Well, Zandar, you failed so quickly?
  -- Zartan (after Zandar retreats from Joe headquarters)
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"No tipping, please."
- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)

On the corner of a city street stands a newly renovated firehouse, which was restored thanks to Barbecue, the Joes' fireman. After Scarlett compliments the refurbishing job and hopes the place is still standing after the house party is over, Barbecue tells her that the place is a little too neat and adds that he hopes to antique it a little. Barbecue then lifts a flaming burger off the grill and places it on Scarlett's plate. She immediately dumps the plate into the punch bowl.

As Roadblock is surrounded by five generic Joes at the basketball court, Snake Eyes snaps to the beat of the song on the stereo while Gung Ho is told by Lady Jaye that she has never seen his dance moves before. Above and behind the two dancing Joes, Alpine tells Footloose that he will make a climber out of Footloose even if it kills him. Roadblock knocks his opponents out of the way with the basketball and falls through a window after he is tripped. "Guess I won't be needing that window cleaned," says Barbecue.

The railing holding Alpine and Footloose's ropes snaps and the two Joes drop onto the table causing the food to fly toward Scarlett. After Roadblock climbs up to the window, he tosses the basket into the hoop and Barbecue tells Scarlett, who is covered in food, that it looks like his party is a success.

The phone rings and Barbecue is told that "the viper is coming; five seventy-five." He relays the message to the other Joes and Scarlett believes that the phone call is from Cobra and is a cryptic challenge. After the Joes each grab a hamburger, they return to headquarters.

In the map room, Barbecue suggest that five seventy-five could be a set of coordinates. Lady Jaye tries five degree east and seventy-five degrees south. Turning to her teammate, Lady Jaye tells Barbecue that the South Pole sounds like a likely place for a Cobra base.

G.I.Joe Snowcats drive through the snow and stop while Scarlett examines the area with binoculars. As she mutters about the area being filled with "chock full of nothing," Alpine climbs out of his Snow Cat and asks what Footloose sees in the distance. The two climb out and Alpine tries to remove the object, a rock, they spotted since it would look great in Alpine's collection and because he would like to have a momento of the trip.

However, the rock glows for a moment and a Snow Cat is lowered into the ground by a hydraulic lift. Scarlett watches the Snow Cat descend and when Lady Jaye, Barbecue and Gung Ho reach the bottom they climb out of their Snow Cat and enter a room. Rising from behind a counter a robot greets the Joes to Cobra Recreational Base number three, where they can play table tennis and swim in the Cobra Commander gymnasium, eat lunch in the Destro dining room or watch the Cobra Cuties in the Zartan entertainment center. The robot then adds, "No tipping, please."

The Joes enter the next room and find themselves surrounded by Cobra agents, who still wear their masks and helmets even though they are inside a R&R base. They begin to throw cue balls at the Joes, but Lady Jaye rushes forward, strikes a cue ball that nails a racked set at the other end and causes the balls to fly at the Cobra agents. Gung Ho and Barbecue rip off a volleyball net and tie up four more Cobra soldiers. As the Joes begin to retreat, Barbecue sprays the floor with an extinguishing foam and the Cobras step into the foam and slide into the pool.

The Cobra manager of the base runs to a control panel and alerts the Firebat pilots, who take off and attack the Joes on the snowy landscape of Antarctica. HISS tanks and Cobra Polar troops pour out of the base and advance upon the Joes, but Roadblock remains undeterred. He hops into his Snow Cat, avoids the missiles from the Firebats and launches snow-pedoes at the group of HISS tanks. Cobra's tanks explode and Scarlett radios Ace for his help on the removal of some pests. And the four Skystrikers following Ace dive to the ground with him as he tries to help out his friends.

Inside the base, Lady Jaye, Barbecue and Gung Ho use a couch for cover as they try to hold their position as they are attacked. The couch may be fireproof, however, as a laser blast rips the top portion of the couch off, Lady Jaye wishes that the furniture was laser-proof.

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