How badly do you want to know?
  -- Destro (to Mutt, who wonders why the world has turned against the Joes)
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"R-i-i-i-ght. And I’m Dr. Footloose and that’s Dusty up there. He’s just an intern."
- Footloose (to Dr. Winters, who wishes to be called "Doctor Winters")

Cobra attacks a village in a desert at night, and as a Cobra FANG ends the attack by firing the last of its missiles, Major Bludd orders the 140 villagers to be taken to Destro. While the trucks cart away Cobra’s prisoners, a lone figure on a cliff watches the trucks and swears by his oath as a warrior that he will have vengeance against the “snake warriors.”

Wild Bill pilots a transport plane across a desert in the middle of a thunderstorm and asks Footloose, who is in the back of the plane with the Mauler, if the Joes’ tank is secure. Footloose tells Wild Bill that the tank is “totally secure” and then two of the plane’s engines are struck by lightning. The plane dives and Cover Girl, Dusty and Footloose watch as equipment is dumped into the desert so that Wild Bill can pull up. Unfortunately, Wild Bill tells the Joes that they are 400 pounds too heavy, so Dusty throws a parachute at Footloose and the two jump out of the plane against Cover Girl’s protests. As the two Joes float to the ground, Dusty tells Footloose that Cover Girl must like him, but Footloose remains unconvinced and tells his teammate, “I think you’re deeply deluded, man.”

Waking up from a really weird dream, Footloose catches sight of a scorpion mere inches away from him and softly calls out for Dusty's help. Dusty distracts the scorpion and the two quickly dive to the ground as shots from a weapon race over their heads. Under the scorching desert sun, Destro watches as an experimental plasma cannon quickly destroys several targets on a weapons range. Footloose and Dusty watch the show while partially hidden behind a dune and Dusty tells his teammate that he thinks they have found the base Flint was looking for earlier. Destro is impressed with the performance of the tank against immobile targets and orders a Cobra agent to activate robot Firebats, and the Cobra planes are destroyed as well. As Major Bludd climbs out of the tank, Destro congratulates Dr. Winters and tells her that the tank has performed beyond his expectations.

However, Dr. Winters tells Destro that he now has what he wants and now she wants her freedom. “In due time, my dear,” says Destro, and he orders the two Crimson Guards to take her to her room. Infuriated that Destro has reneged on his word, Dr. Winters knocks the guards down, storms forward and punches Destro’s steel mask, but she only injures her hand.

After the two Crimson Guards drag her away, Dusty and Footloose examine the base at night from afar. Seeing the many guards and barb wire fences, Footloose jokes, “Destro must be slippin’. There’s at least half an inch of fence unguarded.” He catches sight of a Cobra Stinger and tells Dusty that they can hitch a ride. Footloose stretches out on the road and waves down the Stinger. The driver stops, gets out and points a gun at Footloose telling him that the Joe will help him earn points with Destro. However, Dusty climbs out of the sand behind the Cobra and tells him that he’s likely to receive demerits.

Sitting in the back seat of the Stinger, Footloose places a gun against the driver’s head, urges him to place his hand in the security scanner, then toss the tied up guard out of the jeep and onto the ground while driving to Dr. Winter’s room. Crying over her predicament, Dr. Winters watches Dusty enter the room and announce “Just think of me as your hero.” But Footloose also enters the room through the window, shoves Dusty out the way and tells her to throw some casual clothes, on since she is “Uh, like, getting rescued,” he adds.

A Cobra guard pounds on the door and tells her that it is time to turn out the lights, but when the light to her room remains on, her bursts into the room and is knocked out with a punch from Dusty. The guard slams against an alarm button and as Footloose jumps out of the window with Dr. Winters in tow, more guards appear and attack Dusty. He throws a grenade, leaps out a window grabs a drain pipe and falls onto the Stinger. Footloose asks what kept Dusty and drives off. Inside the Stinger, Nancy Winters introduces herself to Footloose as Dr. Winters and Footloose replies: “R-i-i-i-ght. And I’m Dr. Footloose and that’s Dusty up there. He’s just an intern.”

A HISS tank cuts them off and Footloose swerves out of the way. Dusty fires a missile at the HISS and destroys it while Destro is told by Major Bludd that Dr. Winters has escaped. Destro activates the automatic defenses and the Joes evade the shots from the cannon, more Cobra troops with guns and a flamethrower and jump over the barb wire fence with the aid of a loading dock ramp. The Stinger lands on the other side of the fence and before the jeep explodes, Footloose throws Dr. Winters out and grabs a supply bag before bailing out of the Stinger as well.

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