Don't consider that a compliment. We're not in Turkey.
  -- Alpine (after eating his dinner and burping)
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"We, uh, have to keep in touch with the New York office."
- Tomax (trying to explain the function of the thermal molecular ignition transmitter to a disguised Lady Jaye)

Exiting his truck, a father with a daughter named Libby accidentally knocks the gear shift loose and walks to the crowd to offer his rope in order for “the yahoos” to be tied up. However, as he walks over to the crowd, his truck, with his daughter still in the bed of the truck, begins to swerve wildly as it rolls down a hill. Alpine stomps on his attacker’s foot, grabs the rope from the father’s hand, leaps onto a car, lassos Libby and pulls her out of the truck and into her hands before the truck smashes through the glass doors of Extensive Enterprises.

Handing Libby back to her father, Alpine is thanked and is told that he hasn’t seen roping skills like Alpine’s since the 1966 county fair. The father turns to the crowd and beseeches them to let the Joes through since they saved his daughter’s life. Roadblock tosses a security guard to the side as he is confronted and asks the guard’s partner if he has orders to not let anyone in the building as well. In the penthouse suite, the senior secretary, who blocks the door to Tomax and Xamot’s office,  is picked up and set off to the side by Thunder.

The Joes burst into the office and threaten to shut down the twins’ organization, however, the twins counter that they are merely acting as brokers for a percentage of the gross, and the Crimson Guard Commanders turn to Ms. Madelyn Henderhornch, apologize for the interruption and offer to continue their discussion on the Extensive Enterprises’ jet at 9 AM tomorrow morning. As the Joes leave the office, Flint winks to Roadblock indicating that he has a plan.

At the airfield, three Cobra agents escorting Ms. Henderhornch are attacked by the Joes, and Lady Jaye disguises herself as Ms. Henderhornch and boards the plane with the twins. Flint, Alpine and Thunder walk over to a fuel truck where the once unappreciative Ms. Henderhornch turns to a Flint and shocks him by laughing and telling him that she has learned the most wonderful recipe for a soufflé. Roadblock simply smiles and tells Flint, “Hey, man, I’m a gourmet.”

Lady Jaye activates the homing device inside her brooch and the Joes scramble in order to follow her. Ace and Ripcord trail the Extensive Enterprises jet until it heads toward a mountain in the Rockies and disappears without a sign of wreckage appearing on the infra-red scanners.

Tomax and Xamot explain to Lady Jaye that Cobra troops as well as Cobra Polar troops are in constant readiness to keep her valuables safe in their vault, which Lady Jaye asks if she can visit. Taking Tomax’s arm, Lady Jaye is escorted to the vault while Xamot checks up on their business associates. Ripcord and Ace learn that Lady Jaye’s signal is still being broadcasted and the mountain doesn’t appear on radar.

Tomax explains that the entire Cobra temple, which, he adds in a voice full of pride, holds the largest stockpile of valuable tangible goods ever assembled. Lady Jaye cuts through a door and asks what is in the next room. Conveyor belts carry coins painted with gold paint and Lady Jaye picks up a handful of the Cobra coins and remarks that they look impressive. Again, Lady Jaye walks through another door and catches sight of the thermal molecular ignition transmitter and comments that it looks like a big radio. “We, uh, have to keep in touch with the New York office,” replies Tomax.

Lady Jaye pulls out a gun and attempts to shoot the thermal molecular ignition transmitter, however, Xamot enters the room and knocks her off target. Tomax grabs Lady Jaye and her gun, but she slips out of the clothes, rips off the mask and kicks Tomax in the stomach, causing both twins to collapse to the floor. “Huh! A double-play,” she says before retreating. She tosses a javelin toward a red glass dome that serves as an eye for the Cobra-shaped vault and climbs out while under fire from several Cobra agents and a Crimson Guard. Flipping a Snow Serpent off of his skis and into the vault, Lady Jaye grabs the skiis and slips away.

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