I may be hard up - but I'm no traitor!
  -- Dusty (before shoving a table toward Tomax and Xamot while inside a bar)
Home Toy Commercial Animation MMS, RAM, FLAK & VAMP and the G.I.Joe Battlegame (1982)

This is an ironical shot because an animated version of a toy slams a flag down into a table filled with miniature versions of the Joes that look like toys. For the first time, two characters were given a voice in an original toy animation sequence: Cobra Commander and a Cobra solider. The deep and slightly grinding voice of Cobra Commander oozes in evil, however, the voice of the second character is also deep. As a result, the attempt to create a separate identity for the solider is a dismal one at best. However, Sunbow should be praised since they balanced Cobra Commander's boasts by also showing him slamming his fist to the table, a decision that helps improve the drama of the scene.
If you watch carefully, you catch sight of a Cobra agent pointing to the big screen TV. Unfortunately, the scene is far too rushed and ruins the pace of the entire sequence. The scene would have been more dramatic if there was a closer upper body shot of the agent who turns to the TV as the camera slides to the right, quickly points to the screen showcasing a battle and then asks, "What about G.I.Joe?!"
Thanks to his strafing run while wearing a JUMP, Hawk helps Scarlett, Breaker and Flash capture a few of Cobra's troops, who are seen with hovercraft, a product of the animators' imaginations just as they are beginning to create the fantastical weapons in Cobra's arsenal.
After a MOBAT smashes through Cobra Commander's big screen TV, he attempts to escape from the Joes. Because of the VAMP's sudden appearance as it bursts out of a wall at Cobra Headquarters, the chase is a lively part of sequence, which was part of the comic book commercial for issue #5. Also, Sunbow's ability to animate a person running has improved dramatically when compared to the first animation sequence.

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