Like what? A Snake of the Month club?
  -- Beach Head (after Mainframe discovers that Cobra has a mail-order business)
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Credits: written by Buzz Dixon

Production Number: 600-46

Original Airdate: November 26, 1985

Dusty, the youngest member of the Joes, needs money to care for his ailing mother. Cobra offers to foot the bill -- in exchange for certain information. Will one of the newest additions to the Joe team turn out to be its betrayer? [Note: The last sentence was left off one version of the episode synopsis]

G.I.Joe: Dusty, Duke, Shipwreck, Gung Ho*, Spirit*, Flint, Grunt*, Deep Six*, Lady Jaye, Stalker*, Ace*, Roadblock*, Scarlett*, Wild Bill*, Clutch*, Breaker*, Blowtorch, Barbecue, Joe grunts Cobra: Cobra Commander, Tomax, Xamot, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Mauler, Armadillo, WHALE, Slugger, VAMP, AWE Striker, Silver Mirage motorcycle Cobra: HISS, CLAW, Ferret, FANG, Trubble Bubble
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Hector Ramirez, who first appeared in the episode "Twenty Questions," explains to the viewers what happened in the previous episode. However, his hair was incorrectly colored as gray instead of black. "Leary Chemicals is another inside joke. Dr. Timothy Leary was a major advocate for dropping out and taking LSD during the 1960s" (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

A crystal ball similar to one seen at Joe headquarters in the episode "Twenty Questions" (left picture) mysteriously reappears at Cobra headquarters (right image).

Flying over Owsley Chemicals, Cobra Commander giggled softly and stated: "As Stalin said: 'Trust no one. Not even yourself.'" Before the philosophy "Trust no one" was the popularized by the television series The X-Files, Cobra Commander already believed in the idea.

While addressing the "warriors of Cobra," Cobra Commander is wearing a purple cloak that first appeared in the mini-series "G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero."

Because this episode has a previous chapter that include appearances of Clutch, Grunt and Steeler, the next part more than likely occurs before "Worlds Without End - Part I."

The color of Tomax's costume should not be white but dark blue.

Judging from the image, Duke was more than at battle "in spirit" while recovering at the G.I.Joe Hospital.

Shipwreck: Oh, this is crazy. Weíre strung all over the map trying to protect 50 different targets
Flint: Save it, Shipwreck. We donít need your complaints.
Shipwreck: Aw, I donít mean anything by it. Just ask Duke he - I guess you canít ask Duke.
Flint: No, I canít. Heís still in a coma because of that traitor. And cobra could put half the country in a similar state if we let them get the chemicals they need for their mind control gas.
Time: 27 seconds


Flint: Not a sound. Nothing moving. Except that cloud...hmm...and thereís not even a breeze. Itís Cobra. Guns up! Cover that cloud!
Time: 17 seconds


Time: 10 seconds


If you are separated from your party while in a large crowd, Alpine recommends that you stay in the spot you saw your friends and/or family.
Same as above


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Sound Clip: Giggling softly, Cobra Commander responds: "As Stalin said: 'Trust no one. Not even yourself.'" [57 kb]

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