
Kubert, Adam (Artist) #140, 22 pp., Wolverine

Laird, Peter (Writer/Artist), #27, 10 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator
Laird, Peter (Writer/Artist), #82, 12 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie I, comics, more
Lake, Mike (British Distributor: Titan), #7, 6 pp., Judge Dredd, 2000 AD, Nemesis
Landau, Nick (British Comics Editor), #7, 6 pp., Judge Dredd, 2000 AD, Nemesis
Langen, Todd (Screenwriter), #79, 4 pp., Final Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I screenplay
Langen, Todd (Screenwriter), #95, 10 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie II
Larkin, Bob (Artist), #3, 4 pp., Doc Savage, Dallas, Planet of the Apes
Larsen, Erik (Artist), #85, 21 pp., Spider-Man, Doom Patrol, Marvel Presents
Lash, Batton (Writer/Artist), #79, 10 pp., Wolff/Byrd: Counselors of the Macabre
LaSorda, Phil (Publisher: Comico), #5, 6 pp., Comico's early days: Grendel, etc.
LaSorda, Phil (Publisher: Comico), #51, 9 pp., Gumby, Max Headroom, more
Lawrence, Jim (Writer), #69, 13 pp., James Bond 007 newspaper strip, The Green Hornet
Leach, Gary (Art Director) #139, 7 pp., Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Lee, Jim (Artist), #63, 10 pp., Punisher War Journal, Alpha Flight
Lee, Jim (Artist), #98, 16 pp., New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Punisher, X-Factor
Lee, Stan (Writer/Publisher: Marvel), #5, 16 pp., Silver Surfer, Marvel Comics
Lee, Stan (TV Producer), #58, 10 pp., Marvel, X-Men animated syndicated TV show
Lee, Stan (Writer/Publisher: Marvel), #64, 15 pp., Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, more
Lee, Stan (Writer/Publisher: Marvel), #85, 16 pp., Spider-Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer
Lee, Vince, (Game Designer) #130, 9 pp., Star Wars Game Designer, LucasArts
Leialoha, Stave (Marvel Artist), #10, 10 pp., Coyote, Star Wars, Howard the Duck
Levitz, Paul (DC Writer), #16, 9 pp., Legion of Superheroes, Jack Kirby
Lewis, Sam (Gaming Writer), #26, 11 pp., DC Heroes role-playing game
Leibowitz, Bill (Retailer), #38, 7 pp., American comics scene
Liefeld, Rob (Marvel Artist), #90, 21 pp., Comics: For Love or Money (Open Forum)
Liefeld, Rob (Writer/Artist) #119, 8 pp., Youngblood, Bloodwulf, Image Comics
Lindsay, Michael, (Editor-in-Chief) #148, 3 pp., Japanese Comics, Manga/Anime
Lobdell, Scott (Writer) #137, 24 pp., X-Men:Genreation X, X-Men
Loeb, Jeph (Screenwriter), #99, 12 pp., Teen Wolf, Commando, DC's new Challengers of the Unknown
Loeb, Jeph (Writer) #123, 6 pp., Batman, Challengers, Model By Day
Lofton, Cirroc (Actor) #118, 8 pp., Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Lofficier, Jean-Marc (Writer/Editor), #45, 6 pp., French Ice, works with Moebius
Long Mitchell, Steven (Screenwriter), #99, 4 pp., Lobo on TV, Flash, Alien Nation
Lopez, José Luis Garcia (DC Artist), #12, 9 pp., Atari Force, Star Raiders, Superman
Lopez, Ken (Production Letterer), #58, 3 pp., Captain America, Wonder Woman, X-Men
Lumsden, Glenn (Artist) #108, 5 pp., Southern Squadon, Cyclone, (Australian)
Lupoi, Marco (Italian Writer/Translator), #60, 14 pp., Spider-Man, Fumo di China, etc.
Lyle, Tom (Artist), #93, 10 pp., "New Robin" mini-series

