The savagery of the jungle mixed with the excitement of the city - where else but India?
  -- Recondo (while walking through a market)
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Credits: written by Sharman Di Vono

Production Number: 600-15

Original Airdate: October 9, 1985

The ideal Cobra soldier: fearless, unquestionably obedient, unable to be killed. Cobra Commander find a brigade of such troops in the unlikeliest of places - beyond the grave - when a Gypsy woman conjures up a trio of ghosts to serve the aims of the terrorist group.

G.I.Joe: Scarlett, Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Gung Ho, Wild Bill, Snow Job, Alpine, Snake Eyes, Timber, Quick Kick, Cover Girl, Airborne*, Ripcord*, Joe grunts Cobra: Major Bludd, Firebat pilot, Cobra Commander, Eel, the Baroness, Snow Serpent, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Skystrikers, APC, Mauler, Slugger, Dragonfly Cobra: FANG, Firebat (grey), HISS, Viper glider, Hydrofoil (Moray)

* indicates the character was silent during the episode

While under fire from the ghost plane, Snow Job mistakenly asks if Cobra has switched from "Stingers" (which should be called "Rattlers") to bi-planes.

While sneaking through one of the weapon plants, Quick Kick runs into a ghost of a Roman Centurion and jokingly asks: “Great Caesar's ghost, right?” The joke refers to an exclamation ("Great Caesar's Ghost!") shouted by John Hamilton, who played the part of Perry White in the TV series The Adventures of Superman (1953-1957). As a nod to the 50s television series, Lane Smith, who portrayed the Daily Planet editor in the series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993 to 1997), occasionally shouted, "Great shades of Elvis!"

Soldier: Oh, no. No! Cobra tanks!
Time: 12 seconds


Gypsy woman: Unhand me, you reptiles! Never touch a Gypsy queen without permission or your hands will shrivel up and fall off.
Cobra Eel (both): Whoa!
Baroness: Fools! This way. Cobra Commander is waiting.
Time: 30 seconds


Scarlett: I never thought we’d be getting tactical support from the spirit world.
Roadblock: I wonder what it feels like, you know...after...
Time: 35 seconds


Scarlett explains that skill is never innate, therefore, you should practice to become perfect.
Same as above


He-Man II
1.27 mb

Movie Clip: Duke buries the three precious things to the ghosts and they quietly slip away into the immense design of the world. The Joes stand silent for a moment and then Duke somberly tells the Joes that they should go home. As they turn to leave, Wild Bill walks for a few steps and then turns the sky. He catches sight of a young man piloting a plane while sitting next to a blonde woman in the cockpit. The young pilot turns to Wild Bill, gives the Joe a "thumbs up" sign and a smile filled with joy and gratitude before steering the plane toward the shining sun. [1.82 mb]

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