Have the harpies of the shore come to pluck the eagle of the sea?
  -- Admiral Lattimer (to Admiral Overton and General Hawk after the USS Montana docks)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Action Figures - Part II (1990)

As in the animation sequence for the first batch of 1990 figures, the animation for the second batch features a bizarre choice of transitions.
After Salvo (right image) makes his debut, the animation splits into two pieces with a pattern on the edges like pinking shears. Sgt. Slaughter and the Cobra Overlord then continue their insult-swapping dialogue.
Similar to the slogan on Zap's file card packaged in the Star and Stripes set ("I open tanks like they were tin cans"), Salvo, who has a Brooklyn accent, states: "I open tanks like they were cans."

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