Loud, clear and ugly, Colonel Sharpe.
  -- Duke (confirming that he heard Cobra's latest nefarious scheme)
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"Lady, you owe me."
- Charles Fairmont (placing a guilt trip on Lady Jaye)

Looking at a map, Lady Jaye tells Flint, who is driving a truck with a plane in tow that is escorted by several Snow Cats, that a mountain pasture should be near the next turn on the road.

As Flint catches sight of the pasture, Snow Job, who is on the back of the trailer with Recondo, Airtight, Alpine and Bazooka, excitedly shouts to the other Joes about the beauty of the rugged peaks and snow-covered pines in the mountain pasture.

As Bazooka explains that he feels homesick, Alpine jokes that Bazooka is from south Florida. Bazooka, unfazed by the veiled insult, explains that he misses Minnesota. As soon as Recondo wishes for a hot and steamy jungle, their conversation is interrupted by an attack from Snow Serpents, Cobra’s polar troops. Two Snow Cats are destroyed and Flint smashes through the debris of one of the Snow Cats in order to keep the convoy moving. Flint orders Bazooka to blow away a blockade constructed with trees and after teased by Alpine about being in the right mood, Bazooka replies that he is in the mood and destroys the blockade. As the Joes continue to cruise onward, the leader of the Snow Serpents radios Cobra Commander, who is flying a Cobra Rattler, that the Joes have refused their invitation. “How rude,” replies Cobra Commander. As Flint remarks that they are not “out of the woods,” Lady Jaye wittily replies as they are driving in an area thick with trees, “You’re very observant.” Flint laughs and tells her, “You know what I mean.” He adds that Cobra wants the Joes’ new fusion engine plane as badly as the Joes want to keep it, and then Cobra attacks from the sky with Rattlers.

Meanwhile, inside a house along the Joes’ path, a mother strikes a deal with her son and daughter: the first one to wash their hands is allowed to eat a cookie. The kids become excited and rush away. However, the sound of the battle attracts the boy and his mother to the front porch, and the boy, wide-eyed and delighted by the sight of the battle, asks his mother, “Neat, huh?!”

A Cobra Rattler is shot down and crashes to the ground near the ground. Another Cobra plane circles the transport and attempts to stop the Joes, however, Lady Jaye tosses a spear, strikes the plane and causes enough damage to the plane to force it to crash. But the plane smashes into the side of the house and Lady Jaye can only watch in fear and yell: “Flint! That cabin!” The mother grabs her son and runs from the house while Cobra Commander retreats because he has run out of ammunition.

Lady Jaye and Bazooka pickup the mother and her son, but when the little boy asks about his sister, Sally, Lady Jaye runs into the house to find her. And moments before the house collapses, Lady Jaye dashes out of the burning home with Sally in her arms.

While the house falls apart in the fire, Sally cries in Lady Jaye’s arms and repeatedly apologizes. “About what, sweetheart?” Lady Jaye asks. “I was eating all of the cookies.” The father, Mr. Fairmont, is met at the airport by two men in trenchcoats and sunglasses and is told that his family has been in an accident. Mr. Fairmont bursts into a waiting in the hospital and begins to demand for someone to tell him about his family. Flint, who is in the waiting room with Lady Jaye, explains that they are okay. “Are you a doctor, solider boy?” asks Fairmont, pointing his finger at Flint. “Uh, no - “ Flint replies. “Then butt out! I want to see someone in charge!” yells Fairmont.

A doctor enters the room and tells Fairmont that his wife sustained a mild concussion, his son received some scratches and bruises, however, his daughter is suffering from a mild case of smoke inhalation, but her situation, which is diagnosed as good, could have been much worse if she was not rescued so quickly, the doctor adds. After Fairmont asks what kind of accident his family was in, Lady Jaye sadly explains that the Joes’ convoy was attacked by a terrorist group known as Cobra and one the planes the Joes shot down crashed into his home. His family was saved but the home was completely destroyed.

Enraged Fairmont yells at the Joes: ”You bring a war to my door, involve my family, cause the destruction of my home and everything I have worked for - AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS YOU’RE SORRY???” Flint tries to explain that Cobra endangered Fairmont’s family, but Fairmont brushes away his comments and asks how he can get even.

Flint replies, “That’s our job.” However, Fairmont is not impressed and replies, “You glory hounds. I wouldn’t let you shine my shoes.” Fairmont then turns to the doctor, asks him to take care of his family, and after explaining that he has a score to settle, runs out of the room. Dressed as an army officer, Fairmont approaches a military police security post and asks the lone MP for directions to the computer center. The MP explains the room is on the first floor, however, he will need to clear the officer’s entrance with headquarters. As soon as the MP turns his back, Fairmont knocks him out and enters the Joes’ headquarters.

