I wouldn’t say that dirty word if I were you, Dr. Mindbender. I’d have to wash your mouth out with soap.
  -- Agent Matthew Burke (interrupting Dr. Mindbender before he said "Cobra")
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"Daddy, you're a real drip!"
- Althea (while pointing a rocket launcher at Shipwreck)

The Cobra scientists fly the planes toward Shipwreck and Polly, but they dive to the ground and the planes hit the Crimson Guards. Shipwreck runs and as he looks back he runs into a wall. Polly tells him that he has no place left to go but up, so Shipwreck climbs a ladder nearby and enters a very clean room.

He finds a notebook with the words Operation Hot Water and believes he has found Mullaney notes. Wishing he could remember the formula so he could blow Springfield off the map, Polly shouts, “Frogs in winter! Frogs in winter!” Falling into a trance he begins to repeat the ingredients: dioxynitrotriphosphate, amoniahyrochoridefulmonate, potassiumtrigliceride and tholium isotope 385.

Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan and the Dreadnoks enter the room and Cobra Commander demands Shipwreck to hand over the formula, but he dumps it down a drain and lights a match. Explaining that he knows the formula turns water into an explosive, he holds the match over the drain pipe and warns that he will drop it into the drain and detonate the formula, which is now inside Springfield’s drainage system.

Destro call the Joe a fool since the formula can only be activated with a trigger explosion, but Shipwreck believes Destro is bluffing and drops the match. Everyone but Destro scatters for cover, but the match is snuffed out and nothing happens. “Okay, so you weren’t bluffing,” Shipwreck mumbles. The Dreadnoks fire at Shipwreck despite Destro’s protests and the formula is ignited.

Sewer lines explode and from the sea Lady Jaye catches sight of the fire on the island while on the USS Flagg. Flint orders the aircraft carrier to set sail to the island with all deliberate speed and tells Lady Jaye to scare up a couple of Skystrikers. As Dr. Mullaney asks what the Joes will do if Cobra has found the missing ingredient to the formula, Roadblock leads the scientist away and tells him that he needs his rest, but Mullaney asks if the Joes will do something. Walking beside Mullaney, Roadblock tells him, “Shucks! We may do a couple of things!”

Shipwreck and Polly climb out of the underground base and onto an island filled with fires. Shipwreck runs to his home and Polly yells that the beach is the other way, but Shipwreck yells that he has to get Althea and Mara to safety. He smashes the door down and finds himself at gunpoint of Mara and Althea, who calls his "a drip."

Polly enters the room and melts Althea after causing her shot to go awry then melts Mara just before she shoots him. As Shipwreck realizes that even his family was synthoids, Polly then yells for Shipwreck to escape. Pushed out of the house by an explosion, Shipwreck falls to the ground and bats Polly away as he flies erratically around his head.

Lady Jaye and Flint run up to Shipwreck and Lady Jaye tosses her arms around him while Flint happily tells the “old sea dog” that he is glad to see him alive. But Shipwreck turns away from them without a word and Lady Jaye asks with a voice full of concern, “Shipwreck, what happened? Was there something important in that house?”

“Nah, nothing important,” he replies numbly as the flames dance before his unblinking eyes. “Just a dream or two.” Shipwreck slowly turns away from the fire and quietly tells his friends, “Come on. Let’s go home.” And he never looks back.

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