What? No werewolves?
  -- Gung Ho (after a base commander tells the Joe not to scoff his country's legends)
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An Index to the First 100 Issues of Comics Interview
(a list originally compiled by David Anthony Kraft)

KEY: Name (status), issue no., length in pages, key subjects discussed in the interview

Fago, Vince (Writer/Artist/Editor) #119, 10 p., Early Marvel, Golden Age Comics
 Fan on the Street - #107, 9 pp., Fans on the Street Speak
Feldman, Jim (Attorney), #53, 3 pp., Conscientious Objectors, Real War Stories
Ferrer, Mlguel (Writer/TV Star), #44, 10 pp., Marvel's Comet Man
Fields, Simon (Movie Producer), #79, 3 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I
Finger, Fred (Writer's Son), #31, 9 pp., Bill Finger was the co-creator of Batman
Fingeroth, Danny (Editor) #143, 14 pp., Spider-Man
Fleming, Mike (Comics Fan), #29, 5 pp.
Fogilo, Phil (Writer/Artist), #7, 8 pp., D'Arc Tangent
Fogilo, Phil (Writer/Artist), #23, 9 pp., Myth Adventures, Buck Godet
Fontes, Ron (Writer/Artist) #144, 12 pp Captain Fortune - Bad Girls
Foray, June (Voice Actress), #54, 7 pp., Rocky & Bullwinkle, Cinderella, Smurfs
Fox, Gardner (Writer), #9, 4 pp., Hawkman, Flash, Justice League of America, early days of DC Comics
Frandon, Ramona (Artist) #112, 5 pp., Brenda Starr Comic Strip
Frazetta, Frank (Artist), #42, 33 pp., The Greatest Fantasy Artist Speaks
Freedman, Mark (Licensor), #79, 6 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles licensing
Freedman, Mark (Licensor) #128, 5 pp., Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Judge Dredd
Freff (Artist), #7, 8 pp., D'Arc Tangent
Friedman, Michael Jan (Writer) #110, 5 pp., Star Trek
Friedrich, Mike (Agent), #6, 8 pp., Elric, publishers, marketing
Friedrich, Mike, Part 1, (Agent) #115, 12 p., Star*Reach Comics Agency
Friedrich, Mike, Part 2, (Agent) #116, 11 pp., Star*Reach Comics Agency
Friedrich, Mike, Part 3, (Agent) #117, 9 pp., Star*Reach Comics Agency

