Like, how can you be so totally uncool, Low-Light?
  -- Satin (to Low-Light after receiving an invitation to a party)
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"Now, what we have here is a failure to communicate."
- B.A. LeCarre (after stopping two petty squabbles among the Joes and Cobras)

The BATs force everybody to their knees while LeCarre changes roles to the judge, and he then orders the BATs to bring the Joes and Cobras back to their feet. LeCarre then turns his head back and forth as he holds a conversation with himself as he switches between the roles of a district attorney and the judge.

As the judge, LeCarre asks if the prisoners have anything to say and everybody begins to shout at once. But LeCarre pounds a table with a stick and orders for the courtroom to be silent. After BATs place their hands over the mouths of the prisoners, LeCarre announces that they will work in the kelp gardens as punishment.

Aboard a Cobra Moray, Serpentor asks Cobra Commander if he can capture the anti-matter pod without the help of Zartan and his “ridiculous siblings.” Explaining that their only sub in the area is with Zartan, Cobra Commander is then ordered by Serpentor to destroy the anti-matter pod if Cobra cannot have it for themselves and then signs off. “He’s always in such a hurry,” mumbles Cobra Commander as he crosses his arms and turns away from the monitor.

LeCarre interrupts Wet-Suit as he is singing "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen" and Roadblock then asks their jailor what B.A. stands for. The former mess hall cook explains that it stands for “Bon Appetite,” a nick name given to him after a group of Strato-Vipers suffered from ptomaine poisoning. LeCarre then stops his rant and looks around his home and muses that he could use some new curtains for his very own Cobraville.

Leatherneck turns to Zartan and asks if the mercenary can bring LeCarre back to reality since he is a Cobra agent, however, the master of disguise explains the cook is too deranged to be saved. As Zarana drinks from a glass, Zandar calls his sister a greedy, little pig and Leatherneck and Wet-Suit fight one another over a net.

LeCarre fires his gun at the Joes and yells at them to be quiet. Blowing the tip of the gun, he tells everybody, “Now, what we have here is a failure to communicate.” LeCarre decides that his prisoners need an object lesson, so he orders the BATs to seize Zarana and place her against a wall.

Several other BATs subdue Zartan and Roadblock, who suggest that they join forces to save Zarana.

As General Hawk explains to Admiral Ledger that they will use several cranes and floatation devices to raise the USS Flagg, Cobra Commander watches from afar on a Moray and explains to a Cobra Viper that they will attack when G.I.Joe is the most vulnerable, while raising the carrier.

LeCarre orders a groups of BATs to stand at attention and then to take aim at Zarana, however, Zartan and Roadblock grab a net and snag all of the BATs. But the Joe and Zartan are blasted by a high-powered firehose aimed by LeCarre, who announces that Zarana and Roadblock will be executed.

Roadblock turns to Zarana and apologizes for their unsuccessful plan.

After General Hawk reports to Admiral Ledger that the subs and floatation devices are almost ready, Cobra Commander attacks the Joes. As several SHARCs and Tactical Battle Platforms are destroyed, dozens of depth charges are dropped into the sea and explode near the Flagg.

And just as the BATs fire their arrows at Roadblock and Zarana, the shockwaves from the explosions rock the ship and cause the BATs to miss the ducking Joe and Cobra agent.

LeCarre falls to the ground and smashes his head against a metal barrel while the ship begins to fall apart.

Cobra Commander presses his attack, however, the Joes slowly turn the tide of the battle and General Hawk orders the Joes driving the Devilfish to break off their pursuit since they still need to rescue their teammates.

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