While Dusty, Shipwreck and Recondo watch TV, Flint tries to cheer Lady Jaye up by telling her that none of the Fairmonts were seriously hurt, however, Lady Jaye feels that the Joes are not any less accountable for their actions, and she leaves the four men in the recreation room who listen to an announcer declare that the contest winner has just received an all paid expense trip to the Everglades.

Fairmont short-circuits a control panel to the computer room with a screwdriver and sneaks inside, but Lady Jaye catches sight of him entering the room, kicks him into the filing cabinets, flips on the room’s light and asks what he is doing.

He explains that he is looking for information on Cobra and wants to even the score while she and her boyfriends are lounging around in their clubhouse. Lady Jaye helps him up from the ground and confesses that she shares his pain since she brought the plane down with one of her javelins. Pointing an accusing finger at her, Fairmont tells Lady Jaye that she owes him. Lady Jaye nods in agreement. While examining the TV listings, Shipwreck is told by Polly to find a show worth watching on TV. Shipwreck threatens Polly to shut up and Polly flies away. Meanwhile, Lady Jaye tells Fairmont to stay seated while she accesses top secret information about Cobra bases, however, Lady Jaye searches for inactive Cobra bases and informs Fairmont that Cobra owns a munitions base northwest of San Francisco. Fairmont explains that it will work for him so long as Cobra is hurt. Lady Jaye hushes Farimont and explains that if she is lucky, she will only be court-martialed for her actions. And as they leave, Polly, who is sitting in an alcove above the door to the computer room, flaps his wings and says, “I know a secret. I know a secret.”

A Skystriker soars above the Pacific Ocean and Lady Jaye reminds Fairmont to do exactly what she says. He agrees so long as he is allowed to pull the trigger and damage Cobra. A Cobra Rattler appears in the sky and Fairmont asks if she is expecting company. “Say to hello to Cobra,” she replies. Two missiles from the Cobra plane hit the two tail wings of the Skystriker. “Now say good-bye,” she tells Fairmont. Flying up and looping behind the Rattler, she lets loose two missiles and destroys the plane.

Back at Joe headquarters, Flint asks Breaker, Zap, Thunder, Shipwreck and Roadblock if they have seen Lady Jaye. Breaker tells Flint that if Lady Jaye took the missing Skystriker, she is not broadcasting it on the radio. Suddenly, Polly begins to flap his wings and shout that he knows a secret. Shipwreck grabs Polly and tells the bird to tell them the secret, but Polly responds, “No way, Jose.” Shipwreck then turns to Roadblock and asks if he still has a recipe of his favorite parrot dinner. Polly then yells that he will talk.

As Lady Jaye attempts to land, the Skystriker is shot by a beam that causes all of the electronics to go dead. She glides the plane into the water, escapes from the plane before it crashes and dives back under the water to rescue Fairmont, who is surprised. “All in the line of duty for us glory hounds,” she tells him in a sarcastic tone. They then climb up a tall cliff near the beach.

As Cobra’s latest weapon, the Power Destroyer, is lowered from an opening in the base’s domed roof, Cobra Commander congratulates the weapon’s creator, Dr. Fillmoss, on the idea of using a captured Skystriker in the weapons test, but Dr. Fillmoss replies that he only order three Rattlers. Cobra Commander quickly assumes that the Joes have found Cobra’s newest base and orders Major Bludd to comb the beach for survivors.

Lady Jaye helps Fairmont up to the top of the cliff and he tells her that the exercise was worst than basic training and compliments Lady Jaye in being in great shape. She then confesses that she queried the computer for an abandoned base, however, it appears to her that Cobra is testing a new weapon. Therefore, since the odds have changed, she orders Fairmont to hide in a cave while she tries to contact headquarters. Major Bludd’s men find footprints on the beach and Lady Jaye, and after swatting away several Cobra agents, she is tackled to the ground and taken to Cobra’s base, but Fairmont follows them.

Major Bludd brings Lady Jaye to Cobra Commander, who sits on a throne and asks when the Joes are going to attack. Lady Jaye tells Cobra’s leader that she is alone, but Cobra Commander doesn’t believe her. She then asks if the weapon behind her is what shot her plane down. Cobra Commander’s mood changes and he begins to brag about the weapon’s ability to neutralize any power source with its ebony ray. He then orders Lady Jaye to be taken away and for Major Bludd to use any amount of force required to make Lady Jaye confess.

But Lady Jaye stomps on one of her captor’s foot, swats aside another Cobra agent to the side and with an arm locked around Cobra Commander’s neck, she tells Cobra’s leader to order his troops to lay down their guns. But as they place their guns on the ground, Dr. Fillmoss sneaks up behind Lady Jaye and knocks her out. Cobra Commander compliments the doctor for his timely entrance and orders Major Bludd to teach Lady Jaye the folly of her ways in the interrogation room.

