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An Index to the First 100 Issues of Comics Interview
(a list originally compiled by David Anthony Kraft)

KEY: Name (status), issue no., length in pages, key subjects discussed in the interview

Abel, Jack (Artist), #7, 7 pp., DC and Marvel Early Days
Adams, Art (Artist), #46, 9 pp., X-Men, Longshot, Gumby
Adams, Neal (Artist/Publisher: Continuity), #91, 43 pp., Rocketeer Movie, TV's Flash
Adkins, Dan (Artist) # 133, 11 pp., comics history/Marvel, Submariner, Silver Surfer, Conan
Adkins, Dan, Part 2 (Artist), #135, 11 pp., comics history
Adult Content (Open Forum), #43, 12 pp., Comics VIPs debate sex/violence in comics
Anderson, Brad (Comic Strip Artist), #32, 10 pp., Marmaduke newspaper comic
Anderson, Brent (Artist), #30, 15 pp., Ka-Zar, X-Men, Somerset Holmes
Anderson, Murphy (Artist) #101, 14 pp., DC, ‘60’s, Golden Age, Classic Art/Titles
Arcudi, John (Writer), #87, 7 pp., Predator, Terminator
Arcudi, John (writer) #106, 7 pp., Terminator, The Mask, The Thing, Aliens, Conan
Armstrong, Roger (Artist), #45, 10 pp., Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Flintstones, etc.
Askwith, Mark (Artist), #77, 17 pp., The Prisoner, Mr. X
Austin, Terry (Artist), #1, 4 pp., Star Wars, X-Men, Teen Titans
Ayers, Dick (Artist) #103, 10 pp., Sgt. Fury, Fantastic Four, Classic Comics
Ayres, Bruce & Sherill (Retailers), #35, 8 pp., Westfield Subscription Service

