Great. Just great. Over eleven million square miles of Africa to choose from and I gotta pick a Cobra used car dealership.
  -- Slipstream (while parachuting to a Cobra base)
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"You ever think about going into the fortune cookie business?"
- Quick Kick (to Spirit after hearing a philosophical reply from the Joe)

An Admiral tells Duke that the USS Flagg is 15 miles from the British coast and optimistically hopes that they have slipped by Cobra. However, Duke tells the Admiral that Cobra won’t let the Joes setup their new anti-Cobra radar system without a fight, and one of the Flagg’s crew reports that the several bogeys are approaching the ship and will arrive in less than one minute. Duke rushes off to the flight deck and knocks Shipwreck’s feet off the table telling him to move it. While Shipwreck spins around, Polly, who is sitting on Shipwreck’s shoulders, tells him, “Squash by a squash.”

Flint knocks a Cobra Rattler out of the sky and warns Duke of a Cobra plane on his tail. Duke is hit several times by Storm Shadow’s shots, but Duke pulls up and circles until he is behind Storm Shadow, and he strikes the Cobra agent’s plane with two missiles from his Skystriker. Major Bludd suggest that he and his troops retreat and as the Cobra Rattlers turn to leave the battle, Destro yells from the cockpit of his own Rattler: “Cowards!” After two explosions detonate near Destro’s plane, Cobra’s arms dealer then retreats.

While and the other Joes fly back to the carrier, Storm Shadow’s plane continues to plummet to the ground and he tells the universe that he is awaiting for its bidding. The Rattler splashes into a lake and sinks to the ground. Storm Shadow catches sight of a woman underwater near a stone table, and after slipping on a diving mask, hitting the emergency eject button and swimming out of the cockpit, Storm Shadow swims to the stone table and picks up a sword. When he reaches the surface, he rips off the diving mask and he whispers in a reverent voice the name of the sword: Excalibur. And dark, menacing storm clouds begin to gather in the sky.

Aboard the carrier, the Admiral tells Duke that the meteorologists on the ship are baffled by the freak weather storm, however, the Joes still need to deliver the anti-Cobra radar to land. Lady Jaye suggests that the WHALE hovercrafts should be used to transport the components and Duke thinks the shipment by hovercraft are worth the risk. After Cutter’s WHALE is loaded with a couple of crates, Shipwreck, who is riding in one of the gun turrets, asks to be pushed away. And soon a small fleet of WHALEs deliver the crates to a village.

As the rain continues to pour, Footloose, tells Quick Kick and Spirit to throw a tarp over the crates since the rain could wash all of the components back to the sea. As soon as the Joes leave, Storm Shadow removes the tarp and slices the lid away with the sword. Picking up a small circuit board, Storm Shadow considers destroying the radar system with Excalibur, and as he swings the sword, he cuts a nearby stone statue, which crashes to the ground.

Footloose, Quick Kick and Spirit chase Storm Shadow with guns blazing, and Quick Kick asks, “Did you see what he did with that sword?” Firing off a couple of shots, Spirit replies, “The eye sees much; the mind fails to comprehend.” And all Quick Kick can do is ask, “You ever think about going into the fortune cookie business?” asks Quick Kick. Storm Shadow flips three times in the air to avoid the shots, lands and slices the Joes' guns before driving away from the Joes on a RAM motorcycle. However, Footloose grabs onto the end of the bike and tries to wrestle Storm Shadow to the ground while telling him that “it’s wipeout time!”

The front wheel of the RAM hits a rock on the road and Footloose falls face-first into the ground while Storm Shadow leaps to safety. With the bike pinning Footloose to the ground, Storm Shadow raises Excalibur over his head and stands over Footloose. The sword falls and the RAM is cut in half. Storm Shadow picks up Footloose and begins to carry him to Cobra Commander’s stone castle while telling his unconscious prisoner that the Joe’s information may be quite valuable to Cobra Commander.

Quick Kick and Spirit return from their search for Footloose and explain to Duke that they could not find their teammate. Spirit and Quick Kick are sprayed by the water on Freedom’s feathers and Spirit tells Duke and Lady Jaye that the storm is unnatural. Duke doesn’t believe Spirit, but a man at a doorway tells Duke to think otherwise. The man introduces himself as Beemish and explains that the Lady of the Lake, who guards the sword Excalibur, lives nearby and if the swords has been stolen, she will raise her hands and drown the British Isles. Suddenly, lightning flashes and Beemish is gone.

“Wow,” whispers Quick Kick. Duke spins around and quickly tells the two ‘muttinheads’ that they are to go back into the storm and that they are not to return until they find Footloose. Meanwhile, Storm Shadow enters Cobra Commander’s war room and tosses Footloose to the floor. Commenting that the stories of Storm Shadow’s demise were greatly exaggerated, Cobra Commander is then fired upon by Footloose after he swats away a Crimson Guard and grabs the agent’s gun.

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