Hey! It ain’t like he flushed it down the sewer.
  -- Shipwreck (to Lady Jaye after Dr. Mullaney places a formula inside his subconscious)
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"Oh, swell."
- Shipwreck (as he notices the USS Trogon firing missiles over his head and into the water while swimming in the ocean)

As the captain of the USS Trogon tells the communications room to signal the SHARC for backup, Duke asks Lady Jaye if the submarine on the radar screen is not the Nirka. “That, Duke, is putting it mildly,” she tells him and adds that the ship on their radar is a Cobra submarine.

Inside the Cobra sub, Tomax and Xamot tell Cobra Commander and Destro that the Trogon is highly vulnerable to attack since the ship has a fiberglass hull, a trait of American mine hunting ships according to Destro. Destro orders the torpedo tubes to be readied and the Crimson Guard Commanders ask if Destro is going to capture the ship. But Destro peers back into the periscope and tells the twins that he is going to obliterate the ship.

Polly spreads his feathers in front of the sites to Shipwreck’s gun and squawks that he wants to see some action. But Shipwreck waves the parrot out of the way and threatens him to get out of the way, but the threat is cut short as the he sees a woman swimming in the water. He grabs a life preserver, jumps off ship and swims out to her.

Two missiles from the Cobra submarine are fired at the Joes, but the Trogon fires two missiles at the torpedoes while Polly shouts repeatedly, “Man overboard!” As the rockets from the Trogon plunge into the water, Shipwreck mutters, ”Oh, swell,” and continues his swim.

The Trojan’s missiles strike the sub and the Shipwreck and the woman with blue skin are batted around by the waves, and Destro becomes slightly unnerved as he sees that the Trogon remains afloat. Lady Jaye asks the Trojan’s skipper, Captain Hunt, what the chances are of their survival. He confesses that their chances are slim, and adds that unless the SHARC arrives, they are finished. Polly flies into the room and again repeats that there is someone in the waters. Lady Jaye concludes it is Shipwreck and while she runs out to the deck, Duke climbs into a Sky Hawk in order to attack the submarine.

Just as Tomax and Xamot report the presence of the aircraft, Duke fires a heat-seeking torpedo, but Destro orders the sub to crash dive and fire off a sunburst to throw off the missile’s heat sensors. Under the supervision of Gung Ho, the medic team on the Trogon lifts the blue skinned woman out of the water and try to perform CPR while Lady Jaye asks a concerned yet troubled Shipwreck if he saw the Cobra insignia on her wetsuit.

Destro fires another missile but this time the target is the Sky Hawk. Duke tries to avoid the missile, however, it still follows him. Gung Ho grabs a gun from one of the sailors, shoots at the missile and destroys it, but the debris damages the left wing on the Sky Hawk. Duke orders the deck to be cleared and he screeches to a halt at the end of the ship and teeters on the edge. Gung Ho rushes to rescue Duke, who is half-conscious, and drags him out of the Sky Hawk, kicks the weapon hard enough for it to fall in the water and asks if Duke is okay. Rubbing his chin, Duke tells his teammate that the experience was the closest shave he’s had in a long time.

As the medic tries to use CPR to help the woman Shipwreck rescued, she gasps and tells the medic that she can’t breath. Shipwreck relieves the medic and tries to help, however, he notices that the woman has gills on the sides of her neck. Shipwreck carries her down a rope ladder into the ocean and tells everyone to stay out of his way. When she is underwater, he tells Lady Jaye that she is “breathing through gills like a blasted trout.” Slipping a mask over her eyes, Lady Jaye and several other divers prepare to dive into the water and help Shipwreck.

Tomax and Xamot explain that unless the damaged submarine returns to the Cobra base, they are whale chow; “That’s the bottom line,” they add. Destro reminds Cobra Commander that unless they capture the girl, she may reveal the base to the Joes. Cobra Commander then orders a group of Eels to attempt the kidnapping operation.

Shipwreck’s patient begins to breath again and smiles at Shipwreck, who tells her with a smile that she is going to be okay. But Cobra Eels appear behind the Joes, pull them under, aim their weapons at the Shipwreck and the blue skinned woman. And the leader of the Eels states in a threatening voice: “You’re coming with us, Mara.”

As one of the Eels grabs Mara and escorts her to the Cobra sub, Mara grabs a knife on the Eel’s belt and cuts part of his mask off while Shipwreck struggles with two of the Eels and yells at them to get their flippers off of him. Lady Jaye and the other Joes resurface with guns in their hands and capture the Eels by surprise. Deeps Six arrives in the SHARC and dives into the sea after radioing the Trogon, code-named Antagonize, that Peso is going down where it is dark and quiet.

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