No tipping, please.
  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
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"How many times must I retreat in one day?!"
- Cobra Commander (while fleeing from a battle)

Admiral Ledger then informs General Hawk that the rescue may not be possible since the Flagg has slipped to the edge of a cliff and is but mere feet away from falling into the depths of the sea. “Your men don’t have a chance,” states Admiral Ledger.

Roadblock strikes a match in the dark and Zartan tells him that their situation looks a bit grim. Leatherneck finds the emergency switch and Zarana asks for someone to free her from a pile of wreckage. Wet-Suit lifts a piece up so she can free herself and tells the Joe that the only time she thought a member of G.I.Joe would help her is when entering a jail cell.

LeCarre enters the room and explains that the main bulkheads are filling with water and adds that they should all say their prayers. Noticing how remarkably sane LeCarre appears, Wet-Suit whispers to Roadblock that the bump on LeCarre’s head must have knocked some sense into him.

As the USS Flagg rocks and slides forward, everybody crashes into the kelp garden. Disgusted by the air of failure around him, Roadblock tells everybody to get to work or he will start cracking skulls. He then turns to LeCarre and asks if the rotors on the Cobra helicarrier are still working.

Unsure, LeCarre asks why and learns that the blades could raise the Flagg to the surface if, as Zartan notes, they are powered by the anti-matter pod.

The roof begins to crack and everybody quickly races to another room while General Hawk and Admiral Ledger watch the wreckage slowly slip into the depths of the sea. An electrical cord is stretched from the motor for the helicarrier blades to the anti-matter pod, however, LeCarre is unable to connect it and yells for help.

Everybody races to the pod’s room and helps plug the electrical cord into the pod’s plug. Before Zartan activates the blades, he tells Roadblock that he hope the plan works, and then pulls the switch.

The blades spin and slowly the wreckage begins to rise to the surface, where a powerful whirlpool spins several SHARCs around and causes the ocean to churn violently. And the USS Flagg reaches the surface.

Roadblock climbs out and LeCarre thanks him for seeing the sun again. However, the Joe reminds him that they worked together. Wet-Suit is surprised that they worked with “Zartan’s bunch” and then turns to see Zartan, his family and several Cobra BATs ready to attack them while holding the anti-matter pod.

Zartan invites LeCarre to join them, but the Cobra cook refuses since Cobra abandoned him. And although Zartan calls LeCarre crazy, the once crazed Cobra agent replies that he has never been saner. Then, he falls to the ground while clutching his stomach. Zartan pokes fun at him, but then he, too, falls to the ground along with the Joes and his brother and sister.

From the top of an oil rig, General Hawk realizes that they need to be placed in a decompression chamber since they rose to the surface too quickly, however, Cobra Commander returns and attacks the Joes. "Don’t those guys ever take a day off?” General Hawk asks with an unnerved tone in his voice.

Zandar grabs the anti-matter pod and attempts to flee with his brother and sister, however, LeCarre trips Zandar, picks up the pod and runs.

And before Zartan and the others grab LeCarre, Roadblock pushes all of the Cobra agents into the sea.

The three mercenaries are picked up by a Cobra Moray and a Cobra agent orders the other Cobra agents to place them inside a decompression chamber. And as Cobra Commander leaves the battle, he screams, “How many times must I retreat in one day?!”

General Hawk congratulates Roadblock on his successful mission and informs him that the USS Flagg is on its way to Norfolk, Virginia. However, Roadblock explains that the mission’s success was also due to help of B.A. LeCarre, who asks General Hawk if G.I.Joe has room for a half-baked, fully reformed ex-Cobra Viper. General Hawk laughs and tells him, “We’ll make room.”

But their conversation is interrupted as Leatherneck and Wet-Suit begin to argue about how their card game is being played. Roadblock then asks how much longer they will need to stay inside the decompression chamber. After learning that there are sixteen more hours to go, LeCarre suggests that maybe life was better in the ocean. Scratching the back of his head, Roadblock replies, “Things were a lot more peaceful at the bottom of the ocean.” And LeCarre and Roadblock then burst out laughing.

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