This is going to be fun.
  -- Zartan (while watching a trolley race towards three Joes frozen on the tracks)
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Issue #40: Hydrofoil
Publication Date: October 1985
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Rod Whigham
Inker: Andy Mushynsky
Lettering: Joe Rosen
Colorist: George Roussos


"Sometimes we forget that the rules are there to serve us...not the other way around."
- Spirit (to Mutt as they watch the Military Police drive away with Buzzer)

While the Joes airlift their Tactical Battle Platform to the Gulf of Mexico, Candy is interrogated by Hawk about her father's involvement with Cobra. However, their meeting is interrupted by Buzzer, who is escorted through the Pit, the Joes' underground base, by Spirit and Mutt. Thanks to Candy's unintentional distraction of an MP, Buzzer is able to choke the driver of a bus and stomp on the brake to cause the other Military Policeman to crash through the window. While three Cobra hydrofoils attack the Joes' Tactical Base, Deep Six dives underwater and discovers a Cobra concrete bunker transmitting a radio signal on a wavelength that is killing all of the fish in the area. Barbecue and Shipwreck successfully stop two Cobra Hydrofoils and Doc suggests that the Joes should use one thousand tons of TNT rather than a nuclear bomb. Ace leads a squad of Skystrikers to the sea and 200 tons of TNT Are dropped on and around the bunker. But after the bombs explode, Duke points to the base's control panels and shouts: "The sensors show tremors on the ocean floor! We've aggravated a fault line!"

G.I.Joe: Wild Bill, Airborne, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Recondo, Duke, Shipwreck, Doc, Tripwire, Stalker, Gung Ho, Torpedo, Snow Job, Cutter, Hawk, Spirit, Mutt, Barbecue, Deep Six Cobra: Cobra Commander, Zartan, Crimson Guard, Cobra agents, Tomax, Xamot, Buzzer, Lampreys, the Baroness
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, WHALE, Tactical Battle Platform, SHARC Cobra: Hydrofoil

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Two helicopters raise the Joes' tactical battle platform into the air and Shipwreck, Recondo, Duke, Barbecue and Snake Eyes each a raise a fist above their head and shout: "Yo Joe!" Zartan rips off a mask and yells to Tomax and Xamot that the Joes have arrived, and the Crimson Guard Commanders order the Hydrofoil attack to commence. However, the battle platform fights back and with the appearance of the Joes' SHARC, Zartan's courage falters, but the twins both order him to "tough it out."

G.I.Joe: Shipwreck, Recondo, Duke, Barbecue, Snake Eyes, Joe grunts Cobra: Tomax, Xamot, Zartan, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Tactical Battle Platform, SHARC Cobra: Hyrdofoil

Cobra hydrofoil
Shooting across the water
It's an evil new foe
Cobra hydrofoil's gonna get
G.I.Joe a real American hero

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In the May 1998 issue of ToyFare, Larry Hama explained in an interview:
"There were other edicts that I had to bite the bullet and go along until they came to their senses. One year, Hasbro sent us a fax that said, 'These covers are way too violent. From now on, no more guns the covers.' And we said, 'WHAT? [laughs] Are they just going to be standing around waving at each other? What are we going to do?' I think the [art] that caused it all was the most nonviolent cover that we actually had. It featured Roadblock holding this massive 50-caliber machine gun, dominating the cover...really cool...but I guess it was so cool that it scared the hell out of them."

Voice actors featured: Neil Ross (Shipwreck), Patrick Fraley (Barbecue), Corey Burton (Tomax), Michael Bell (Xamot) and Zack Hoffman (Zartan).

Scenes from the commercial were reused in the animation segments for following toy advertisement:
· G.I.Joe Tactical Battle Platform and Cobra Hydrofoil

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