Gabler, Neal (Film Critic), #54, 3 pp., Superman, Indiana Jones, 007, Greystoke
Gaiman, Neil (Writer) #103, 13 pp., Sandman, Books of Magic, Black Orchid, Miracleman
Gaiman, Neil (Writer) #116, 14 pp., Sandman, Black Orchid, Death, Books of Magic
Galton, Jim (President: Marvel Comics), #1, 5 pp., G.I. Joe, Stan Lee, Captain America
Geiger, Dawn (Designer), #67, 8 pp., Marvel Age, Model: Spiderwoman, Firestar
Gerani, Gary (Executive) #115, 6 pp., Topps Trading Cards & Comics Line/Dracula
Gerber, Steve (Writer), #1, 11 pp., Thundarr, Howard the Duck, Destroyer Duck
Gerber, Steve (Writer), #15, 2 pp., Marvel/Epic's Void Indigo
Gerber, Steve (Screenwriter) Part 1, #37, 9 pp., G.I. Joe, Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.
Gerber, Steve (Screenwriter) Part 2, #38, 10 pp., Comics, Howard the Duck Movie
Gibbons, Dave (British Artist), #16, 12 pp., Dr. Who, Green Lantern, Superman
Gibbons, Dave (British Artist), #65, 36 pp., Watchmen (Roundtable Discussion)
Giffen, Keith (Artist), #1, 10 pp., The Omega Men, Legion of Superheroes, Defenders
Giffen, Keith (Artist), #20, 5 pp., Legion of Superheroes, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Batman, Spider-Man
Giffen, Keith (Artist), #66, 9 pp., Justice League International, Justice League Europe, The Shadow, Legion of Superheroes
Giffen, Kelth (Artist), #99, 7 pp., Creation of Lobe, Justice League, Lobo on TV
Giffen, Keith (Writer/Artist) #133, 14 pp., Mars Attacks, Victory
Gilbert, Michael (Artist), #29,15 pp., Elric, Mr. Monster, Moorcock's Stormbringer
Gillis, Jackson (Screenwritar/Producer), #60, 9 pp., Superman, Lassie, Lost in Space
Gillis, Peter B. (Writer), #27, 11 pp., Defenders, Micronauts, Morituri, Shatter
Giordano, Dick (DC Managing Editor/Artist) Part 1, #4, 8 pp., Conan, Batman, etc.
Giordano, Dick (DC Managing Editor/Artist) Part 2, #5, 8 pp., Green Arrow, Daredevil, Justice League of America
Giovinco, Gerry (Artist/Publisher. Cornice), #5, 6 pp., Early days: Grendel, etc.
Giraud, Jean (Moebius) (French Artist), #45, 9 pp., Heavy Metal, Pilote, Alien, Tron
Giraud, Jean (Moebius) (French Artist), #64, 12 pp., Silver Surfer, Lt. Blueberry
Giraud, Jean (Moebius) (French Artist), #75, 8 pp., Lt. Blueberry, Marvel, Moebius
Goldwater, Mike (DC Editor) Part 1, #67, 12 pp., Batman, Watchmen, Superman, Flash
Goldwater, Mike (DC Editor) Part 2, #68, 11 pp., Batman, Spider-Man, Bugs Bunny
Gefdwetor, Rick (Publisher. Archie Comics), #3, 6 pp., 1960s and '70s comics
Goldzung, Kurt (Sales Manager. First Comics), #52, 8 pp., American Flagg, Badger, Nexus, Sable
Goodwin, Archie (Writer/Editor), #36, 14 pp., Creepy & Eerie, Star Wars, Epic
Gorden, Greg (Gaming Writer), #26, 11 pp., DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
Grandinetti, Jerry (Artist), #17, 4 pp., Early Days of Comics, The Spirit, etc.
Grant, Alan (British Writer), #99, 6 pp., Lobo, Batman, L.E.G.I.O.N. '91, Judge Dredd
Grant, Alan (British Writer), #101, 5 pp., Judge Dredd, Lobo, Batman
Grant, Stephen (Writer), #72, 8 pp., Punisher, Avengers, Whisper
Grant, Steve (Writer), #8, 9 pp., Whisper, Nexus, The Badger
Gray, Tom (Movie Producer), #79, 7 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I
Greenberg, Daniel (Gaming Writer), #48, 9 pp., Watchmen role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons Greenberger, Bob (DC Editor), #26, 15 pp., Crisis on Infinite Earths
Grell, Mike (Writer/Artist), #69, 20 pp., James Bond, 007, Warlord, Longbow Hunters
Griepp, Milton (Distributor:. Capital City), #43, 7 pp., Censorship, American distribution
Griffith, Bill (Writer/Artist), #8, 7 pp., Zippy the Pinhead, more
Groening, Matt (Writer/Artist), #74, 10 pp., Life in Hell
Groth, Gary (Publisher. Fantagraphics), #14, 16 pp., Comics Journal, more
Greunweld, Mark (Editor), #54, 15 pp., Marvel, Captain America, New Universe, Thor
Guice, Jackson (Artist), #28, 11 pp., X-Factor, Southern Knights, Micronauts
Guinan, Paul (Art Production), #52, 5 pp., Lone Wolf & Cub, Badger, Nexus, American Flagg

