Oh, no. It's your flying fool girlfriend.
  -- Duke (to Flint after seeing Lady Jaye fly close to the ground in her Skystriker)
Home Production Materials Weapon Model Designs A

1.16 mb (17 pages - Adobe Acrobat required)

Characters and Page Counts:
· Air Chariot - 1 page
· Airborne Mobile Cobra Headquarters ("Cobra Trawler") - 1 page
· APC - 2 pages
· Aramdillo - 5 pages
· Aramdillo (battle damaged) - 1 page
· Armored car - 1 page (created for Lights! Camera! Cobra!)
· ASP - 2 pages
· AWE Striker - 5 pages
· According to 2 of the AWE Striker model designs, the vehicle was originally called Rampage

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