Like, how can you be so totally uncool, Low-Light?
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Home Toy Commercial Animation FLAK & RAM (1982)

Recycled from the comic book commercial for issue #1, the sequence starts with two Joes inside a VAMP rising from an underground base located in a desert, one of the most frequently used backgrounds in the toy animation sequences.
This part of the sequence was reused in the opening sequence for the miniseries G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero. Reusing parts from the comic book commercials and animation sequences in the commercials was a common practice, however, the scene featuring Flash's target practice is the only time animation from a commercial was recycled for part of the cartoon series.
During Scarlett's target practice session, a nice graphical transition occurs when her arrow strikes the bull's eye. As the paper is torn, a close-up shot of the MOBAT rolling into battle is subtly revealed.
If you watch this scene closely, you can see an example of Sunbow's first attempt at animating the motion of a running body. The Joes, Scarlett in particular, seem to be baby-step-running through the battlefield. And this animation sequence is the only time you will see Snake Eyes wearing a gray mask with black eye pieces.
The last shot features an unidentified Joe flying through the air with a JUMP.

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