R-i-i-i-ght. And Iím Dr. Footloose and thatís Dusty up there. Heís just an intern.
  -- Footloose (to Dr. Winters, who wishes to be called "Doctor Winters")
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"This is getting expensive."
- Scarlett (after a shot from a Cobra agent disentigrates a corner of thousand dollar bills stacked near her head)

Wild Bill informs his teammates, Scarlett, Duke and Snake Eyes, that the skies near the Bureau of Engraving in Washington DC are not occupied by Cobra and asks Duke if the Cobra communication Duke intercepted was authentic. "If a Cobra was pulling my leg, I'd know it, Wild Bill," replies Duke.

Dressed as a security guard, Duke checks up on Scarlett, who looks like a worker on the printing floor, via radio and encourages her to fight the boredom of seeing one sheet of thousand dollar bills after another being printed, a prize that may interest Cobra. Duke then checks in with Thunder, Cover Girl, Gung Ho and Mutt, however, no one on the Joe team has seen anything suspicious.

Over the printing presses, a tour guide informs the tourists that a wide variety of denominations are printed every day. Suddenly, a nun rips away her clothes and to reveal himself as a Cobra agent. All of the tourists strip away their disguises and aim there guns at the workers. While outside the building, Major Bludd radios Cobra Commander that the building has been secured, however, inside the bureau's building, Duke quickly stands up and shouts to the other Joes, "Now!"

As lasers from the Joes and Cobras criss-cross and hit the stacks of currency, Scarlett remarks, "This is getting expensive." Major Bludd runs across a catwalk and is pursued by Duke, who dodges the shots from the Cobras and under the protective cover fire provided by Scarlett.

Beating away four Cobra agents, Duke enters an office and attempts to capture Major Bludd. However, a bomb on a safe explodes and slams Duke into a wall, knocking him unconscious. Major Bludd removes a tape labeled A-4 and flies off to Cobra Temple.

Snake Eyes ends the battle with the Cobras by shooting the support cables for the catwalk, causing the Cobras to crash to the ground. The Joes rush to find out what has happened to Duke and find him crawling up to his feet. Filled with worry in her voice, Scarlett asks, "You all right?" Rubbing his head, Duke replies, "Yeah, if you can call a broken head Ďall right.í"

The manager walks into the room and exclaims, "Oh, dear, Lord, no!"
"It's okay, pal. I'll be - " Duke responds.
Walking past Duke and ignoring him, the manager continues, "They took the A-4 tape."
Duke rubs his head and wonders out loud why the tape is so special.

Cobra Commander insults the Joes because they were not bright enough to realize that he was not after a few million grubby American dollars but the tape, which contains the plans for Fort Knox - including the route on how to enter the building without being detected.

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