Macaluso, Mark (Non-Sports Cards) #149, 4 pp., Non-sports Trading Cards, Marvel, Star Trek
Macek, Carl (TV Producer), #23, 11 pp., Robotech TV Series
Mackie, Howard (Marvel Writer), #92, 6 pp., New version of Ghost Rider
MacManus, Steve (British Writer/Editor), #58, 14 pp., Judge Dredd, 2000 AD
MacNeily, Jeff (Writer/Artist), #46, 7 pp., Shoe, political cartoons, U.S. daily strips
Maddocks, Anson (Artist) #145, 13 pp., Magic: The Gathering
Madsen, Dan (Fan Club Founder), #126, 7 pp., Star Trek Fan Club
Malin, Adam (Conventioneer), #56, 3 pp., Star Trek, Dr. Who, Starlog, con organization
Mallonee, Dennis (Writer/Publisher: Hero Comics), #64, 14 pp., Champions, etc.
Mallonee, Dennis (Writer/Publisher) #112, 7 pp., League of Champions, Flare, Southern Knights
Mann, Ron (Movie Director), #70, 10 pp., Comic Book Confidential, Mad, National Lampoon
Maple, T.M. (Canadian Mystery Fan), #24, 7 pp., Contributed over 500 letters to comics
Marder, Larry, Part 1, (Executive/Artist) #141, 7 pp., Beanworld, Image Comics
Marder, Larry, part 2, (Executive/Artist) #142, 9 pp., Beanworld
Marker, Barbara (Art Production), #47, 12 pp., Alien Worlds, Twisted Tales, more
Marks, Bill (Publisher: Vortex), #40, 13 pp., Mr. X, Post Bros., Stig's Inferno
Markstein, Mark (Writer/Editor) #135, 9 pp., Hot Tips/Top Comics Creators, Power Rangers
Martin, Bill, (Executive) #149, 10 pp., Todd McFarlane Toys, Spawn etc
Marx, Christy (Writer), #10, 6 pp., Sisterhood of Steel, Conan, Red Sonja
Matt, Joe (Colorist), #83, 11 pp., Batman/Grendel, Grendel
Mayerik, Vel (Artist), #15, 12 pp., Howard the Duck, Void Indigo
Mays, Rick (Artist) #140, 4 pp., Nomad
Mazzucchelli, David (Artist) #115, 11 pp., Batman, Daredevil, X-Men
Mazzucchelli, David (Artist) #117, 10 pp., Rubber Blanket, Batman, Daredevil
McCloud, Scott (Writer/Artist) Part 1, #18, 12 pp., Zot!
McCloud, Scott (Writer/Artist) Part 2, #19, 9 pp., Zot!
McFarlane, Todd (Writer/Artist), #81, 14 pp., Marvel's new Spider-Man
McFarlane, Todd (Writer/Artist) #119, 7 pp., Batman/Spawn
McFarlane, Todd (Writer/Artist) #129, 22 pp., Batman/Spawn,
McFarlane, Todd, Productions, (Terry Fitzgerald), #133, 7 pp., Spawn Studios/Animation
McFarlane, Todd (Creator/Publisher) #134, 34pp,. creator-owned/independent comics
McGregor, Don (Writer), #3, 1 p., Killraven, Sabre
McGregor, Don, Part 1, (Writer) #144, 20 pp., Lady Rawhide - Bad Girls
McGregor, Don, part 2, (Writer) #145, 17 pp., Lady Rawhide - Bad Girls
McGregor, Don, part 3, (Writer) #146, 12 pp., Lady Rawhide - Bad Girls
McGregor, Don, Part 4, (Writer) #147, 19 pp., Lady Rawhide- Bad Girls, Marvel Comics
McKenzie, Alan (British Writer/Editor}, #58, 14 pp., Judge Dredd, 2000 AD
McKie, Angus (Scottish Artist), #30, 10 pp., So Beautiful & So Dangerous
McNeil, Darrell (Animation Artist), #47, 4 pp., Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, Superfriends
McWhorter, George, Part 1, (Curator/Fan club), #109, 16 pp., E. R. Burroughs Fan Club, Tarzan
McWhorter, George, Part 2, (Curator/Fan Club) #110, 15 pp., E. R. Burroughs Fan Club, Tarzan
Meaney, Colm (Actor) #118, 7 pp., Star Trek
Meiniker, Ben (Movie Producer), #77, 16 pp., Batman: the Movie, Batman II: The Sequel
Meininger, Tony (Movie Model Maker) #126, 5 pp., Star Trek Movie Models
Merkle, Lou Ann (Director), #53, 9 pp., Conscientious Objectors, Real War Stories
Messner-Loebs, William (Writer/Ad. Jst), #73, 16 pp., Jonny Quest, Journey, Mr. Monster
Metz, Bernd (Publisher: Catalan), #35, 5 pp., Squeak the Mouse, Anarcoma, etc.
Meugniot, Will (Animation Artist), #2, 6 pp., TV cartoon animation, Spider-Man, Daffy Duck
Meugniot, Will (Producer) #112, 7 pp., X-Men Animation
Mezieres, Jean-Claude (French Artist), #77, 15 pp., Valerian, French comics
Miller, Frank (Writer/Artist), #2, 14 pp., Ronin, Japanese influences, Daredevil
Miller, Frank (Writer/Artist), #31, 11 pp., Dark Knight (work-in-progress)
Miller, Frank (Writer/Artist), #43, 3 pp., Sex & violence in comics, censorship
Miller, Frank (Writer/Artist), #52, 9 pp., Dark Knight, Elektra, Ronin, Lone Wolf & Cub
Miller, Frank (Screenwriter), #82, 26 pp., RoboCop 2, Elektra, Liberty, Hard-Boiled
Miller, Frank, (Writer/Artist) #113, 15 pp., Sin City
Miller, Frank (Writer/Artist) #129, 15 pp., Batman/Spawn, Dark Knight, Robocop, Sin City
Mills, Pat (British Writer), #36, 13 pp., 2000 AD, Dr. Who, Judge Dredd, Dan Dare
Mireault, Bernie (Canadian Artist), #83, 11 pp., Grendel, Matt Wagner
Mitchroney, Ken (Writer/Artist), #84, 9 pp., Space Ark, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures
Michaelson, Harold (Movie Artist), #89, 14 pp., Hitchcock, Citizen Kane, The Birds
Moebius (Jean Giraud) (French Artist), #45, 9 pp., Heavy Metal, Pilote, Alien, Tron
Moebius (Jean Giraud) (French Artist), #64, 12 pp., Silver Surfer, Lt. Blueberry
Moebius, (Jean Giraud) (French Artist), #75, 8 pp., Lt. Blueberry, Marvel, Moebius
Moench, Doug (Writer) Part 1, #10, 7 pp., Aztec Ace, Moon Knight, etc.
Moench, Doug (Writer) Part 2, #11, 13 pp., Six from Sirius, Weirdworld, Red Sonja
Moldoff, Sheldon (Artist) #127, 12 pp., Early Batman, Golden Age, Early Comics History
Mooney, Jim (Artist) #103, 8 pp., Early DC, Marvel, Action Comics, Pulps/Golden Age
Moore, Alan (British Writer), #12, 11 pp., Marvelman, Captain Britain, V for Vendetta
Moore, Alan (British Writer), #48, 10 pp., Watchmen comic, proposed movie
Moore, Alan (British Writer), #65, 15 pp., Watchmen, Miracleman, Dark Knight
Moore, Alan (British Writer), #65, 36 pp., background: Watchmen, Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta (Roundtable Discussion)
Moore, John Francis (Artist) #123, 8 pp., X-Men 2099
Morris, Brian (Retailer), #16, 6 pp., Sales, pornography in comics
Morrow, Gray (Artist) #139, 5 pp., Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Motter, Dean (Artist), #39, 14 pp., Epic, Mr. X, Star*Reach
Motter, Dean (Writer), #77, 17 pp., The Prisoner, Mr. X
Mullaney, Jan & Dean (Publishers: Eclipse Comics), #9, 14 pp., Early days of Eclipse
Mumy, Bill (Writer/TV Star), #44, 10 pp., Lost in Space, Comet Man
Murphy, John Cullen (Artist) #109, 5 pp., Prince Valiant, Classic Comic Strips
Murray, Brian (Retailer) #134, 34pp., creator-owned/independent comics
Murray, Doug (Writer), #53, 12 pp., The 'Nam, War, The Marc, Savage Tales
Murray, Will (Writer), #90, 10 pp., The Destroyer, paperbacks and comics
Mushynsky, Andy (Marvel Artist), #22, 9 pp., G.I. Joe, Vision & Scarlet Witch

