R-i-i-i-ght. And Iím Dr. Footloose and thatís Dusty up there. Heís just an intern.
  -- Footloose (to Dr. Winters, who wishes to be called "Doctor Winters")
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"Cobraís going to pay for this."
- Gung Ho (after learning his vacation was cancelled because of Cobra)

On the top of a rocky hill, a Cobra agent enters a wooden cabin and delivers a small canister to a Cobra technician, who berates the courier for being late. The liquid from the canister is added to a beaker, but the instruments monitoring the dangerous reactions of the chemicals begin to flash wildly. The chemicals begin to produce wild flashes of lights and then the chemicals erupt and blow the cabin to pieces. Debris is scattered and the explosion is so strong that a gigantic rock begins to slide down the hill toward a town, but just as it is about to crush the town and the people, it stops at the edge of a cliff.

Just as Gung Ho is about to leave the base for vacation onboard Wild Bill's Dragonfly, Duke calls him back inside. While the Joes look at a viewscreen, Duke informs Gung Ho about the townís evacuation as they examine the remains of the Cobra base. "Right here in the USA," Gung Ho chimes in. "A lot of nerve, huh?" Lady Jaye then shows Gung Ho a batch of crystals, which are rapidly growing from the center of the blast point. Duke tells Lady Jaye to place those Joes who are leave on emergency standby then leaves with Gung Ho.

As the army busses away the town's citizens and the army engineers build supports around the giant boulder, the G.I.Joe Dragonflies land behind the large rock in order to examine the crystals. Duke, Alpine, Gung Ho, Wild Bill and Tripwire jump out of their helicopters and cross a large gap in the ground thanks to Tollbooth's Bridgelayer.

The Joes walk across the bridge and Tripwire notices a chiming sound from the crystals and then slips on a rock and falls toward the crystal patch. Fortunately, Duke grabs Tripwire's backpack and stops him from falling into the crystals and asks Tripwire what could have created them. Tripwire picks up a small crystal and begins to play catch with the rock with one hand as he considers nuclear and TNT as the origins of the crystals. Tripwire throws the small crystal over his shoulder and the rock explodes with such a great force that the giant boulder crushes the structural supports and begins to roll forward. But the boulder stops and does not crush the town.

Tripwrire stands in awe since Cobra has appeared to be working on creating piezoelectric crystals but has instead created something completely new. Duke orders the Joes back across the bridge and then orders a zone of silence to be setup around the crystals since the slightest impact will cause them to detonate. Alpine points out that the crystals are growing and Duke adds that they need to move the crystal to safety since Cobra will probably not let the new explosives slip through their fingers. Inside a Cobra base, the Baroness orders a Tele-Viper to contact Cobra Commander and she informs Cobra's leader that she has a plan.

Baroness: Tell me, Commander, who in all of the world who would you never let come to harm?
Cobra Commander: Me!
Baroness: Fool.
Cobra Commander tells the Baroness that the Joes' identities are top secret and asks if she can find out the Joes' real names. She explains that she will merely tap into the Pentagon's computers.

A small computer cart drives toward a guard, who chuckles and affectionately tells the "little fellow" the cart that it is lost. But the cart extends a small hose and gases the guard and causes him to collapse to the ground. Storm Shadow climbs out of the cart, slips the passkey out of the guards pocket and enters the control room. The operator inside sounds the alarm before Storm Shadow destroys the panel and knocks him out with a kick to the face. After slipping a floppy disk into a disk drive, Storm Shadow attacks several guards as the information is copied to the disk, but a fail-safe is initiated after information about seven Joes, Spirit, Thunder, Scarlett, Quick Kick, Shipwreck, Barbecue and Gung Ho, is copied to the disk.

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