Lady, you owe me.
  -- Charles Fairmont (placing a guilt trip on Lady Jaye)
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"Joe team - this is Flint! Our work's not done yet!"
- Flint (after escaping the bomb on Cobra Commander's island)

Outside the base, Zap attaches four six-packs of dynamite and tells Gung Ho that if this solution doesn't work, then he is going back to selling insurance. The explosives detonate and the door is so warped by the explosion that it tumbles to the ground. Zap, Gung Ho, Rock 'n' Roll, Snake Eyes, Scarlett and several other Joes enter the base yelling, "YO JOE!"

Flint tells Cobra Commander to surrender, however, Cobra's leader laughs and decides to fire a couple of missiles at Flint when the three remaining robots enter the arena. Flint turns as he hears the missiles, dives to the ground and watches the robots blow up. Turning back to Cobra Commander, Flint tells him, "Nice shooting, Commander." Cobra Commander screams in anger and tells him that in moments there will be nothing left of the Joes but sub-atomic particles.

As Zartan walks to the exit in the control booth, he explains to the Baroness that victory has always been near, but the Baroness argues that they have wasted too much time. Cobra Commander yells at them to be silent as they stand to the side to let him pass. Then, as Zartan and the Baroness leave the room, they bump into one another's shoulder as they squeeze through the door.

Flint cuts a light tower down with his gun and after the tower crashes through the glass window of the booth, he climbs up and enters the room. Meanwhile, the Cobra agents depart the island in a Firebat. Flint hears Lady Jaye on the intercom system and tells her about the bomb and that he can't disarm it. She asks if there's a scrub switch and he explains that there's only one unmarked switch on the control panel. Lady Jaye urges him to flip it, and he does. The counter is reset and Flint tells the Joes that they have three minutes to evacuate the island.

As Flint begins to sprint to the outdoors, he finds Dusty, throws him over his shoulder and contiues his escape. Lady Jaye, Alpine and Airtight find Bazooka in the roller coaster, wake him up and begin to roll down the track after Lady Jaye destroys the wheel blocks.
Lady Jaye: "I don't know where we are going -"
Airtight: "- but anywhere's an improvement!"

Tossing a spear with an explosive head at a wall, Lady Jaye creates an opening in the stone wall for the runaway roller coaster cart and leads the Joes to the Skystrikers. Flint bolts from the control booth, places Dusty on his shoulder and carries him to the last Skystriker. Gung Ho looks down onto the island and tells himself that will never make it.

Then the island explodes.

A terrible white flash fills the sky and a blood red mushroom blooms from the ocean. Thunder cracks in the air and lightning rips across the skies as the ocean waters churn violently.

In a panicked voice, Lady Jaye whispers, "Flint - no!"

But a lone Skystriker streaks out from the mushroom cloud and the Joes then hear over the radio: "Joe team - this is Flint! Our work's not done yet!" Flying from the ruined island, all of the Joes yell at once - "YO JOE!"

Believing the Joes have been killed and will rule the world since he has the world's smartest scientists at his disposal, Cobra Commander happily watches the explosion on several monitors in his base. Zartan explains that he never doubted his plan for a minute unlike the Baroness. Just as she is about to start her own acidic retort, the base is attacked and Cobra Commander gasps and exclaims, "This can't be!"

Led by Flint, the Joes attack the base with Skystrikers, Wolverines, Silver Mirage Motorcycles and Maulers, each cutting through Cobra's ground forces, which are composed of HISS tanks and Ferrets.

The Baroness suggests a swift departure while their necks are still intact and Cobra Commander tells her that since her idea sounds sensible he orders Zartan to prepare the Rattlers for departure. But Zartan leaves the room yelling, "Ready your own!"

Wild Bill decides that it's time to clean up so he destroys the front door to Cobra's base and the Joe ground forces pour into the base. Alpine, who is flanked by Bazooka, Breaker and several Joe grunts, tells the Cobras that they had better drop their guns unless they want to turn into snake sandwiches. Watching the surrender scene on the monitor inside his Rattler, Cobra Commander states that he will have revenge, then flees the base.

Flint explains to a curious scientist that he thought Cobra Commander would leave his island base so he had Wild Bill keep a look out for Cobra Commander and when he flew the coop, Wild Bill radioed the coordinates of Cobra's newest hideout. Alpine then mumbles to Bazooka, "Flint sure does like to talk a lot, doesn't he?" Flint strolls over to Alpine and asks him what he said. Raising his hands in a defensive gesture, Alpine stutters out a response that begins to sounds complimentary, but Lady Jaye interrupts and asks if anyone would like to escort her down a moonlit beach. Bazooka quickly and enthusiastically replies, "Sure!" However, Alpine jabs his friend in the ribs, asks Lady Jaye to ignore his friend and offers to join her. "You do and you'll be scrubbing bathrooms for a week," says Flint.
"You sure know how to keep a girl single," she tells him.
"That's right," Flint replies, "She sees right through me." And Flint's thought amuses everyone.

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