Bachalo, Chris (Artist) #116, 15 pp., Sandman, Batman, Death: The High Cost of Living
Barker, Clive (Writer) #127, 14 pp., Decamundi, Razorline, Hellraiser
Baker, Kyle (Writer/Artist), #89, 10 pp., Why I Hate Saturn, Dick Tracy, Spider-Man
Bald, Ken (Artist) #125, 4 pp., Dark Shadows, Comic Strips
Baran, Alain (Belgian Director), #59, 11 pp., Tintin, Herge: The Creator & the Man
Baron, Mike (Writer/Editor), #63, 13 pp., The Punisher, The Badger, Nexus
Baron, Mike (Writer), #8, 9 pp., Nexus, The Badger, Whisper
Barr, Mike W, (Writer), #8, 5 pp., Batman & Outsiders, World's Finest Comics #300
Barron, Steve (Movie Director), #79, 6 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I
Barrows, Susan (Letterer), #49, 18 pp., MICRA, Lightrunner, comics conventions
Barry, Dan (Writer/Artist) Part 1, #81, 13 pp., Flash Gordon, Golden Age Comics
Barry, Dan (Writer/Artist)Part 2, #82, 11 pp., Flash Gordon, Tarzan, Mickey Spillane
Barry, Dan (Writer/Artist) Part 3, #83, 17 pp., Flash Gordon movie
Barry, Den (Writer/Artist) Part 4, #84, 14 pp., Flash Gordon, Spider-Man
Bastien, Rémy (Mexican Writer/Editor) Part 1, #92, 8 pp., History of Mexican comics scene
Bastien, Rémy (Mexican Writer/Editor) Part 2, #93, 9 pp., U.S. comics in Mexico
Bastien, Rémy (Mexican Writer/Editor) Part 3, #94, 11 pp., Marvel Comics in Mexico
Beahm, Paul (Stuntman), #82, 12 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I
Beatty, John (Artist), #72, 10 pp., Punisher, Captain America, Secret Wars, JLA
Beatty, Terry (Artist), #24, 12 pp., Ms. Tree, The P.I.'s, Mike Mist
Beckett, Gail (Letterer), #84, 10 pp., Flash Gordon, Spider-Man
Becton, Paul (Colorist) #109, 10 pp., Coloring coordinator/Marvel characters
Berger, Karen (DC Editor), #24, 14 pp., Swamp Thing, Amethyst more
Berger, Dan (Artist), #83, 11 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic
Berman, Gary (Conventionear), #56, 3 pp., Star Trek, Dr. Who, Starlog, Con Organizers
Bester, Alfred (SF Writer), #32, 11 pp., The Stars My Destination, 1940s comics
Bierbaum, Tom & Mary (Writers), #20, 4 pp., T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Legion, more
Bigley, Al, Part 1, (Artist) #139, 10 pp., Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Batman: Animation
Bigley, Al, Part 2, (Artist) #140, 14 pp., Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Batman: Animation
Bilal, Enke (European Writer/Artist), #100, 8 pp., Early years, working methods, more
Bilson, Denny (Screenwriter/Producer), #88, 11 pp., TV's Flash, Rocketeer Movie
Bisley, Simon (Artist), #99, 7 pp., Lobo, Doom Patrol, Slaine: The Horned God
Bisley, Simon (Artist) #101, 4 pp., Batman/Judge Dredd
Bissette, Stephen (Artist), #32, 15 pp., Swamp Thing, horror comics, etc.
Black, Bill (Artist/Publisher: Americomics), #36, 11 pp., Femforce, Dragonfly, etc.
Bolland, Brian (British Artist), #19, 14 pp., English comics, Judge Dredd, Batman
Bond, James (Feature), #69, 2 pp., Dossier on 007 literature and related material
Boonthanakit, Ted (Artist), #49, 9 pp., M.I.C.R.A.
Boonthanakit, Ted (Artist) #104, 14 pp., M.I.C.R.A., Storyboarding
Boyar, Jay (Movie Critic), #74, 3 pp., Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker
Brabner, Joyce (Writer/Editor), #53, 9 pp., Real War Stories, American Splendor
Bradrick, Jim (Artist), #66, 7 pp., Boris the Bear, Wacky Squirrel, Insane!
Branden, Nathaniel (Writer/Psycholgist) Ayn Rand, Superman, Ethics & Heroes
Breathed, Berke (Writer/Artist), #6, 6 pp., Bloom County, Doonesbury, Garfield
Brigman, June (Artist), #9, 6 pp., Power Pack
Broertjes, Harry (Fandom) #108, 19 pp., Comics Fandom
Brodsky, Gary (Artist/Publisher. Garco/Solson), #2, 4 pp., Marvel, Comic Art Workshop
Brown, Chester (Writer/Artist), #93, 11 pp., Ed the Happy Clown, Yummy Fur
Brown, Len (Executive) #115, 6 pp., Topps Trading Cards & Comics Line/Dracula
Brown, Ryan (Artist/Editor), #83, 11 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic
Brunlng, Richard (Art Director: DC) Part 1, #45, 11 pp., Dark Knight, Watchmen
Bruning, Richard (Art Director: DC) Part 2, #46, 11 pp., Watchmen, Dark Knight
Bryant, Rick (Artist), #34, 9 pp., T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, The Badger
Burden, Bob (Writer/Artist) Part 1, #40, 17 pp., Creation of Flaming Carrot, Gumby
Burden, Bob (Writer/Artist) Part 2, #41, 12 pp., Flaming Carrot, Robot Nites, etc.
Burgand, Tim (Movie Artist), #94, 12 pp., Terminator 2 storyboards, Flare comics
Burnley, Jack (Artist) #150, 17 pp., Golden/Silver Age Comics, Batman, Superman
Burton, Richard (British Editor), #8, 9 pp., 2000 AD, Judge Dredd, IPC, Eagle Comics
Buscema, John (Marvel Artist), #62, 11 pp., Wolverine, The Hulk, Conan
Buscema, Sal (Marvel Artist), #24, 11 pp., Hulk, Fantastic Four, Thor, Spider-Man, etc.
Busiek, Kurt, Part 1, (Writer) #141, 9 pp., JLA, S.H.E.I.L.D, Mickey Mouse, Marvels
Busiek, Kurt, Part 2, (Writer) #142, 11 pp., Marvels, JLA, S.H.E.I.L.D., Mickey Mouse
Byrne, John (Marvel Artist), #25, 40 pp., unpublished Fantastic Four, Hulk, Alpha Flight, X-Men
Byrne, John (Writer/Artist), #43, 5 pp., Sex, violence, censorship in comics
Byrne, John (Writer/Artist), #71, 45 pp., She-Hulk, Batman, Superman, Captain America
Byrne, John (Writer/Artist), #86, 16 pp., Avengers, Namor, Iron Man, X-Men
Byrne, John (Writer/Artist) #102 16 pp., X-Men

