Hungry little devils, aren't they?
  -- Dusty (to a Cobra agent, who is pinned down in a pool filled with piranhas)
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"Iím not looking at you. Iím looking through you."
- Wild Bill (to a ghost of a pilot who asked why Wild Bill is staring at him)

However, Wild Bill doesnít attack the plane since he likes to know who he attacking. He hands Cover Girl a flag he has owned since last yearís Veteranís Day and tells her to place it against the canopy. As the World War I pilot passes by the Dragonfly, he sees the US flag and the ghost plane and the Dragonfly land on the ground. The fighter pilot learns that Wild Bill is with the G.I.Joe outfit and asks why Wild Bill is looking at him strangely. ďIím not looking at you," Wild Bill tells him. "Iím looking through you.Ē

The pilot canít believe he is dead and behind him the other ghosts appear and laugh at him since his ties to the living have not been severed. Duke runs forward and tells the two laughing phantoms to "back off," but they disappear and circle of snow and icy winds appears around the Joes. The pilot asks them to stop since they were once alive and knew what it was like to be in pain and to love. The Mongolian warrior appears and, with depressed voice, she recalls her husband dying soon after they were married. The arctic winds disappear and the pilot explains he must obey Cobra Commander until he has Jennyís locket back. And Duke promises to do everything within the Joesí power to get the locket back.

A Snow Serpent reports to Cobra Commander that the Joes are planning something big, and Cobra Commander tells his agent to stay in place until he learns more. As soon as he is off the air, Snake Eyes and Snow Job knock the Cobra Polar trooper unconscious and travel to the rendezvous point to meet up with their teammates.

Traveling with Cutter, Scarlett and Quick Kick, Roadblock wonders about out loud about the afterlife while onboard the WHALE, which is escorted by the three ghosts. Meanwhile, Duke, Gung Ho, Airborne and Ripcord parachute to the Cobra base and enter after the ghost pilot destroys a section of the wall. Duke and Gung Ho go snake hunting while the others secure the ground. Meanwhile, Snow Job, Snake Eyes and Timber attack the Firebat pilots, preventing Major Bludd from receiving reinforcements as he attacks the G.I.Joe WHALE hovercraft, on which Scarlett kicks off a few Cobra Eels. Wild Bill strikes Major Bluddís Cobra FANG with a missile from his Dragonfly and Major Bludd cries out for help as he dives into the water since he canít swim.

Cobra Commander watches the Joes attack his base on every monitor and curses the ghosts, who appear and demand that he return their possessions to them. However, Cobra Commander grabs the standard Cobra laser rifle and runs away screaming out of the control room and past Duke and Gung Ho in the corridor.

At the underground docks, Cobra Commander is confronted by a skeleton who cannot be destroyed by lasers and demands that he return that which does not belong to him. Cobra Commander refuses twice, but on the third time he drops the trinkets on the ground. The skeleton pushes Cobra Commander against the wall and tells him that when he meets his fate they will be there. As Duke and Gung Ho arrive, they catch sight of Cobra Commander driving away in a Cobra Hydrofoil, but Duke tells him to let the commander go since they have found what they were looking for: the coin, the locket and the ring.

One by one the ghosts appear and tell their stories. The Roman Centurion explains that he lost his lucky coin gambling one night, the Mongolian warrior slips the wedding ring on her finger and tells her husband that they will now be together forever and the young pilot confesses his love for a woman named Jenny.

As the sun rises on a new day, Duke buries the three precious possessions and the Joes stand quietly as they watch the ghosts disappear for the last time. ďI guess our workís done here,Ē Duke says softly. ďCome on, Joes. Letís go home.Ē Duke places his arm on Scarlett's shoulder and the Joes turn to leave. However, Wild Bill stops, turns around and looks up into the sky, where he sees the phantom pilot sitting next to a young blonde woman. They both turn to Wild Bill and the young pilot gives him smile and a "thumbs up" sign before guiding the plane into the sun.

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