How badly do you want to know?
  -- Destro (to Mutt, who wonders why the world has turned against the Joes)
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"I'm the new fire department. If they don't pay, I start fires."
- Cobra Commander (while showing Destro his latest scheme)

The bull crashes through the beams and the Joes retreat, however, Alpine falls and cries out for help from his friend. Bazooka leaps onto the bull, grabs its horns, digs his heels into the ground and brings the bull to a halt. Crumpling to the ground, Alpine pulls his friend up from the ground and the two jump over a fence before the bull climbs up and chases the Joes. Believing they were set up, Alpine turns and watches the three ranch hands laughing and driving away on blue three-wheelers.

Meanwhile, Zartan introduces Lady Jaye to Mudpatch, a horse who tells Lady Jaye his age by scraping his hoof against the ground and nodding as Zartan asks if Lady Jaye is pretty lady. After petting Mudpatch's nose, Lady Jaye to climbs onto the horse and Zartan slips a bur under the saddle before slapping the bur into the horse's skin.

Suddenly, the horse begins to buck like a wild stallion and Lady Jaye tries to calm the horse by yelling at the Mudpatch, however, Alpine and Bazooka watch her fall into a trough filled water. Mumbling that only her pride has been injured, she sweeps her hand under the blanket on Mudpatch's back and pulls out the bur.

While riding with Mary Belle, Wild Bill tells her that the clouds of dust on the horizon is not from a dust storm but from a cattle stampede. Realizing that the stampede is headed directly for the solar power control room, he quickly rides to the front of the stampeded, yells a boisterous attention-grabbing cowboy yell and is able redirect the cattle away from the energy farm's antennas and back toward the desert. As the clouds of dust float toward the station and force the guards to cough for air, Zartan, who is still dressed as a ranchhand, sneaks into the control room, burns a hole in the console with a laser and steals a computer chip.

Far from the plant, the Dreadnoks sit on their three-wheelers and agree that Zartan has stolen the chip by now, but as soon as they turn around they see the cattle running toward them, they speed away from the scene as quickly as possible.

Wild Bill rides up beside Mary Belle and she tells him that he could have been killed. "Aw, shoot, ma'am. Wasn't much," Wild Bill replies with a lop-sided grin. She leans over, throws her arms around his neck and kisses him. When she leans back, a surprise and delighted Wild Bill tosses his hat into the air and shouts, "Ya-hoooo!"

Back at the ranch, Wild Bill sings a square dance song while the other Joes follow Ma and Pa Joad out of the barn. Bazooka and Alpine are captured by the Dreadnoks and Zartan. Walking into a barn, Lady Jaye discovers a trap door and climbs down a ladder that leads to a Cobra computer room.

Lady Jaye knocks out a female Cobra technician climbing down a ladder and dons her costume. She walks toward Cobra Commander and Destro, who is holding the microchip stolen by Zartan and expressing his surprise that something so small could control such a large space station.

Cobra Commander takes the chip held by Destro's finger and places it on a console. Raising a radar screen into the ceiling, Cobra Commander shows Destro the destructive power of the space station using a model. As the solar power beams strike the city, fires begin to rage across the model city. "I'm the new fire department. If they don't pay, I start fires." When asked how much the world will pay by Destro, Cobra Commander giggles in a crazed voice and telss him, "Oh, fire insurance is expensive. I'd say billions! Billions!!!"

Destro turns his head slightly to Lady Jaye and when Cobra Commander looks at what Destro is watching he quickly realizes Lady Jaye is not one of his techs and sprays her with the foam from the fire extinguisher. Destro catches her and announces that there is only one Joe left.

With his arm around Mary Belle waist, Wild Bill tells her that he can't remember when he has lived a better a day, and he walks out under the stars and tells her that he has never been with one as beautiful as she while he was home. Mary Belle says nothing, rips the mask off her face, dons a set of glasses and the black-haired lady aims a gun a Wild Bill.

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