Campbell, Bill (Actor), #96, 7 pp., Rocketeer Movie, Dynasty TV show, comics, more
Campbell, Ramsey (British Horror Writer), #22, 11 pp., writing, horror fiction
Carlin, Mike (DC Executive Editor)  #135, 24 pp., Zero Hour, DC Comics
Carlsen, K.C., (Editor) #135, 24 pp., Zero Hour, DC Comics
Celardo, John (Artist), #80, 5 pp., Tarzan, Buz Sawyer, comic strips
Chadwick, Bill (Comics Fan), #1, 1 p., Chip 'n' Dale
Chadwick, Paul (Writer/Artist), #61, 23 pp., Concrete, Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Chambana Comix Club (Open Forum), #20, 10 pp., 8 fans discuss American comics
Chapman, Bob (Producer of Marvel/DC Comics related products), #24, 4 pp.
Chaykin, Howard (Writer/Artist), #3, 6 pp., Star Wars, American Flagg
Chaykin, Howard (Writer/Artist), #75, 32 pp., American Flagg, Blackhawk, Wolverine
Chen, Cliff (Compilation) #147, 12 pp., X-Files, Episode Compilation & Guide
Chin, Lucie (Letterer), #7, 8 pp., D'Arc Tangent
Cho, Sharon, Part 3, (Agent) #117, 9 pp., Star*Reach Comics Agency
Claremont, Chris (Writer), #56, 8 pp., X-Men, Excalibur, Wolverine, New Mutants
Claremont, Chris (Writer), #98, 9 pp., New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, X-Factor
Claremont, Chris (Writer), #100, 7 pp., Reflecting on 16 years of writing the X-Men
Clark, John (Editor) #139, 7 pp., Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Clarrain, Dean (Writer/Editor), #83, 11 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic
Clarrain, Dean (Writer/Editor), #84, 9 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic
Cockrum, Dave (Artist), #20, 4 pp., Nightcrawler, Futurians, X-Men, New Mutants
Colan, Gene (Artist), #59, 8 pp., Batman, Dr. Strange, Dracula, Howard the Duck
Colan, Gene (Artist) Part 1, #95, 18 pp., Early Days of Marvel, DC, Quality, others
Colan, Gene (Artist) Part 2, #96, 9 pp., Insights on comics inkers and inking
Colan, Gene (Artist) Part 3, #97, 20 pp., Movie storytelling, more early days
Colan, Gene (Artist) Part 4, #98, 12 pp., Wolverine, the art of comic-book drawing
Collazo, Hector (Art Production), #57. 6 pp., Marvel, Buscema, Romita, Byrne
Collin, Ernie(Artist), #13, 13 pp., Conan, Amethyst, Richie Rich, Casper
Collins, Max Allan (Writer), #24, 12 pp., Dick Tracy, Ms. Tree, detective novels
Collins, Nancy (Writer) #102, 8 pp., Swamp Thing
Colquhoun, Joe (British Artist), #17, 4 pp., Charley's War, Eagle Comics, Battle, Action
Condon, Tom (Managing Editor at DC Comics), #18, 7 pp., Inside DC, etc.
Conklin, Bruce (Retailer), #28, 8 pp., overview of American comics
Conway, Gerry (Writer), #13, 13 pp., Conan Movie I, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Justice League of America, Firestorm
Conway, Gerry (Writer), #75, 8 pp., Origin of Punisher, Spider-Man, Dracula Lives
Cook, Tom (Gaming Editor), #70, 5 pp., DC Heroes, Batman, Superman
Costanza, John (Artist), #5, 5 pp., Muppets, Tweety & Sylvestar, Amethyst, Ronin
Craig, Yvonne (Actress), #77, 5 pp., Batgirl, Say Bye-Bye
Crawford, Melanie (Comics Fan), #11, 4 pp., Teen Titans, Love & Rockets
Crespi, Danny (Letterer), #9, 4 pp., Marvel Early Days
Cucinotta, Bill (Cornico Artist), #5, 6 pp., Comico early days, Grendel, Skrog, etc.
Culp, Robert (TV Star), #7, 4 pp., I Spy, Greatest American Hero, Hulk
Cutler, Bess (Art Dealer) #142, 5 pp., James O’Barr’s The Crow

