Am I losing my mind?
  -- Gerber Landsford (after "Honest" Gerky tells him that he is fired)
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"A Seal would have brought back Serpentor’s head."
- Wet-Suit (to Leatherneck while lifting Serpentor's broken battle axe)

After the Cobra Morays speed away, the Joes visit NATO Headquarters in Holland. Leatherneck, with his feet up on a table, humbly tells the Joes that any red-blooded Marine would have stopped Serpentor and wrecked his weapon. However, Wet-Suit replies, “A SEAL would have brought back Serpentor’s head.” Wet-Suit and Leatherneck begin to push one another and Lifeline steps between them in order to break up their shoving match. Mainframe calls Leatherneck over to a computer monitor and the Marine identifies Serpentor’s changed face as Vlad Tempes, who is better known as Count Dracula.

Lift-Ticket transports Flint, Beach Head, Low-Light, Lady Jaye, Wet-Suit and Leatherneck to a castle in a Tomahawk. The Joes jump out of the helicopter and fly in a downward spiral toward the castle on Falcon gliders.

While Serpentor guides Dr. Mindbender to his interrogation chambers and states that his equipment was created with a craftsmanship unsurpassed by today’s standards, the Joes check out the security around the castle. Unimpressed by the number of Vipers around the Joes and despite Beach Head’s protests, Wet-Suit grabs a javelin from Lady Jaye’s backpack, ties the rope to a gargoyle’s tooth and tosses the spear into a tree before sliding down the rope and knocking out two Vipers. Wet-Suit runs across the drawbridge while more Cobra Vipers pursue with blazing guns.

“So much for the element of surprise,” grumbles Leatherneck before the Joes unanimously yell “Yo Joe” and fly on Falcon gliders toward the Vipers. The drawbridge closes and Leatherneck, who dives into the water in order to rescue Wet-Suit, tells the Joes, “Guess the Marines had better save his pathetic hide while he’s still got one!”

Wiggling his way through a crack in the castle’s wall, Leatherneck swims to the surface and charges into the interrogation chamber, where Wet-Suit struggles with a BAT on a balance beam above several tall spikes on the floor.

Leatherneck fires a shot at the beam and the BAT is impaled while Wet-Suit falls to the ground. With Leatherneck’s help, the SEAL recovers, and the two Joes decide to make themselves scarce after Serpentor recognizes Leatherneck as the one who destroyed his battle axe.

Pulling out a dart filled with the most dangerous venom in the world, Serpentor’s blood, the Cobra Emperor throws the dart at the Joes. However, it sails between them while they are retreating and hits a door. The Joes slam the door behind them and while Leatherneck leans against the door to prevent Cobra coming after them, Wet-Suit grabs some timber to brace the door and encourages his teammate to “put some of the famous Jarhead muscle into the door” while Vipers pound on the door.

After the door is fortified, Leatherneck complains about a splinter in his back and then moves away from the door. Wet-Suit explains in a half-horrified voice that the Marine was really leaning against Serpentor’s poison dart. “In that case, Froggy, this is good-bye.” And Leatherneck collapses to the floor, and Wet-Suit yells in rage.

Vipers burst through the door and chase Wet-Suit as he carries his teammate away. But Wet-Suit grabs a rope ladder on a Tomahawk and the Joes return to their headquarters, where Lifeline explains that Leatherneck’s situation “doesn’t look good.” Duke, Lady Jaye, Flint, General Hawk, Wet-Suit and Mainframe stand around Leatherneck’s bed as Lifeline explains that unless he can find the original poison, he will not be able to create an antidote for the venom circulating inside Leatherneck’s body. Lifeline then confirms for Wet-Suit that if he had a sample of Serpentor’s blood, there’s a chance he can save their teammate.

Mainframe interrupts the conversation to inform the Joes that Dial-Tone intercepted a message from the Cobra Mothership about Serpentor’s next stop, the southern part India. Wet-Suit dashes out of the room with Lifeline while General Hawk protests their departure since they don’t have a plan, then whispers, “Just make sure you both come back.”

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