It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat.
  -- Cobra Commander (to Destro, who interrupts Cobra Commander's meal)
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"Go ahead, healer. Tell her you don’t want her gifts. Break her heart."
- Lift-Ticket (while Lifeline is embraced by Bree)

Bree asks why Lifeline decided to visit and as he pulls out the knife, he then sees that the knife was ruined in the fight. While resting her head on his shoulder, Bree promises to get Lifeline another knife, but Lifeline politely protests that he doesn’t want any more knives. With a half-sighing voice, she makes a new promise: a gift better than the knife. Before Lifeline can tell her that he doesn’t want her gifts, Lift-Ticket whispers to her friend, “Go ahead, healer. Tell her you don’t want her gifts. Break her heart.” And Lifeline remains silent.

Tomax and Xamot confess to the failure of their mission and before Serpentor breaks them, the Baroness steps forward and tells Serpentor that a romance between one of the Joes and Brittany Van Mark was discovered and that the knowledge could allow Cobra to destroy Joe headquarters and capture Brittany in one bold strike. Serpentor tells the Baroness to take whatever she needs and dismisses her.

Wearing a new uniform with a pink scarf, Lifeline sits down at a table with Shipwreck and Mainframe, who notice that Lifeline looks like he is in trouble. “I’m wearing it,” he replies glumly. Mainframe suggests that Lifeline should just tell Bree to stop sending gifts, otherwise, he will only hurt her more in the future.

Lift-Ticket then walks up and tells Lifeline that a fleet of pink Rolls Royce ambulances have arrived and that they have been delivered by Bree. Stressed beyond words, all Lifeline can do is run out of the room. The Baroness and the Crimson Guard Commanders watch the ambulances and a truck enter the Joes’ base and she remarks that their plan is working since the ambulances were not search.

Making his way through the crowd of generic Joes who are standing around Bree, Lifeline is kissed on the cheek by Bree and led to the ambulances. But as soon as she opens the door, BATs pour out and begin to attack the Joes.

Scarlett orders the others to retreat and regroup at the airfield while she attacks the BATs, however, after cutting down the first wave of the BAT army, the robots shoot away Scarlett’s weapon. She flips through the air to avoid the shots, but she falls as the ground below her is destroyed. Duke arrives with a blazing gun and the two retreat while he destroys a few more BATs.

Cobra’s air forces arrive and launch a full-scale assault while HISS tanks, Stuns, Rattlers and FANGs pour through the gates of the Joes’ base.

As Conquest X-30s roll out of the hangers, Bree climbs out from under a Joe truck and runs toward one of her trucks while telling Lifeline that the attack is her fault and that she will fix things. She pulls away a tarp and reveals a helicopter with a 24-karat plating, rendering the vehicle laser-proof.

As she explains that she will fly the helicopter toward the Cobra forces to draw their fire away from the Joes, Lifeline climbs aboard with her and explains that the plans sounds good, however, he tells her to let him handle it solo. “No way!” she yells as she starts the helicopter’s engines. “You can fly, too?!” Lifeline asks exasperated. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Lifeline,” Bree tells him as she squeezes his hand. ”Maybe someday you’ll take the time to find out.”

Although the helicopter is laser-proof, it is too heavy to fly. Bree flies in front of the column of Conquest planes and Scarlett is forced to stop, causing all of the Conquests behind her to crash into her plane. Scarlett, Duke, Beach Head and Dial-Tone jump clear and Duke orders Beach Head and Dial-Tone to secure the two mutton-heads in the gold helicopter.

The gold helicopter continues to spin out of control and flies towards an ammo depot. Beach Head yells for Lifeline to perform maneuver number four. Lifeline pushes Bree out of the helicopter and then jumps out. They are caught by Beach Head and Dial-Tone while on top of a HAVOC driven by Sci Fi. Beach Head begins to berate Bree, but his caustic remarks are cut off as a Rattler’s missile hits the Joe vehicle and causes it to turnover. The Joes and Bree scramble for cover as the HAVOC explodes.

They look into the sky and Sci Fi explains that the Dragonflies were able to get off the ground, but Bree exclaims that the Joes will be massacred. But Sci Fi tells her that she is in for a surprise. Missiles from each side are fired and enough of Cobra’s forces are destroyed for the Joes to attack Cobra’s ground forces, which are pushed back.

Tomax and Xamot hop out of the Stun with the Baroness, who shouts in frustration before retreating. Night Ravens, HISS tanks and Stuns retreat while the Baroness promises to crush the Joes another day as she climbs aboard a HISS tank.

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