Outside the entrance to the base, Fairmont makes a rustle in the bushes near the guard and when the Cobra agent looks into the foliage, Fairmont punches him. Inside the base, Cobra Commander questions Lady Jaye while she is wearing a Cobra electronic headband, but all of Lady Jaye’s responses do not satisfy Cobra Commander, who leaves the room and orders Major Bludd to increase the power of the tiara to force Lady Jaye to talk. But as soon as Cobra Commander leaves the room and Major Bludd turns a knob on the tiara, a Cobra agent enters the room and punches out Major Bludd. Ripping off his mask and helmet, he tells Lady Jaye, “Relax! It’s me, Charlie.”

Lady Jaye is freed by Fairmont and the two pretend that he is a Cobra agent leading Lady Jaye around the base at gun point, however, the two enter a munitions room and as Fairmont steals grenades, Lady Jaye places explosives in the room to distract Cobra so that they can blow up the energy destroyer. Dr. Fillmoss reports that several aircraft are approaching the base and Cobra Commander orders the energy destroyer to be tested in combat. The armory explodes and Lady Jaye and Fairmont sneak into the control room and attempt to stop the weapon from firing at the Joes.

The computer panels are locked, but before Charles Fairmont can use his computer skills to override the controls, Cobra Commander orders the foolish Cobra agents pounding on the door to shoot down the door.

Lady Jaye orders Fairmont to take cover as the door explodes and they learn that there is a turret on the cannon that can be used to change the aim of the cannon from the approaching Joes. Lady Jaye points to a hole in the roof as a way to travel to the gun. Roadblock spies smoke from the island and Flint wonders who is getting cooked. Meanwhile, Cobra Commander screams in delight about the imminent destruction of the Joes and Lady Jaye fires at the cannon in attempt to destroy the cannon, however, her shots bounce off the sides. She then turns to Fairmont and tells him to throw the last grenade at the cannon. But he refuses and tells her that the grenade is for Cobra Commander. “Charlie, the Joes are like family to me,” she tells him. Realizing he owes a debt to Lady Jaye for saving his own family, he tosses the grenade into the cannon.

The explosion from the grenade rips the cannon to pieces and as the debris falls to the ground, Cobra Commander throws Dr. Fillmoss aside and retreats. Fairmont yells for “snake face” to wait for him, but Cobra agents fire at Fairmont and force Lady Jaye and Fairmont to dive for cover. The Joes continue to fly to the island and parachute out of the planes while under fire from Cobra’s dimages/efenses.

Lady Jaye fires a few shots over the Cobra agents and the falling rocks and debris cause the agents to retreat. Fairmont compliments Lady Jaye’s combat skills and punches out Dr. Fillmoss as he runs toward them.

Grabbing his arm, Lady Jaye tells Fairmont that he has had enough. But Charles Fairmont simply replies, “Uh-uh. Not until I get Cobra Commander.” The Joes outside the base enter through a hole in the front gate thanks to Bazooka and they begin to search for Lady Jaye.

Flint finds Lady Jaye and the two spin in a hug, but Fairmont slips away and fires a shot near Cobra Commander, who is but few feet away from a Cobra Rattler. He turns around and asks, “What is the meaning of this? Who are you?” With a gun pointed a Cobra Commander, Charles Fairmont, an enraged husband and father, calmly tells Cobra Commander, “Just an ordinary guy whose wife and kids nearly bit the bullet because of you.” Cobra Commander taunts the man as a coward since Fairmont is willing to shoot an unarmed man. Tossing the gun aside, Fairmont rushes at Cobra Commander, but he is punched to the ground and as Cobra Commander picks up the gun and aims it at Fairmont, Flint and several other Joes enter the room.

Cobra Commander tells Flint and the other to drop their weapons or he will shoot Fairmont, and he then tell Flint that he never bluffs. Fairmont yells, “Forget me, soldier boy! Drop this creep!” But the Joes drop their guns to the ground and after Cobra Commander waves good-bye and tells Flint to have a nice day, he and Major Bludd fly away. Climbing up from the ground, an extremely angry and disappointed Fairmont asks why the Joes let Cobra Commander escape. Lady Jaye places a hand on Charles Fairmont’s shoulder and tells him, “Our job is saving lives - not helping good men throw theirs away.”

Fairmont escorts his wife and kids out of the hospital and he listens to his wife admonish him for attacking Cobra by himself. After all, she adds, none of the kids or herself were seriously injured, however, Charles can only reply that they could have been hurt. He tells her that none of it matters and that they should all go home. Flint and Lady Jaye, who are standing near Fairmont’s car, tell him that they hope he has learned to leave the fight against Cobra to the Joes.

And Charles Fairmont places his arms on the roof on the car and tells the Joes, “Sure, for now.” As he climbs inside his car and drives away, Flint asks Lady Jaye, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

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