I wouldn't wish that defective junk on Cobra...well...maybe...
  -- Flint (talking about the weaponry confiscated from Destro's auction)
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"'Sediment' my left barnacle."
- Shipwreck (disbelieving Watchdog when told that the Cerebus was buried after it was destroyed by the Joes)

After Breaker decides that the ocean’s current could not have carried the ship away, Watchdog reports that the ship was covered in sediment. “'Sediment' my left barnacle,” Shipwreck mutters angrily. Watchdog orders CPO Delgato back to the USS Flagg, however, Shipwreck places his communicator into a torpedo tube and launches the communicator into the ocean and is then swallowed by a shark. Flint asks Shipwreck what happened since Watchdog reported that the Shipwreck abandoned his ship, but Shipwreck replies that he doesn’t know and suggests that it could be a computer error. Promising to look into the matter, he switches his radio off and begins to look for the Cerebus.

Flint leaves with Gung Ho on a search and destroy mission in the Everglades, but before Flint leaves he orders Breaker to let him know if Shipwreck finds anything. As a Cobra submarine docks, Destro walks with Cobra Commander, who is laughing uncontrollably, and explains that their Watchdog scheme is quite funny since US government paid for the Cobra base. Destro then introduces Cobra Commander to a weapon that will destroy the Joes’ headquarters, a drill on wheels called the Pit Viper.

Scarlett visits Breaker in the communications room and she learns that Watchdog is not a very successful project. After Flint reports that his mission in the Everglades is a wild goose chase, Watchdog tells him that there is a high probability that Cobra is in the sector and orders Flint to find them.

Heavy Metal leads a Armadillo unit into the desert to find an abandoned HISS tanks which is filled with sand. Heavy Metal radios Breaker and asks if he has any kids since the HISS tanks looks like a sand box. Meanwhile, Lady Jaye travels Frost Bite and a squad of Snow Cats, blows open the doors to a Cobra arctic base and learns that it has been abandoned for some time.

Scarlett tells Breaker that she doesn’t like their present situation since the Joes are spread too thin and Watchdog is constantly “barking up all the wrong trees.” Asking about Shipwreck, Breaker jokes with Scarlett that Shipwreck is getting a suntan on a beach. However, Shipwreck finds Cobra’s underwater base and is attacked by a group of Eels. He flies to the surface but before he can radio headquarters, a Rattler shoots his SHARC down. Shipwreck’s head slams against the SHARC’s canopy and he falls unconscious.

Shipwreck awakens and he thanks Dr. Hammler for designing a computer that could find and save him. Explaining that the Joes need to be told about the Cerebus and the Cobra base, Shipwreck is lead by Dr. Hammler to the Pit Viper’s construction room and learns that Destro designed Watchdog and Dr. Hammler, who rips off his mask to reveal himself as Zartan, sold the program to the Pentagon. Destro also adds that since the Joes’ base is now virtually deserted and Watchdog can turn off the base’s automated defenses, the Joes’ headquarters will be destroyed by the Pit Viper.

Shipwreck immediately shoves the guard nearby to the ground and runs from the Cobras, however, Destro shoots a wrist rocket that explodes in front of Shipwreck, causing him to be thrown back and knocked to the ground. As he is unconscious, Cobra Commander orders the Joe to be brought to the control room so that he can watch Shipwreck squirm as G.I.Joe headquarters is destroyed.

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