Am I losing my mind?
  -- Gerber Landsford (after "Honest" Gerky tells him that he is fired)
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Credits: written by Donald F. Glut

Production Number: 600-43

Original Airdate: November 12, 1985

Cobra steals specimens of DNA recently discovered in the fossil remains of dinosaurs and, through a sinister scientific process, grows its own giant reptiles with which to terrorize civilization.

G.I.Joe: Flint, Scarlett, Gung Ho, Airtight, Roadblock, Joe grunts, Deep Six Cobra: Wild Weasel, Crimson Guard, Cobra Commander, Destro, Tomax, Xamot, Cobra agent
G.I.Joe: SHARC, Skystriker Cobra: Rattler, FANG, Ferret

When Cobra Commander tells Destro that the world was once ruled by reptiles and will soon be ruled again but by a Cobra, the line would have held an extra sense of foreshadowing if the story of the series was a directed by single mind like J. Michael Straczynski in Babylon 5. However, the line ends up as just another wishful thought.

Because "Primordial Plot" debuted in 1985, which was five years before Michael Crichton's book Jurassic Park and eight years before the film, "I'd say Joe got the jump on Mr. Crichton on this one" (submitted by Dino Virgilio Monzon).

And where was Deep Six when Flint, Gung Ho and Scarlett arrived at Cobra's eerie island?

The Joes are seen briefly walking through equipment at Joe headquarters.

Tomax and Xamot's sashes should be colored red and not grey.

Crimson Guard #1 of 3: No survivors here. Let’s check the other wrecks.
Gung Ho: No two ways about it. We’ve got to call in an air strike.
Scarlett: How loud can you yell?
Gung Ho: Plenty loud.
Scarlett: Good because we don’t have a radio.
Flint: She’s right. We’ll have to take the fortress out alone.
Scarlett: Good. I was afraid we wouldn’t have anything to do today.
Time: 32 seconds
Commentary: There are some pros and cons to the edit. The bad animation with the Crimson Guards riding to the crash site on the Cobra Ferrets is nearly amateurish stop-start animation in appearance, however, the editors also cut out the humor in the show.


Gung Ho: I’m so hungry even our food packets are looking good.
Flint: Don’t eat, Gung Ho. We've got to conserve food. Who knows how long we’ll be here.
Gung Ho: Great! Next thing you’ll be telling me is that we can’t sleep.
Flint: Well, if you want to bunk out in this oozing swamp, be my guest.
Gung Ho: All right, but I’ve got some primal urges to satisfy and the top two on my list are food and shelter.
Scarlett: What are you complaining about, Gung Ho? I thought this place would remind you of home.
Gung Ho: It does! Now you know why I left!
Time: 39.5 seconds


If you meet a stray dog, do not try to pet it since it could attack you. And if the animal becomes angry, back away slowly.
Same as above.


Photon I
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Nintendo II
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Sound Clip: Scarlett walks up to Gung Ho, places a hand on his shoulder and reminds him: “Cobra has an irritating habit of doing the impossible.” [90.8 kb]

Sound Clip: Scarlett wonders what the Joes should do with the dinosaurs and Dr. Massey suggests that his investors would probably like to open a museum, however, Flint interrupts and tells Dr. Massey that the investors can suck eggs since the Joes are leaving and Dr. Massey can stay. "Any questions?" Flint asks the doctor menacingly. [128 kb]

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