Fool! You are the stupidest male I have ever met!
  -- The Baroness (sharing her opinion of investigative reporter Hector Ramirez)
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"How’d you like to lose ten pounds, toots? All from the neck up!"
- Shipwreck (threatening Lady Jaye, who insults the sailor for believing Mara's story)

Xamot reports the presence of the SHARC and Destro concludes that the appearance of the Joes in the area confirms his suspicions that the Joes are not looking for mines but the USS Nirka, a submarine with billions of dollars of weapon technology that Cobra Commander captured despite the negative advice of the Crimson Guard Commanders. Fortunately, Cobra has not been able to pry the information from the Nirka’s crew. The SHARC fires torpedoes at the Cobra sub, but it moves out of the way and toward the Trogon. Deep Six hits the rudder of sub with his lasers and the sub is forced to surface.

Gung Ho takes aim and fires at the sub after yelling, “Thar she blows!” As Cobra Commander screams in frustration and states the obvious [that they are under attack], Destro orders the last working torpedo bay to fire a missile at the Trogon, and as the torpedo flies toward the Joes in the water and the USS Trogon, Deep Six flies out of the water and toward the torpedo. Warning everyone that the water is about to get choppy, he shoots the torpedo with his lasers and destroys it. As the explosion shoves waves at the Joes, the Cobra sub escapes and eavesdrops on Duke’s radio transmission to Doc. Duke asks for Doc to prepare a dolphin tank and to rendezvous with the Joes on Espiritu Island.

Destro asks Cobra Commander if they have troops in the area and Cobra Commander happily notes, “Oh, yes, we do indeed.” With a WHALE parked in the front of a research facility on a building with a gold dome, Mara swims inside a tank, picks up an underwater phone and tells Doc, Lady Jaye and Shipwreck that she doesn’t know where the Nirka or the Cobra undersea base is located. Lady Jaye doesn’t believe Mara, but Shipwreck replies with an greater amount of anger that he believes Mara.
“Then, personally, I think you’re a moron,” Lady Jaye yells
“How’d you like to lose ten pounds, toots? All from the neck up!” threatens Shipwreck.

Doc yells at both of them to calm down and asks Mara about the conversion process since he thought the technology was not available. Mara explains that Cobra has progressed beyond the rest of the world for two reasons: Cobra doesn’t have any restrictions on experimentation and also doesn’t have a lack of volunteers. As her cells were changed with the aid of a laser, something went wrong and she escaped the nightmare because the scientists wanted to study her and find out what went wrong.

While Duke holds a map and Lady Jaye points to an island, Kona Tonga, and notes that the island would be the best place to hide Mara from Cobra. Next to Duke and Lady Jaye, Doc adjusts a helmet filled with water on Mara head and tells Shipwreck that she has 15 minutes of air in the tank, however, Shipwreck finds the most disturbing feature of the costume his inability to talk to her.

The Joes are attacked by Cobra and Shipwreck and Mara flee into the jungle. As they are walking through the jungle on the island, she removes her helmet and the water tank on her back and leaps into a pool of water. She explains that if she is out of the water for too long, her skins dries up and causes a great deal of pain. Shipwreck grabs the helmet as she climbs out of the water and begins to stutter until Mara kisses him. She pulls away and tells Shipwreck that she just wanted to thank him for rescuing her. But Buzzer leaps out of the trees, knocks Shipwreck to the ground while the other two Dreadnoks, Torch and Ripper, insult Shipwreck by stating that even though she kissed Mara, she is still a frog. And the Dreadnoks laugh and make “ribbit” noises.

Mara collapses to the ground and Shipwreck tells the Dreadnoks to toss her into the water since she can only breathe on land for a few minutes, but Buzzer states that Mara would just swim away. Buzzer then orders the other two Dreadnoks to get their Cobra Water Moccasin. Mara stops coughing, leaps from the ground and kicks Buzzer. Knocking out the Dreadnok, she tells a surprised Shipwreck that she was merely exaggerating and then passes out. He catches her, tosses her into the water and tells her to swim away. But she resurfaces and tells Shipwreck to follow her as the Water Moccasin bears down on Shipwreck with its guns blazing. And a groggy Buzzer notes that Cobra Commander is going to take their failure badly.

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