Emmie, I told you never to make that surprise stew again!
  -- a farmer (to his wife while running away from a giant germ)
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"Some of the guys make fun of me because I don’t carry weapons, but saving lives takes courage, too."
- Lifeline (to Wet-Suit, who risks his life to destroy a BAT)

While the Joes fly on a Conquest X-30 toward India, Cobra Rattlers land around the Cobra Mothership. Cobra Commander, Destro, a BAT and Dr. Mindbender, Serpentor enter a cave with a snake head carved around the entrance. Serpentor's face becomes green and snake-like in appearance as he declares that he was once King Tashaka, lord of all serpents. He then states that he has traveled to the cave in order to find the embodiment of all his power, his favorite pet, who he has not seen in five thousand years and imagines has grown.

Two Vipers guard the entrance to Serpentor’s cave, however, they fail to notice Lifeline and Wet-Suit as they sneak across the top of the mountainside and crawl through a crack in the cave’s roof. Wet-Suit strikes a flare and the two Joes run into Serpentor’s pet, a ten foot tall cobra. The Joes quickly retreat and squeeze into a crack in the wall after Wet-Suit tosses the flare away. The cobra slithers past them and eats the flare while Wet-Suit asks Lifeline, “Did I ever tell you that I hate snakes?”

Cobra Commander and the other Cobra agents follow Serpentor into the depths of the cave and are shocked when they learn that Serpentor’s pet is a huge cobra. Cobra Commander swiftly hands a torch to a Cobra BAT, who immediately loses his arm due thanks to a bite from the snake. However, Serpentor calms the creature and climbs on top of its head while Destro declares that since Serpentor’s power is complete, G.I.Joe will not be able to stop them.

As Serpentor’s command for all of the snakes echoes throughout the cave, Lifeline calms a petrified Wet-Suit, who, with a gun in his hand, reminds his friend in a scared voice that he hates snakes, which are slithering all around him.

A goblet is filled with venom from the fangs of Serpentor’s pet and Cobra’s emperor guzzles the liquid down before explaining that it is his “favorite nectar of days gone by.” And after Cobra Commander learns that the venom drink fills Serpentor with power, he eagerly asks for a sip. Serpentor laughs and then pours the drink on a table, which melts. Cobra Commander quickly rescinds his request and the Cobra Emperor and his agents leave to make preparations for their departure while the Joes sneak into the room.

While Serpentor orders a BAT to not allow anyone into the shrine, the Joes examine the liquid venom inside the goblet. However, before Lifeline can grab a sample of the venom, the BAT enters the room and Wet-Suit tosses the goblet at the same BAT who tried to turn him into “SEAL on a stick.” The venom melts the robot’s circuitry and crashes to the ground. Wet-Suit tries to reason that they can return to their original plan, collecting a sample of Serpentor’s blood, but Lifeline says the blood sample was “clutching at straws” while the venom was Leatherneck’s best chance and they should now chase Serpentor’s pet. But Wet-Suit balks at the plan.

“So,” says Lifeline, “it’s okay to risk your life for revenge, but to save Leatherneck’s life you won’t square off against a snake? Some of the guys make fun of me because I don’t carry weapons, but saving lives takes courage, too. And if you’re too scared to help, then I’m going after that snake alone.” Thoroughly wretched and ashamed, Wet-Suit joins his friend as he searches for the snake and tells him, “You made your point, buddy. I just hope you can talk this good to the snake.”

Wet-Suit and Lifeline find the snake, however, their plans to quietly approach the snake, who is guarding her eggs, is ruined, so Wet-Suit tears off part of his shirt, wraps it around his arm and places his arm in the snake’s mouth as it attacks him.

Lifeline helps his teammate to a wall, removes the torn shirt from his arm and squeezes the venom into a test tube. Standing on a cliff above the large Cobra airship, the Lifeline tells his teammate, “Wet-Suit! No!”

“Aww, just one lousy grenade?” Wet-Suit asks. After watching Lifeline half-toss his hands in the air, Wet-Suit thanks his friend and tosses the grenade. “Now can we go?” Lifeline asks. After Wet-Suit reluctantly agrees, the Cobra Mothership explodes, and Destro’s horrible thoughts about the weapons arsenal detonating come true. Massive chunks of the airship strike the mountain, and as boulders crash to the ground, the earth cracks open. Serpentor’s favorite pet crawls into the crack in the ground while the Cobra agents scramble for cover and Serpentor yells, “We’re doomed!”

Wet-Suit tells Lifeline that there’s nothing in the world like a good explosion, then collapses against a Conquest X-30's control panel. “Nothing except getting your friends home alive,” Lifeline replies.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Cobra Commander asks what Serpentor’s quest has accomplished now that his “favorite, favorite thing is gone.” Cupped in his hands, an egg hatches and Serpentor and the others watch a small snake hiss softly.

Inside a hospital room at G.I.Joe headquarters, Leatherneck welcomes a groaning Wet-Suit back to the land of the living with a handshake, and the two quickly return to swapping good-naturedly insults at one another.

Outside the room, General Hawk asks Lifeline about the health of the two Joes, who are shouting so loudly that they are heard through the room's closed door. “I’d say they are on the road to complete recovery,” replies Lifeline. “If they don’t kill each other first,” General Hawk jokes.

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