He lost it!
  -- two Strato-Vipers (to Cobra Commander while pointing fingers at one another)
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"Quiet in the ranks! Try to act like professional soldiers even if you aren’t."
- Beach Head (to the Joes while at a graduation ceremony)

Leatherneck jumps out of the truck, fights Zandar for ownership of the motorcycle and eventually knocks him to the ground, causing the Dreadnoks and Zarana to swerve and crash.

The Joes arrive at Paris Island and the busload of Cobra cadets slip inside after McCann knocks the guards out with a shot a sleeping gas gun. As Roadblock and Wet-Suit stand at attention and wonder where Leatherneck is on the camp, Beach Head tells the Joes, “Quiet in the ranks! Try to act like professional soldiers even if you aren’t.”

McDermitt and Randall set-up the last of the explosives and hand the detonator to McCann, who orders them to “strike up the band.” Leatherneck knocks out the bored guards, steals a pair of pants, and as he walks out of the guardhouse, he tucks his hospital gown into the pants and tells himself that he finally doesn’t feel so embarrassed.

While the Dreadnoks roar toward the camp, the Gerberville marching band marches forward and plays a song, and everyone is confused about their appearance since they are attending a military ceremony.

Suddenly, McCann shouts "Cobra" and he and the cadets capture the Paris Island commandant and tell the Joes not to move, otherwise, the island will be destroyed with explosives.

But Leatherneck sneaks underneath the stage and pulls McCann to the ground. The detonator falls out of McCann’s hand as he hits the ground and the two struggle for its possession. Zandar and the other Dreadnoks arrive at the base and attack everyone while McCann grabs the detonator and runs away, but Leatherneck pursues him.

The Joes and the personnel at Paris Island slowly begin to win the battle, and as a crowd gathers around Leatherneck and McCann, who are beating one another senseless and insulting one another, Beach Head tells the Joes to stay out of the fight since Leatherneck has a personal score to settle.

Leatherneck beats McCann and tells his foe, who is on the ground and half-conscious, that although McCann is faster and younger, Leatherneck is better. McDermitt yells for Buck McCann to get up, but Leatherneck holds him by his collar and explains that he never had any backbone.

Enraged and calling Leatherneck a liar, McDermitt slaps the Joe across his face and is quickly hauled away by Roadblock.

While McDermitt continues to yell that Cobra will be victorious, Beach Head walks up to Leatherneck and quietly tells him that some of Cobra’s recruits never learn. “It’s the ones that we can help that get us out of bed in the morning,” Leatherneck replies.

And while looking at an unconscious McCann on the ground, Mike P. Randall rips off his Cobra Elite Corps patch on his shoulder and grinds into the ground before he is lead away by Wet-Suit. Watching the scene, Leatherneck quietly tells himself, “All right!”

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