Hall, Bob (Marvel Artist), #49, 14 pp., Avengers, Dracula, Squadron Supreme, etc.
Halliday, Andy (President) #118, 7 pp., Edison Brothers: Virtual Reality/Star Trek
Hama, Larry (Marvel Writer) Part 1, #37, 7 pp., G.I. Joe, etc.
Hama, Larry (Marvel Writer) Part 2, #38, 8 pp., G.I. Joe, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Iron Fist
Hama, Larry (Writer) #140, 22 pp., Wolverine
Hamlin, Mark (Sales and Marketing Rep), #10, 10 pp., Comico early days
Hamm, Sam (Screenwriter), #70, 21 pp., Batman Movie I, Never Cry Wolf, Hangtime
Hannigan, Ed (Artist), #80, 20 pp., Legends of the Dark Knight
Hannigan, Ed (Artist) #106, 14 pp., Skull & Bones
Harres, Bob (Marvel Writer/Editor), #62, 9 pp., Wolverine, X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Harris, Jack C., (Writer) #135, 12 pp., Spiderman, Batman, The Ray
Harris, Neil (Marketing Director), #54, 9 pp., Atari, Batman, Love & Rockets, Groo, Thor
Hack, Don (Artist), #100, 10 pp., Early years at Marvel & DC, influences, career, etc.
Heebink, John (Artist) #139, 11 pp,. Nick Fury, Agent S.H.E.I.L.D.
Heifer, Andy (DC Editor), #66, 9 pp., Justice League International, Justice League Europe, The Shadow, Legion of Superheroes
Hembeck, Fred (Writer/Artist), #22, 10 pp., Destroys Marvel Universe, Fantastic Four Roast
Henson, Tex (Animator) #150, 26 pp., Animation, TV, Disney, Mickey Mouse
Herbeck, Bobby (Screenwriter), #79, 7 pp., First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles screenplay
Herdlin, Glenn (Editor) #140, 4 pp., Nomad
Hoag, Judith (Actress), #79, 8 pp., April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I
Hoberg, Rick (Marvel/DC Artist), #21, 13 pp., TV Animation, Tarzan, Russ Manning
Hoberg, Rick (Animation Artist), #58, 10 pp., Marvel, X-Men animated TV show
Hoerter, Dennis (Special Effects Engineer) #126, 4 pp., Star Trek Movie Models/space ships
Houston, Larry (Animation Artist), #58, 10 pp., Marvel, X-Men animated TV show
Houston, Larry (Animation Artist) #112, 5 pp., X-Men
Howell, Richard (Writer/Artist/Editor) #144, 13 pp., Vampirella, Elvira - Bad Girls
Huey, Gayle (Conventioneer), #35, 4 pp., Organizing comics conventions
Hughes, Adam, (Artist) #150, 55 pp., Good Girl Art, Penthouse Comix, Ghost, Wonder Woman
Hyde, Bob (Fandom) #109, 7 pp., Edgar Rice Burroughs Fan, Tarzan

Isabella, Tony (Writer/Retailer), #4, 7 pp., Moon Knight, Black Lightning
Italiano, Joe (Australian Gaming/Comics), #47, 6 pp., Super Squadron
Ito, Willie (Animation Artist), #38, 3 pp., Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Disney

Jack, Ian (Australian Comics Fan), #14, 4 pp., Australian comics, The Phantom
Jackson, Gary (Actor) #120, 14 pp., Superman
Jaxon (Jack Jackson) (Writer/Artist), #9, 8 pp., Comanche Moon, Los Tajanos
Johnson, Ferd, Part 1, (Writer/Artist) #128, 10 pp., Moon Mullins
Johnson, Ferd, Part 2 (Writer/Artist) #129, 10 pp., Moon Mullins
Johnson, Ferd, Part 3 (Writer/Artist) #130, 7 pp., Moon Mullins
Jones, Josh & Larry (Comics Fans Family), #26, 4 pp., Father & son fans
Jones, Kelley (Artist), #21, 7 pp., Micronauts, Swamp Thing
Jones, Kelley (Artist) #117, 12 pp., Batman Vs Lobo, Sandman, Deadman, Aliens, Batman
Jones, R.A. (Writer), #48, 12 pp., Dark Wolf, Amazing Heroes
Jorgenesn, Matt (Artist), #21, 9 pp., Outrider
Jurgens, Dan (DC Artist), #16, 4 pp., Legion of Superheroes, Warlord, Sun Devils

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