Daniels, Les, (Writer) #105, 12 pp., History of Marvel Comics
Darrigo, Dave (Canadian Writer) Part 1, #39, 7 pp., The Wordsmith
Darrigo, Dave (Canadian Writer) Part 2, #40, 7 pp., The Wordsmith, Canadian comics
David, Peter (Writer), #30, 10 pp., Spider-Man
David, Peter (Writer), #94, 9 pp., The Rocketeer, Star Trek
David, Peter (Writer), #101, 7 pp., Wolverine
David, Peter (Writer) #105, 6 pp., X-Men: X-Factor, X-Men
Davidge, Jon (Director) #128, 16 pp., Judge Dredd
Davis, Jack (Artist), #12, 5 pp., Mad Magazine, Humbug, Cracked, Trump
DeCarlo, Mike (Artist), #7, 4 pp., Omega Men, Batman
DeFuccio, Jerry (Artist/Editor) #120, 18 pp., MAD Magazine, Cracked Magazine
DeLancie, John (Actor) #125, 7 pp., Star Trek: The Next Generation
DeMettais, J. Marc (Writer) Part 1, #38, 11 pp., Moonshadow, Iceman, Defenders
DeMattats, J. Marc (Writer) Part 2, #39, 12 pp., Moonshadow, Captain America, etc.
DeMettais, J. Marc (Writer) Part 3, #40, 14 pp., Moonshadow, Spider-Man, etc.
De Meo, Paul (Screenwriter/Producer), #89, 13 pp., Rocketeer Movie, TV's Flash
DeVries, David (Writer) #108, 6 pp., Southern Squadron, Cyclone (Australian
Dillard, J.M., (Writer) #127, 3 pp., Star Trek
Dixon, Buzz (Screenwriter), #37, 12 pp., G.I. Joe, TV & movie cartoons
Dixon, Charles (Writer), #93, 7 pp., "New Robin" mini-series
Dixon, Chuck (Writer), #57, 8 pp., Kull, Conan, Airboy, Valkyrie, Evangeline
Dixon, John, Part 1, (Artist) #102, 12 pp., Air Hawk, Rocketeer, 60’s Classic Comics
Dixon, John Part 2, (Artist) #103, 10 pp., Air Hawk, Rocketeer
Dobson, Michael (Gaming Editor), #56, 7 pp., Dungeons & Dragons, TSR, Role Playing
Doohan, James (Actor) #127, 6 pp., Star Trek’s “Scottie”/Movies & TV Series
Doran, Colleen (Artist), #15, 8 pp., A Distant Soil, Kelly Freas
Dorn, Michael (Actor) #126, 4 pp., Star Trek Movies
Drake, Arnold (Writer), #16, 10 pp., Early X-Men, Original Teen Titans, Bob Hope, Star Trek
Drake, Stan (Artist) Part 1, #26, 11 pp., Juliet Jones, Blondie, Kelley Green
Drake, Stan (Artist) Part 2, #27, 5 pp., Kelley Green, Little Orphan Annie, Blondie
Dubois, Gaylord (Writer), #17, 4 pp., 1940s comics, Lone Ranger, Tarzen
Duffy, Jo (Marvel Writer/Editor), #27, 10 pp., Epic, Star Wars, Japanese comics
Dunurn, Jerry (Artist), #88, 10 pp., Beetle Bailey, Hi & Lois, comic strips

Eastman, Kevin (Writer/Artist), #27, 10 pp., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Co-creator
Eisner, Will (Writer/Artist), #100, 4 pp., The Spirit creator on his current comics work
Elite Comics (Open Forum), #41, 10 pp., new publishing company, Miracle Squad, etc.
Elliot, Glenn (Game Designer) #145, 12 pp., Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast
Engel, Jules (Animation Artist), #33, 9 pp., Fantasia, Bambi, Mr. MegoD, Alvin, etc.
Englehart, Steve (Writer), #14, 12 pp., Batman, Coyote, Captain America, Dr. Strange
Englehart, Steve (Writer), #70, 11 pp., Batman Movie Treatment, The Droids
Erickson, Byron (Editor. Gladstone), #75, 4 pp., Disney characters
Evanier, Mark (Writer), #2, 10 pp., New Gods, Kirby & Lee, Tarzen, TV Cartoons

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