Um, help me join the Joe team?
  -- Amber (to Quick Kick after he jokingly asks what he is going to do with her)
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"My word and my hand."
- Duke (to Captain Lucrof, who asks if the Joes' leader would give his word on helping rebuild the town)

Suddenly, the sound of galloping of horses fills the camp. The Joes exit a tent and find Cossacks bearing down on them. The Cossack’s swords slice through the weapons of the Joes, who are quickly surrounded and ordered to surrender in the name of the great Czar Alexander the Second. With their hands tied together, the Joes are escorted to a town that Duke believes was built by the descendants of the Romanov after he catches sight of the boat floating in the town’s harbor. One of the Cossacks yells, “No talk, more walk,” Gung Ho leans next Roadblock and tells his friend that the Cossack sounds like a poet much like Roadblock.

The Joes are led to the great-great grandson of Captain Lucrof and are told that he does not want to be part of the outside world or to be involved with their problems. Duke steps forward and asks for the real seal from Russian, which is sitting in a glass case, since it will prevent Alaska from falling into the possession of an evil organization known as Cobra. Lucrof orders them to be silent and then tells the guards to take the Joes to the cells with the other prisoners.

After led to the ship and into a room, the Joes meet the Oktober Guard, and Gung Ho rips apart his bonds and rushes forward to clobber his adversaries. But Roadblock stops his teammate and Scarlett asks Brekhov if his looks caused the Oktober Guard to be captured. Duke then verbally attacks Col. Brekhov for interfering with the Joes’ mission and allowing Cobra to have a greater chance of capturing the seal.

Explosions erupt outside and the Joes and Oktober Guard watch as Cobra attacks the city. One of Cobra’s shots destroys the wall of the cell and everyone dives for cover. The attacks by the Cossacks are repelled by HISS tanks and the Baroness drives up to the town hall, smashes the glass case around the seal and steals it before hopping back into the turret of a HISS and escaping.

The Joes and the Oktober Guard escape from the ship and stand beside Lucrof as he surveys the damage of the town, which took decades to build. Duke makes a deal with Lucrof: if he will help recapture the seal so the Joes can refute Cobra’s claim on Alaska, the Joes will help rebuild the city when they return the seal. Lucrof asks Duke if he will give his word. Raising his hand, Duke tells Lucrof, “My word and my hand.” And as the two men shake hands, Brekhov caps the handshake with his own hand.

While Cobra drives on a snowy road, Lucrof, the Joes and the Oktober Guard pass Cobra by riding on dog sleds on trails high above the HISS tanks. The Joes beat Cobra and attack the tanks. As the Joes and the Oktober Guard attack Cobra, Scarlett and Daina tackle the Baroness, who drops The Great Seal in the river. The Baroness escapes while Scarlett and Daina search for the seal, and Daina finds the real gold cup with jewels.

At the city near the Romanov, Duke is told by Gung Ho that he has contacted Joe headquarters and learned that the Skystrikers will not arrive in time to deliver the cup to Juno due to severe weather. Duke asks Captain Lucrof if the Romanov is seaworthy and after learning that the ship can still run, the Joes uses the guns on the HISS tanks to destroy the ice near the ship and set sail for Juno.

However, the Oktober Guard point their guns at the Joes and Captain Lucrof and Brekhov asks them to hand over the seal and to steer a course to the west. Duke hands over the seal and then Cobra attacks the ship with Rattlers. But while Wild Weasel order his squadron to stop the ship, the Joes pick up their guns and fight back. A Rattler is shot down, however, another strikes the forward section of the ship.

But Ace and several other pilots in Skystrikers arrive and drive away the Rattlers after shooting three down.  Aboard the Romanov, the Joes aim their guns at the Oktober Guard and Duke repeats Col. Brekhov’s words: “The seal, please. The seal, comrade.” Col. Brekhov hands over the seal and replies, ”Aaaah, you’ve earned it.”

Setting the genuine seal of the Steward deal on the table, the Joes tells “Honest” Gerky that Alaska now belongs to the United States. Tomax and Xamot close their briefcases and bid Potemkin farewell, but the used car dealer chases the twins and asks if they can pull a string or twist an arm to get him out of the state. But Gerky is cut off by an angry mob of merchants who demand payment for his order of a thousand diamond rings, a platinum bathtub and six tons of caviar, and the Joes can’t help but laugh at the sight of poetic justice.

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