Remember: a cobra is a snake and 'snake' is 'sneak' spelled sideways.
  -- Flint (radioing Duke while escorting the laser cannon to Joe headquarters)
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"Yeah? Well, here’s mud in your eye!"
- Flint (before destroying several Cobra ASPs with a Sky Hawk)

Ripcord notices that Lady Jaye’s signal has stopped so he ejects and tells Ace that his instincts say the mountain is not really there on the ground. Ace yells for his maniac friend to pop his shoot since he thinks the mountain is real, but Ripcord radios back that it is too late and shouts, “Yo Joe!” Fortunately, Ripcord falls through a hologram of a mountain and radios Flint that he may need some help dealing with "Snake City."

Flint and several other generic Joe paratroopers drop from a cargo plane with Snowcats, Sluggers, Sky Hawks, Armadillos and Maulers, pass through the hologram and travel toward Cobra Temple. Meanwhile, Lady Jaye attempts to lose the Crimson Guard Commanders while skiing. Cobra Commander orders Destro and the Baroness to attack the Joes in Cobra Flight Pods while he will direct the battle from a remote location. As Lady Jaye continues to avoid her pursuers, Cobra CLAWs attack the Joes. “Ya-hoo! Music to my ears!” shouts Thunder before destroying a CLAW with his Slugger.

Lady Jaye falls down a cliff and Tomax goes down to retrieve her while the Joes continue to attack the Cobra forces, which now use Rattlers in the battle. Watching the battle from a distance, Destro turns toward Firefly and orders him to melt the snow with a flamethrower.

Ripcord sneaks into the Cobra vault and plants a bomb while listening to a Crimson Guard order a group of Cobra troops to prevent any authorized personnel near the thermal molecular ignition transmitter. Lady Jaye struggles with Tomax as he tries to overpower her, however, she activates a short distance rocket attached to the javelin they are both holding and Tomax flies over the edge of the snowy cliff.

The ice is melted and the water floods the Joes position, and the Baroness demands that the Joes surrender since she has them surrounded with radio controlled Cobra ASPs. “Yeah? Well, here’s mud in your eye,” shouts Flint, as he destroys several ASPs with his Sky Hawk. Flint flies toward the Cobra vault and before Xamot can shoot Lady Jaye, Flint leaps out of the Sky Hawk and tackles Xamot to the ground.

As he punches Xamot, Tomax, who has climbed back up the snow bank, collapses and Lady Jaye tells Flint, “Now, that is what I call telegraphing your punch.” And after she kicks Tomax and both fall to the ground, she twists the Crimson Guard Commander's arm behind his back, causing the other brother to cry out in pain.

As Ripcord climbs out of the Cobra vault, a Cobra trooper hears him, turns around and aims his gun at Ripcord. While the Joes continue to fight in the half-flooded valley, Ripcord climbs up the snowy slope where Flint and Lady Jaye are watching the battle and all three Joes watch the vault explode, and Tomax and Xamot escape.

Looking into the sky, Roadblock asks, “Pennies from heaven?” As the Cobra agents scramble to grab as many of the Cobra coin as they can, Roadblock leads the Joes in an attack to destroy the ASPs. The Baroness yells that the coins, which are made of a gold-plated para-Cobra polymer alloy, will be useless unless they defeat the Joes, however, Cobra’s forces are destroyed and the Baroness escapes.

Back at Joe headquarters, Ace, Roadblock, Thunder, Alpine and Ripcord continue their game of poker and as Ace reveals his flush and begins to grab the cash in the pot, he asks Ripcord how escaped from the Cobra trooper. Ripcord explains that it was no big deal; he simply tied the Cobra’s shoe laces together and watched him fall flat on his face. “Just like you’re about to do, old buddy,” Ripcord tells Ace, who is grabbing the money on the table. “I’ve got a full house - and you’ve got an empty wallet.”

“Terrific,” replies Ace. “Just like Cobra, you’ve got money to burn.”

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