Oh, no. It's your flying fool girlfriend.
  -- Duke (to Flint after seeing Lady Jaye fly close to the ground in her Skystriker)
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"Remember that night in Annapolis?"
- Polly (after Shipwreck suspects Polly as a synthoid)

In his office, Cobra Commander learns that the Twins have programmed a computer to repeat every word in the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary. Cobra Commander is flustered by the slowness of their approach and leaves to visit Destro in order to find out if he has made any progress Shipwreck awakens, climbs out of bed and splashes his face with water - and the gray in his beard is washed away. “What in the name of Nimitz?” Shipwreck mutters. Polly asks what is wrong, but Shipwreck splashes more water on his hair and washes even the gray out of his hair.

Hearing footsteps, Shipwreck climbs back into bed and a nurse hands him a glass of milk. He thanks her but then looks at the glass and tells her, “No thanks!” He wraps his arm around her neck and forces her to drink the milk. Polly attacks him and he asks whose side he is on, but another Polly enters the room, shouts “Yo Joe” and bumps the attacking Polly against a wall, then melts the creature. After placing the sedated nurse in a bed, Shipwreck dresses and realizes that Cobra must have saved him from the SHARC and has been trying to pull Dr. Mullaney’s information out of his head.

Polly, he realizes, must have been following Shipwreck and with each revelation, Polly creeps along the railing on the foot of the bed and tells Shipwreck that he is getting warmer. As he leaves his room, Shipwreck concludes that Mara is on Cobra’s side, which infuriates him.

He then grabs Polly, who is sitting on his shoulder, and tells Polly to prove that he is not a phony. “Remember that night in Annapolis?” asks Polly. Shipwreck immediately releases Polly and tells him that he is convinced, and he rushes down the hallway determined to find out the truth even if it kills him.

As soon as Shipwreck catches sight of the carwash, he runs inside and jumps off of the trapdoor, but he falls to the ground. As the Dreadnoks fight with three small synthoid creatures, Zartan explains to several Cobra agents that the synthoids are made out of a substance known as pseudo-plasm.

Leading the group to a row of glass chambers, Zartan informs the group that the meltdown of a synthoid once meant its destruction, however, Cobra is now able to reconstitute the material into a new person, who is identical to the original.

A Tele-Viper radios that the Rattler squadron under the command of the Baroness is cleared to land on Temple Alpha, an island known as Springfield. But while Shipwreck sneaks around the base, he trips an alarm and runs from one room to another while pursued by Crimson Guards. Shipwreck knocks a scientist to the ground and causes him to drop a beaker filled with a chemical that eat away all of his hair, then rushes into a room where synthoid planes fly in the air.

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