Terrific! Pass this along!
  -- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Cobra Hydrofoil & G.I.Joe Tactical Battle Platform (1985)

Recycled from the commercial for issue #40, the sequence begins with a shot of a Cobra Hydrofoil cruising toward the viewer before cutting to Zartan pseudo-surfing the ocean and demonstrating the maneuverability and speed of the craft. Unfortunately, the briefness of the turn and small waves create very little drama in the scene.
After dodging several explosions, Zartan is joined by Xamot and Tomax, both of whom raise an arm either in frustration or to perform the "overly dramatic bad guy gesture" while ordering Zartan to go into battle, like Cobra Commander in the Flight Pod animation sequence.
Like vultures circling a dying creature, the Hydrofoils attack the Joe's platform in a similar fashion, however, the scene is too short to reach an entertaining or even interesting level. The song, which was also recycled from the comic book commercial, mentions only Cobra's newest weapon:
"Cobra Hydrofoil
Shootin' across the water
It's an evil new foe
Cobra Hydrofoil's
Gonna get G.I.Joe"

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