Very iffy.
  -- Xamot (examining Shipwreck's health after an intense interrogation session)
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Credits: written by Dennis O'Neil

Production Number: 600-52

Original Airdate: November 29, 1985

Version One: The Joes join forces with their Soviet counterparts - a Russian special missions team known as ďThe October [sic] GuardĒ - to save the world from what seems to be an invasion from outer space. But thereís more (or possibly less) to the this flying saucer threat than meets the eye.

Version Two: The Joes join forces with their Soviet counterparts to save the world from what seems to be an invasion from outer space.

G.I.Joe: Dusty, Duke, Barbecue, Snake Eyes, Gung Ho, Col. Sharpe, Cutter; Oktober Guard: Horrorshow, Daina, Wong, Col. Brekhov, Stormavich Cobra: Zartan, Cobra Commander, Ripper, Buzzer, Torch, Tomax, Xamot, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Silver Mirage motorcycle, Falcon glider, Skystrikers Cobra: Ferret, ASP, Trubble Bubbles

The NBC mini-series and television series V was definitely a source of inspiration for this series. For example, in the first episode of the V mini-series, the first alien craft is first seen entering an area where two armies are engaged in a battle, an entrance very similar to Cobra's in the episode. Another reference to the mini-series occurs when Dusty asks the alien who exits the spacecraft about its origins. The alien replies that he is from the star Cirius, which is the same star mentioned by the Visitor's leader, John, during his first speech. An odd coincidence between the two shows is the mentioning of the Pliocene era by an anthropologist excavating a skull as well as Flint in the episode "The Pit of Vipers."

The shot of Tomax and Xamot turning around and shooting at the Joes while riding Cobra Ferrets was used twice during the desert chase scene, which included the bad pun "hot pursuit."

The alien from the episode (left image) appears similar in the shape of the brow ridge when compared to the Narn from the television series Babylon 5 (right image).

Because Dennis O'Neil once served as the editor for the Marvel Comics G.I.Joe series and the Oktober Guard agent is always seen with Snake Eyes, Hama's most well-known G.I.Joe character, the character Wong is probably a parody of Larry Hama. And since O'Neil was part of the staff, the viewer is first introduced to the team as the "Oktober Guard" and not "Red Oktober" as in "The Great Alaskan Land Rush."

Horrorshow's mustache was not included in this shot.

A backwards 'N' was added to the Extensive Enterprises building.

Gung Ho: Colonel Sharpe is going to have our heads. He sends us out to nab Xamot and Tomax and what do we going back with? A story even I donít believe. On the other hand, the trip doesnít have to be a total loss...
Time: 14 seconds


Time: 7 seconds


Gung Ho: Iím trying to get some sack time.
Horrorshow: It is my duty to monitor the world broadcast and always Horrorshow does his duty.
Gung ho: Iíll push your duty up your nose.
Horrorshow: Quiet, ugly. Something strange.
Time: 17 seconds


Wong: Jump? O-off this here building? Havenít we fallen down enough in one day? Well, I reckon we have - (screams) Holy jumpiní jeehosafat!
Time: 17 seconds


As explained by Footloose, if you experience a nosebleed, pinch your nose and lean forward for five minutes. If it doesnít stop, pack your nose with ice for 10 more minutes. Consult a doctor if the bleeding persists.
Same as above


Photon I
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Movie Clip: Snake Eyes kicking Zartan at the right moment and then knocking him out with one kick. [816 kb]

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