With Dial-Tone working for me, Serpentor is as good as finished.
  -- Cobra Commander (after Zarana informs him that Dial-Tone has joined Cobra)
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Credits: written by Gordon Kent

Production Number: 600-47

Original Airdate: November 11, 1985

A mission to rescue an archeologist from Cobraís clutches leads the Joes on a strange supernatural journey, through the labyrinthine tunnels of a pharaohís tomb to a confrontation with Osiris - the Egyptian god of the dead!

G.I.Joe: Duke, Alpine, Barbecue, Bazooka, Lady Jaye Cobra: Cobra Commander, Scrap Iron*, Crimson Guards, the Baroness
G.I.Joe: none Cobra: Rattler, Ferret, Stinger
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Duke's order "Can the comedy, Alpine" was spoken again in the episode "Bazooka saw a Sea Serpent."

Judging from the images above, even the Baroness gets hot in her black leather outfit while standing in the desert.

Under the banner of trivia, the Egyptian god Anubus, who had a jackal head, was responsible for tombs and embalming as well as a weigher of hearts of the dead; Horus was described as a man with a head of a falcon and was considered a solar deity.

The Baroness whispers Sett's name in an awestruck voice, however, the next shot shows her still unconscious.

Scrap Iron is seen kneeling in one shot and simply vanishes in the next shot.

Duke: Letís see what else is up there.
Alpine: Fine by me. Up is closer to out.
Barbecue: Which way now?
Bazooka: Eeine-meenie-minie-moe catch a cobra by the toe -
Duke: Cobras donít have toes, Bazook [sic]. Letís try this one. Then again...
Bazooka: Uh-uh, Duke. If you want to go this way, Duke, then we go this way.
Time: 39 seconds


Barbecue: We, uh, seem to be heading straight into the sun.
Bazooka: Alpine, I wanna go home.
Alpine: Go ahead. Itís right down there.
Duke: Whatís supposed to happen now?
Dr. Marsh: A trial of some kind to ascertain whether we are souls are deserving of - ah!
Time: 21 seconds


Torpedo teaches a inexperienced swimmer how to remain calm and tread water by thrusting his hands down into the water and moving his legs as if he is riding a bike.
Same as above


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