You’re not dreaming, but you as sure as Sunday morning going to wish you were!
  -- B.A. LeCarre (to the Joes and Cobras trapped underwater)
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"Yo Joe."
- Bree (purring warmly after Lifeline kisses her)

Cover Girl stops her Armadillo tank and radios Duke if they want her to pursue. Insider a Mauler, Duke orders her that not to follow Cobra since there wouldn't be enough air support. Kicking a BAT head, Scarlett angrily states that the gold helicopter crash couldn’t have served Cobra better, and with the BATs, Duke finishes, he wonders if the Van Marks are victims or collaborators.

Wearing his usual red uniform, Lifeline runs after Bree and calls out for her. “I see you ditched my crummy uniform,“ she tells him. Lifeline tries to explain that the clothes were not awful, however, at the mention of the helicopter and her best of intentions, she yells that everything she does backfires. Running toward a Tomahawk helicopter and yelling that the world would be better off without her, she starts the Joe vehicle and flies away - with Lifeline clinging to the window and begging her to put the chopper down. “Whatever you say, darling! Only I get to decide where,” Bree replies.

Wild Weasel spots the Joe helicopter and radios the Baroness for permission to destroy Brittany and the Joe, who appear to be in a lovers’ spat. But the Baroness orders Wild Weasel to follow them since she needs Bree alive.

The Joes visit Owen Van Mark at his home and Scarlett, who is joined by Duke and Lift-Ticket, presses Van Mark about why Cobra is after him after he refutes their insinuations that he is working with Cobra. Van Mark explains that his company sells hi-tech weapons to armies around the world and if Cobra takes control of his firm, then the weapons will be in Cobra’s control.

Exclaiming that Bree means the world to him, Mr. Van Mark covers his face while Lift-Ticket snidely asks if that includes selling out to Cobra. Scarlett tells the Joe to “stow it” and then asks about Bree's whereabouts since she left the base two hours ago in a northwest direction. Van Mark explains that he has a hunting lodge in the Rockies, a place that Bree has always loved.

Bree thanks Lifeline for allowing her to cook a meal for him and apologizes for the landing. Lifeline tells her that she can’t always buy her way out of trouble, but she explains that her father does it all the time and mentions that she has received clothes, cars as well as trips to Paris and the Bahamas.

But the romantic mood is ruined by a shot from Cobra that hits the lodge. Bree and Lifeline cough until the smoke clears, and Bree explains that there are several hunting rifles in the lodge. But the Joe pacifist explains that he will not participate in violence; however, he will use his brains. Siphoning fuel from the Tomahawk, Lifeline sprays the helicopter’s gas on the snow and sets it on fire in order to block Cobra’s approach.

As the Baroness orders Xamot and Tomax to take Zandar and Zartan around the flames, Lift-Ticket notices the smoke and flies his Tomahawk toward the billowing black clouds.

As Bree and Lifeline avoid a missile from Zartan’s Cobra Snow Cat, Iceberg leaps out of the Tomahawk, skis toward Lifeline, increases the power of his gun from “stun” to “max” and fires at Cobra. The shots hit the side of the mountain and start an avalanche.

Xamot and the other Cobras drive the Snow Cat off a ledge and fly over the flames before landing on the ground. The Baroness leaps off her HISS and onto their Snow Cat as it continues to drive ahead of the rumbling wave of snow.

After the Cobra Snow Cat stops by a hut, the Cobra agents climb aboard a plane and fly away as Serpentor promises the Baroness that she will pay for her failure.

As Iceberg points out that Cobra’s top brass have escaped, Bree asks if Lifeline won. “We won,” he tells her. He then turns to her and adds that their victory was due in part to her help. Realizing she did help by assisting Lifeline with the fire, Bree tells Lifeline that maybe she can become a Joe someday. “Maybe,” Lifeline replies. “But promise more gifts, okay?” Tilting her head slightly and smiling, she tells him, “Aaah, you’re no fun any more.”

Gently holding her chin, Lifeline raises her head slightly and kisses her. “Yo Joe,” Bree purrs warmly.

And she slips her arms around Lifeline’s neck and kisses him back while planes roar over their heads.

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