Neary, Paul (Artist/Editor) #119, 13 pp., Marvel UK
Nelson, Mark A. (Artist), #68, 19 pp., Aliens, Badger, Clonezone, Airboy, Godzilla
Newsom, Ted (Screenwriter), #85, 21 pp., Spider-Man movie, Sgt. Fury movie
Nichols, Kelly (XXX-Movie Actress), #13, 6 pp., Silver Surfer, comics & pulp art
Nicieza, Fabian (Writer/Editor), #96, 6 pp., Spotlight on Marvel's X-Force, mutants
Nocenti, Ann (Writer/Editor), #39, 2 pp., Longshot, Daredevil, X-Men, New Mutants
Nodell, Martin (Writer/Artist) #149, 14 pp., Green Lantern, All-American Comics
Norman, Floyd (Cartoonist/Animator), #44, 3 ppl, Disney, TV cartoons, Hanna-Barbera
Norwood, Rick (Editor/Publisher), #30, 14 pp., Comics Revue, newspaper strips
Novak, Jim (Letterer), #1, 4 pp., Star Wars, Creepshow, Crystar, Conan

O'Neil, Denny (Marvel/DC Writer), #35, 11 pp., Daredevil, Green Lantern, Batman
O’Neil, Denny (Writer), #125, 16 pp., Batman: Knightquest, Batman History
Oakley, Bill (Marvel Letterer), #54, 6 pp., Marvel Bullpen, Man-Thing, Dracula, Frankenstein
Obadiah, Rick (Publisher: First Comics), #52, 7 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub, Mange
Ohata, Koicha, (Creator) # 148, 1 pp., M. D. Geist, Genocyber, Japanese Manga/Anime
Oliff, Steve (Colorist), #1, 4 pp., Hulk, Moon Knight, Bafflestar Galactica
Oliver, Rick (Editor), #52, 4 pp., First Comics, Lone Wolf & Cub
Olshevaky, George (Indexer for Marvel), #15, 9 pp., Elric, Arik Khan
Orsek, Joe (Artist), #56, 10 pp., Captain 'Cuse, Sideshow, Strip art
Orzechowski, Tom (Marvel Letterer) Part 1, #11, 4 pp., Captain America, X-Men
Orzechowski, Tom (Marvel Letterer) Part 2, #12, 4 pp., X-Men, Avengers, Elric
Ostrander, John (Writer), #15, 12 pp., Grimjack, Starslayer

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