Um, help me join the Joe team?
  -- Amber (to Quick Kick after he jokingly asks what he is going to do with her)
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Credits: written by Doug Booth

Production Number: 600-70

Original Airdate: October 16, 1986

Leatherneck and Wet-Suit’s rivalry gets out of hand. Leatherneck loses sight of the Joes’ objective - defending freedom - and turns their battles with Cobra into a personal glory seeking campaign. His irresponsible actions result in Wet-Suit’s near fatal injuries and causes Leatherneck to re-examine his reasons for joining the Joes. [Note: The final version of the episodes reversed the positions of the characters.]

G.I.Joe: Beach Head, Dial-Tone, Duke*, Flint, General Hawk, Lady Jaye, Leatherneck, Lifeline, Lift-Ticket, Low-Light, Mainframe, Wet-Suit Cobra: BAT*, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Eel, Serpentor, Strato-Viper, Viper*
G.I.Joe: Conquest X-30, Falcon Gliders, Tomahawk Cobra: Moray, Night Raven, Rattler
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Included in Serpentor's collection is the statue of Julius Caesar from Prima Porta, which may have been referenced in the animation sequence for the G.I.Joe Armadillo, Mirage and the Cobra Flight Pod commercial. Also, the person behind Julius Caeser looks similar to Alfred E. Neuman, the mascot of Mad Magazine.

An unidentified character appears beside Leatherneck (left side).

Considering the snake-like features of King Tashaka and the placement of the Cobra organization's symbol on a table, which appears to be part of the tomb due to the designs around the table's edges, the inclusion of the king may have been a hint about the upcoming appearance Cobra-La.

At the end of the episode, Leatherneck is seen reading an issue of Marvel's G.I.Joe comic book series, and due to the amount of brown around the logo, the cover referenced may have been issue 41, which was published in November 1985 (with information from Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

The computerized image of the castle is not lined up properly. As a result, the monitor's picture appears on top of the control panel.

The painting of Rasputin was seen in the room before the artwork was delivered to Serpentor.

The color of Low-Light's goggles change from transparent to red.


Flint explains that you should rely on your conscience rather than the people around you as a morality compass.


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