This is going to be fun.
  -- Zartan (while watching a trolley race towards three Joes frozen on the tracks)
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Credits: written by Ron Friedman

Production Number: 600-40

Original Airdate: September 19, 1985

G.I.Joe: Alpine, Bazooka, Quick Kick, Scarlett*, Flint, Admiral Ledger, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Timber, Polly, Mutt, Dusty, Joe grunts Cobra: Cobra agents, Storm Shadow, Snow Serpents, Major Bludd, Tomax, Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, Xamot, Crimson Guard, Zartan, Ripper, Torch, Buzzer
G.I.Joe: JUMP, USS Flagg, Skystriker, Falcon glider Cobra: HISS, Hydrofoil, Water Mocassin, Dragonfly, Ferret, Trubble Bubble
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Because of the edited recap of the previous episodes in the mini-series, the USA Network did not give Ron Friedman credit for writing "Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls."

A modified Cobra HISS tank was seen during the battle in the arctic. Rather than one gun turret on the back of the tank, the HISS that rescued Major Bludd was built with two turrets.

Bazooka: Fudgies!
Alpine: Say what?
Bazooka: Fudgies!
Quick Kick: You mean the candy bar that I was plugging?
Bazooka: Uh-huh! Got any?
Quick Kick: Frozen fudgies/ what a treat/ lots of chocolate/ really sweet/ full of taffy, raisins and nuts/ that melts in your mouth /and turns to lead in your guts.
Alpine: Mmm! Gross!
Bazooka: Mmm! Good!
Time: 24 seconds
Commentary: This was an edit that should have not been approved because the fictional jingle is a classic example of the humor in the show.


Cobra agent: Stop them! Blast them!
Shipwreck: They’ll tear us apart!
Polly: Polly wants bulletproof feathers!
Shipwreck: Way to go, Satin!
Time: 36 seconds

Original: Fluffies beat the Joes at the space station; explosion at Joe headquarters; Flint pushes Lady Jaye to cover; Cobra Commander leans close to 3-D model of pyramid of darkness; Roadblock rattles Tomax; Snake Eyes and Shipwreck meet Satin while she is singing; Major Bludd activates the cube; chunk of ice with Bazooka and Alpine breaks off and floats out into the sea and leopard seals climb aboard
USA Network: Zartan and the Fatal Fluffies attack the Joes; Destro, the Baroness and Cobra Commander laugh while standing around the hologram of the pyramid of darkness (from part four); Cobra Commander leans near the 3-D projection; fuel tanks explode at Joe headquarters; shot of Dusty from US first season opening sequence; Cobra Commander orders a retreat (clips were shown out of order compared to the tale), Roadblock tackles and grabs Tomax; Snake Eyes and Shipwreck on the street; Satin’s van transforms and drives through a wall; extreme long shot of the battle at Major Bludd’s cube; Bazooka and Alpine face the leopard seals

Original: Joes stand in front of a door at headquarters; Snake Eyes and Shipwreck ride cows into Joe headquarters; Shipwreck plays a laser disc for Flint and learns about Cobra headquarters; Mutt lets Junkyard loose; Mutt blow the whistle and turns the Fatlal Fluffies into harmless creations; the Joes invade Cobra’s base; Cobra Commander avoids a column; the Extensive Enterprises towers shake apart; the twins and Cobra Commander sit inside a rocket and Satin attacks
USA Network: Snake Eyes and Shipwreck ride into Joe headquarters; Shipwreck slides in the laser disc; Mutt blows the whistle and Junkyard grabs the whistle from Torch’s neck (shown out of order when compared to the story); Fatal Fluffies transform to little creatures; Joes ride into battle against Cobra’s base; Cobra Commander avoids a column; Cobra Commander screams "no" several times; shots of Sgt. Slaughter

Original: If you need to ride your bicycle at night, Dusty recommends that you place reflectors on the bike so that drivers will see you on the road.
USA: Lifeline suggest avoiding candy as a snack since the sugar rush will not last very long. An apple, however, is a viable alternative.


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