Oh, swell.
  -- Shipwreck (as he notices the USS Trogon firing missiles over his head and into the water while swimming in the ocean)
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- Xamot (trying to convince Lady Jaye that he is on her side)
"Perhaps you can judge by the company I don’t keep."

Regaining consciousness, Lady Jaye tosses Xamot over her and quickly stands up and assumes a fighting stance. Xamot raises his hands in a peaceful gesture, but Lady Jaye only asks why she should trust a Crimson Guard Commander. Suddenly, the Baroness appears at the end of the corridor and attempts to shoot Xamot, however, he flips out of the way and pulls Lady Jaye out of the line of fire before she is shot. “Perhaps you can judge by the company I don’t keep,” Xamot suggests.

Lady Jaye follows Tomax into a large cave entrance while avoiding laser blasts, attacks a group of guards and commandeer a Firebat, and the plane zooms out of the hanger. Leveling the plane off, Xamot tells Lady Jaye, “Well, that takes care of that.” She turns to look back at the hanger and catches sight of several Cobra Rattler taking off to pursue them. “Wishful thinking is a problem with you, isn’t it?” she replies. After shooting down Major Bludd’s Rattler, Lady Jaye and Xamot avoid four heat seeking missiles by flying straight for a peak and pulling up slightly. The missiles irradiate the peak and they fly to Joe headquarters.

Xamot purposes that he and the Joes work together so long as they leave the base as soon as they have freed the Joes. No one in room, however, believes him. Dr. Blackstone introduces a sonic pulsar designed to create a counter-vibration that could free the Joes. With their fists in the air, the last, best hope for the male Joes shout simultaneously, “YO JOE!”

Destro explains to the Baroness that the conch is the leader. She turns toward him with the conch to her lips, but Destro swipes the conch from her and explains that only a fool like Cobra Commander would wish to rule alone since he would not have anyone with whom to share the glory of defeating her enemies. She walks toward him, places her hands on his chest and asks if he hears wedding bells. Suddenly, a female trooper bursts into the room and tells the Baroness that the Joes have breached the defenses with the help of Xamot.

Blasting past the SNAKE robots, the Joes and Xamot encounter the male Joes. Lady Jaye watches Xamot leap from his ruined Cobra Ferret, knock down a SNAKE robot and run down a corridor away from the battle and tells herself that she knew his help wouldn’t last for long.

Scarlett fires the sonic pulsar given to her by Dr. Blackstone and the men stop shooting and begin to rub the back of their necks.

The male Joes, who hear the Baroness shout “destroy,” slowly turn around and Flint tells them, "You heard the lady." And the free men begin to shoot the Cobra Rattlers parked behind the Baroness and Destro.

While Cobra's planes are being destroyed in the hanger, Cobra Commander and Tomax are released from the power of the conch and the reunited twins reluctantly agree to free Cobra Commander, who orders them to get him out of the base.

As the Joes continue to press their assault with Silver Mirages and Maulers, the Crimson Guard Commander and Cobra Commander, who promises to punish for the Baroness’s treachery, flee in a Rattler. Lady Jaye strikes the conch from the Baroness hand with a javelin and before the Baroness can pick the golden seashell up from the ground, Destro grabs her and tells her to escape and fight again another day, and Lady Jaye retrieves the conch from the ground.

As the Joes enjoy the food offered in the communications room, Dr. Blackstone holds the conch and tells the Joes that she wishes to study the seashell in order to find out how it works. However, Scarlett grabs the seashell and tells the doctor that the conch has caused enough trouble for the day. Calling to Lady Jaye, Scarlett tosses the conch into the air and it is destroyed by a laser blast from one of Lady Jaye’s javelin and an arrow from Scarlett’s crossbow. As the dusty remains of the golden seashell fall to the ground, Duke asks why she destroyed the conch. Closing her eyes and telling him a jokingly superior voice, she replies, “Someone has to make the world safe for you men.” And all of the Joes burst out laughing.

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