This is going to be fun.
  -- Zartan (while watching a trolley race towards three Joes frozen on the tracks)
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"Looks like Cobra Commander's having a little power failure of his own."
- Ace (after seeing Cobra Commander elbowed away from the camera by Tomax and Xamot)

As the Cobra Transport plane dives toward the earth, Alpine and Quick Kick are pinned against the wall by the G-Forces, however, Bazooka is able to recover and pull the plane up from the nose dive. Quick Kick levels the plane, but the Joes are attacked by a Cobra helicopter.

The Joes climb into the plane's cargo, Trubble Bubbles, and after Quick Kick uses a Cobra laser rifle to shoot an opening in the plane's ceiling, the Joes fly out and attack the Cobra helicopter. Commandering the helicopter after tossing out some Cobra refuse, the Joes fly to headquarters.

Gung Ho complains that the lack of power makes repairs for the headquarters impossible. Suddenly, the power returns and Cobra Commander introduces to the world the new supreme leaders of Cobra: Tomax and Xamot. "Looks like Cobra Commander's having a little power failure of his own," states Ace. The twins threaten to increase the pyramid's intensity if the world does not surrender to Cobra. The room falls into darkness again and the Joes hear cowbells. "Sounds like my pappy's ranch at feeding time," says Wild Bill. Gung Ho orders the doors to be opened so they can all give the famous Joe welcome to their visitors. The doors part and Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Polly and Timber enter with cows. They present to the Joes their bounty, the laser disc with information on the cubes, but without electricity they cannot analyze the disc.

Aboard Space Station Delta, the Dreadnoks play the Crimson Guard Commander's ultimatium so many times that under no circumstance does Zartan want to view the playback again. Mutt orders Junkyard to grab the whistle around Torch's neck. Junkyard successfully grabs the whistle, Mutt blows into it and the Joes capture the Dreadnoks after the Fatal Fluffies are transformed back into the smaller, less dangerous half of their Jeckle and Hyde complex.

Dusty and Mutt free Duke, who turns off the pyramid of darkness by simply pulling a lever down on a control panel. Meanwhile, the electrical power in Apline, Bazooka and Quick Kick's helicopter is restored, and they continue their trek to Joe headquarters.

Cobra Commander retakes control of Cobra and orders Destro, who is sharing a passionate kiss with the Baroness on a boat, to build a "low-altitude pyramid of darkness." With the power restored, Shipwreck examines the disc with Flint and the other Joes on the aircraft carrier via a video conference. Skimming past the system schematics, the Joe team learns that the pyramid has a self-destruct mechanism located inside Cobra Temple. Unfortuanately, they don't know where to find the Cobra base.

Destro establishes the low-altitude pyramid of darkness and the helicopter carrying Alpine, Bazooka and Quick Kick falls again toward the ground since the power has been killed. The 'copter crashes through the ceiling at Joe headquarters and Bazooka and Alpine introduce the star of stage, screen and a regular on the Gong Show, Quick Kick, stuntman extraordinaire. Quick Kick quickly tells the Joes about their adventures with Sea Lions and riding with Major Bludd to Cobra Temple until Shipwreck stops him and asks him to replay the part about the Cobra base.

Quick Kick mimics the sounds of a rewinding tape and calmly states that they hitched a ride to Cobra Temple. With the location of the Cobra base containing the self-destruct device, Shipwreck leads the Joes in a battle cry of "Yo Joe" and runs off to battle Cobra with the other Joes following him in Maulers and Vamp Mark IIs.

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